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February 2014

It’s time to fill up a brown bag and head to Corinthian Yacht Club for a cozy night of deals, laughs, and dinner.  Our annual Brown Bag Auction is February 15.

Never been to a Brown Bag Auction? It works like this:  we ask that you put something in a bag of some sort.  The item can be nautical or not.  You can re-gift that Christmas present you can’t use or ditch that “white elephant” you can’t stand, but someone else might treasure.  Staple or tape your bag (or it can be a box) shut and indicate on the outside an estimated value and a clue as to what’s inside.  (Don’t name what the item actually is!).  Then let the bidding begin.  Our high-powered salesmen will auction off each bag to the highest bidder.  The bidding can get fierce—even though no one knows what they’re bidding on—so be sure to bring lots of cash.  You might go home with a jacket, picture frames, fenders, wine, candy—or next year’s brown bag item.  This is a Fleet fundraiser and all proceeds go to the fleet.

Before we have the brown bag auction, the evening begins with cocktails and snacks at 6:30 pm.  Everyone is encouraged to bring a little something for the cocktail hour.  The Yacht Club has a bar and very reasonable prices.  We’ll have a buffet dinner prepared by the Club caterer at 7:30pm.  The price for the dinner is around $14.00 per person.  After dinner we’ll have a brief business meeting and then the bidding war begins.

In addition to your auction item, please bring a log for the fire and your membership renewal form if you have not yet renewed.  Another copy of the form is included in this newsletter.  The Corinthian Yacht Club is at Montrose Harbor.  Street parking is free. It’s crucial that we tell the caterer how many we’ll have for dinner.  Please RSVP to Nancy Bartlett at 815-730-9334 by February 12.

A special invitation to all you new members!  This is a great first event to attend:  it’s a nice break from winter, lots of members will be there, and it’s fun.  Dress is casual (sweaters are a good bet) and Corinthian has a delightful fireplace and a view of a very frozen Montrose Harbor.  Please join us!



Strictly Sail has come and gone which means we are a month closer to launch and sailing again.  With the weather at zero or below, that sure sounds good.

Our booth at Strictly Sail was another great success this year with approximately 11 new members signing on with some renewals as well.  Many thanks to Dave and Carolyn DeAre and their crew of volunteers.

Saturday night January 25th was our Chicago Fleet 21 get-together at the Embassy Suites in Chicago.  The lobby atrium was again filled with our members and members from LMCA.  It seems our food table gets longer every year.  Sharon Day, her husband and daughter from Catalina Yachts again took time out from their busy schedules to grace our function.  They brought many raffle goodies along, including  a week’s stay at the Villa in Mexico.  Congratulations to Mickey and Bill Thompson on their winning ticket.  Thank you to Madalyn Duerr for putting this together and to the Thompsons for arranging the rooms at the hotel.

We are fortunate to be able to add some new names to our list of offices.   Harbor Captains this year include new members Bruno Behrend  at Monroe harbor and  John Jackiw at 31st Street harbor, along with Francine Kuenzli at Michigan City and Larry Meekma at Northpoint marina.  Jack Bretal is our new Member at Large chairman.  Thank you to all of you for helping this great organization.

On a sad note one of our most ardent supporters, Tom Fitzgerald, passed away recently .

Lastly, hope to see you all at the Brown Bag Dinner.  Keep those boats warm.

Pat Reynolds


Board Meeting
Friday, February 7
At Bill & Micki Thompson’s
RSVP @630-257-8052


Your 2014 membership renewal form is included in this newsletter.  Please complete all information and return it along with your check to the membership committee.
You can also turn in the form at the Brown Bag Auction

Our booth at Strictly Sail was a great success!  Welcome aboard to our ten new members:

George & Laura Birtis
Roselle, IL 60172
Just In Time    36     Monroe Harbor

Kirk & Anne Haverland
Oshkosh, WI 54901
Windload    44.5     Nest Egg Marine

Wilson & Marjorie Heaton
Burr Ridge IL 60520
Four Docks    size: 385

Robert & Doretta Marwin
Arlington Heights, IL60005
Artful Dodger    size:310        Montrose I-16

Mark & Lisa Mazur
Lincolnshire, IL60069
Shaken Knot Stirred    385    Waukegan S8-15

Bruce & Tracie Onsager
Naperville, IL60564
Viva la Vida    400Waukegan S11-20

Allen & Vickie Smith
University Park, IL60484
Pneuma II    30    Kenosha Southport

David & Beverly Stiltsworth
Racine, WI 53402
Lagniappe    310

Fred & Sara Swastek
Chicago, IL60687
Quiet Island    34    Montrose

Bob & Christine Ryan
Chicago, IL 60601
Christine    30    DuSable G-10



He didn’t have a sailboat, but for many years he and his wife Barb had a powerboat on H Dock and he was an unofficial member of Fleet 21. He came to many of our outings and always the annual banquet.  He was a friend to all. We said a final goodbye to Tom Fitzgerald on January 27. Barb died in 2007.  We miss them both.


By Brian Ruxton

This month’s BOAT US Magazine had some useful tips.  If you aren’t a member consider joining just for the insurance.  That was the subject of one of my columns last year.  If you are a member maybe this will refresh your recollection and you’ll try some of these suggestions.  I know I will.

FREEING FROZEN ZIPPERS:    Plastic zippers are excellent in the marine environment, but far toe many have metal slides. In a damp, salty environment. meta: slides invariably corrode, becoming immovable. Don’t just keep pulling until you rip the tab off. Soak a couple of cotton balls with white vinegar, pack them onto the top and bottom of the slide, and cover with plastic wrap. Wait. The acidic vinegar will dissolve the oxidation, freeing the slide. Once the zipper is again functional, flush both the slide and zipper with fresh water, dry thoroughly, then give the zipper and slide a liberal application of zip’ per lubricant. If you remember to flush and dry all metal zipper slides as part of your “putting the boat away” routine, an occasional application of lube should keep them all working smoothly.

CLEAR FOGGED PLASTIC:      There are lots of ways to restore the clarity to fogged plexiglass hatches, windows, and plastic instrument covers. but one of the most foolproof is to purchase an automotive head lamp-restoration kit. These are intended to remove fogging and yellowing from headlamp covers and they can do the same for UV-damaged plastic on your boat. Note that polishing kits will not clear internal crazing,

FOREST FRESH:     Adding a bit of aromatic cedar wood inside the enclosed areas of your boat adds freshness, repels insects, and retards mildew. You can line a locker with aromatic cedar closet-liner planks, add aromatic cedar blocks to drawers or bins, or just lay an aromatic cedar plank on a shelf. Occasionally you’ll need to sand the wood and/or anoint it with real cedar oil to maintain the effect.

VINYL PROTECTION:      Stores, such as Jo-Ann Fabrics, sell a product called marine vinyl. We’ve found the “cut to fit” material easy to use (no sewing needed), easy to clean. durable. and inexpensive for use on a boat. We use it to protect our tabletop during daily use.

thereby protecting the wood finish. We also put pieces to fit our overhead hatches. With the hatch closed, the vinyl lies on the screen to block the sun, cooling the boat during hot, sunny weather, and helping our air conditioner to not run as much.

Thanks to Jim Favor./



3 months until boating season!


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