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February 2008


March 29 Catalina General Meeting at Crowley’s Yacht Yard

May 1 Chicago Harbors open

May 24 First Fleet 21 Outing
Margarita Party Burnham Harbor

May 25 Bike the Drive

June 27-July 6 Taste of Chicago

July 12 LMCA Catalina Rendezvous

July 19 100th Mac Race

July 26 Chicago Venetian Night

August 16-17 Air & Water Show

August 23 Leukemia Cup

More to come including our
35th Anniversary Celebration


Our February General Meeting takes place at the Chicago Maritime Festival on Saturday, February 23. Take in a bounty of nautical programs, sing a few sea shanties, and then join your mates at 1:15 p.m. in the Trustees Conference Room for a short general meeting. We have the room until 2:00 p.m. After our meeting ends you will have another two hours to see exhibits, hear music or attend seminars. Enclosed in this newsletter is a schedule of the programs offered. (Don’t miss History Over the Horizon IV at 3:15 p.m. with Kris Habermehl. It’s really a helicopter view of Chicago and Calumet area waterways and industrial past. It was great last year!)

The normal entry fee for the Maritime Fest is $10 for the daytime program. For our members the price is $5.00. We will also get a discount for anyone who wants to stay for the evening musical performances. All you have to do is tell a ticket taker that you are with Catalina Fleet 21. There is no special badge or ticket. They will have a list to check against. If you want to be absolutely certain that you will get in, please call Brian or Deborah Ruxton at (630)279-4533 or Brian at (630)932-1200. They will make sure the ticket takers have your name.

The best parking is at the pay lot just north of the Historical Museum. Turn east on Stockton Drive from Clark/LaSalle and enter. You can have your parking receipt validated at the Festival and your parking will be $9.00 The Festival is at the Chicago Historical Museum (formerly the Chicago Historical Society) located at the intersections of Clark Street and North Avenue. The Festival starts at 10:00 a.m. There’s more information about the Maritime Festival on their web site at .

At 4:00 p.m. we have reserved space at O’Brien’s Restaurant. O’Brien’s is two blocks west of the Historical Museum at 1528 N. Wells. MAP
approximately 100 yards south of North Avenue. You can walk from the Historical Museum or drive. There is free parking available at O’Brien’s. We will be able to order from the regular menu. We hope to have separate checks, but we may have to use the honor system. If you want to preview the menu or learn anything else about the restaurant, you can go to their website: . Their phone number is (312) 787-3131. If you plan to join us for this informal meal, please RSVP to Brian Ruxton. We want the restaurant to be ready for our group! We hope you’ll join us for a fun and informative afternoon!


Wow … that was fun. We got 2008 started off right. 40 people braved the coldest day of the year to attend the January potluck. Every single person/couple who showed up paid their membership dues and received the dinner discount. Your Commodore was able to fill some more board positions among the attendees. Of special note: Steve Majerus and Jennifer Velandia not only came to their very first meeting and joined the club, they are now fleet captains for the 30+ division. They own a 30 named “Rainmaker” in Monroe. Thanks, I don’t think you’ll regret your decision. Rather than being capped off by an auction, the event flowed into an evening of conversation, camaraderie and board games. Leon and Gwen Anderson’s daughter Kayla, demonstrated her Texas Hold-Em skills and drove all players away from the poker table. All told it was a very nice evening and a very nice format. Kudos to Ed and Lucy Jakubas who put the evening together and as always thanks also to Marshall and Lynn Fernholz who were our bartenders and instrumental in making Corinthian available to us.

Strictly Sail was another success. This year it was not held on the coldest day of the year. I hope everybody got a chance to look at the new 375. Deborah and I had planned on buying one but our economic stimulus check had not yet arrived. That’s OK, we’ll go with plan “B” which is to invest the check in City of Chicago Olympic Bonds. Still, we encourage everyone else to buy one. That way they’ll start showing up on the used boat market when our Olympic Bonds mature. We’ll be ready then. Maybe Leon Anderson can get one. It’s been three years since his 350. If Leon gets a new boat every two or three years he’ll never have to do any maintenance.

The Winter Rendezvous went off alcohol-free without a hitch or any drop-off in attendance. It was as good a time as any. As a matter of fact, and I’m not making this up, it seemed brighter in the room this year. Once again we had the honor of Frank Butler and the Catalina crew. “Honored by blank’s presence” is an expression that gets a lot of use. It truly is an honor and a privilege to have the founder of Catalina Yachts at our functions. Frank and all his staff are open and approachable. Frank is a true gentleman. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to them for attending and their donation of prizes for the raffle. It was also good to see so many of our members at the Rendezvous. Again, I’m seeing a lot more North Point people at our various functions. Keep coming folks. Finally, kudos to Madalyn Duerr for pulling off the event again. I know its not easy and gets more difficult every year. Let us know how you liked the event this year. We are a Club with a lot of traditions but we can always use new ideas.

One of those new ideas was adopted last year at this time. Again we are holding our February meeting and program in conjunction with the Chicago Maritime Festival. The Chicago Maritime Festival is held at the newly renovated Chicago History Museum, formerly the Chicago Historical Society. We have arranged with the Festival directors for our own room at 1:15p.m. We will also have discounted admission to the Festival. Last year we had 29 members attend.. You can find more details about the Festival and our post meeting party inside this Fleet Sheet.

Enjoy the rest of the winter. We are already more than halfway through it. Our March general meeting will actually take place in Spring. If anyone has any questions, comments or anything else you want to bring up please call me. My phone numbers are in the Directory and I absolutely will return your calls.


Tell the story behind the name of your boat. I’d like to feature one boat each month. What’s your boat name and why? Does it reflect a hobby, a girl friend, a memory? It doesn’t have to be long. Send your story to the Fleet Sheet Editor at Include a picture if possible.

Overdue by Dave DeAre

Carolyn and I have owned Catalina sailboats since 1982 and have sailed our Catalinas from Burnham Harbor and been active in Fleet 21 since 1984. We moved slowly though boat sizes 22 (Ropeyarn), 25 (Still Crazy), 30 (Railin)and now own a Catalina 34. We sailed our 22 for 8 years and our 25 for 6 years. After 8 rewarding years of sailing our 30 we were overdue for a change in boats and we bought a 34 Mk11 to renew our interest in sailing and enjoy the toys that come with a new boat. Carolyn is a professional librarian and suggested a name that fit our situation and her profession; so we named our Catalina 34 OVERDUE.

Lori Lauraitis is our club representative to this organization that brings all types of Chicagoland boaters together. This year’s officers are
Commodore—Tony Cimino
Vice Commodore—Jim Wright
Rear Commodore—Richard Lauric
Secretary—Scott Baumgartner
Treasurer—Stan Hill

Have you renewed your Fleet 21 membership?
Time is running short if you want to be included in our annual membership directory. A renewal form is included in this newsletter. Please complete it and return it to the membership committee today!

Welcome aboard to our new Fleet members:

Skipper: Steve Majerus
First Mate: Jennifer Velandia
Boat Name: Rainmaker Size: 30   Sail #4442   Harbor: Monroe Mooring NQ-11

Skipper: Lloyd Johnson
First Mate: Myrla Johnson
Boat Name: Recovery Room   Size: 34   Harbor: Hammond Slip P-15

Skipper: Terry Smith
First Mate: Hilary Smith
Boat Name: Riptide Size: 22'
Harbor: Monroe Mooring: N-U053


Monroe Harbor:
Harbor Captain Tom Grove reports that prior to May 15th and after October 15, Monroe boaters will be required to park at DuSable Harbor the same as last year. Passes will be issued when you register at the harbor.

Hammond Marina:
Hammond is reopening in May. Limited slips still available. For more information, please call the Hammond Marina office at 219-659-7678.

Burnham Harbor:
Harbor Captain Mike Walsh reports that pump outs are being installed at the end of the 45’ docks.
They are starting this project with the large docks as that’s where the greatest need is as many people live aboard. The project may expand to the smaller docks eventually.

Chicago Harbors:
The renewal invoices for the 2008 boating season have been mailed. Payment is due February 15, 2008. Invoices paid after February 15th are subject to a late fee. Beginning March 1st, slips, moorings and stardocks that have not been paid for, will be assigned to people on transfer and waiting lists. Please be sure to send in your payment prior to March 1st so you don't lose your spot.


FOR SALE: 1984 Catalina 27. Tall rig, in-board diesel, cruising main and 150 genoa, bimini, and many extras. Fun and easy to sail, handles extremely well. For more info and photos email: Don  or call: Don Giuliano (630)805-2316.

Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade or buy in this column without any charge. Send listings to Fleet Sheet Editor, 306 Linden Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 or fax to 630-668-8950 or email to Carolyn . Listings will run for 2 issues unless you notify me otherwise.