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August 2008


If your retirement dream or life plan includes a long sailing journey, or if you just like to hear great sea tales, you won’t want to miss our August 19 General Meeting at Burnham Park Yacht Club. Fleet 21 members Dan and Pat Harrington will tell you all about their big sail from Hammond to the Caribbean—and back on their Catalina 34 Weal Sea!

Pat and Dan’s presentation begins around 8 p.m.
Come early and enjoy dinner at the Yacht Club. Call 312-427-4664 for dinner reservations.

This month’s general meeting falls on the same day as a Marc Anthony concert at Charter One Pavilion. This has the potential to be a parking nightmare for those who want to attend our meeting and program. June went very smoothly. We received a number of single day permits from the Park district and coupled with the use of extra parking passes from our Burnham Harbor members we were able to get everybody in without any difficulties.

As of the date of this newsletter we can not guarantee that the circumstances will be the same for the August meeting. If we can get the single day passes we will still need as many Burnham
members to bring their extra passes or arrive early so we can physically open the gate to use the single day passes. If we don’t have passes we will need as many Burnham members to carpool or bring extra passes for those members who aren’t from Burnham. If we do it that way
the Burnham members would have to hook up with the non-Burnham members to loan them a pass. That would be done on an individual basis.

The best way to handle this would be to pre-register for the meeting. We can use my e-mail address First of all let me know if you are planning on attending and eating dinner. If you will be carpooling or have arrangements worked out let me know. If you will be attending and have an extra pass let me know. If you need a pass let me know and we will try to hook you up with some one who has an extra pass. Email will probably work best because I will be able to reply and forward requests and information back and forth.

This should be a good presentation. Don’t let the parking dissuade you. If we plan and work together in advance of the date we should have no problems.


August, theoretically the mid-point of our sailing season. Two or so months down, two or so months to go.. I hope everybody enjoyed the change of seasons from winter/fall/spring to summer sometime during the month of July.. It seems like one humid night I just noticed that the cicadas were buzzing and I realized that it truly was summer. July is an off month for Catalina functions. Gives us time to sail with our non-Catalina friends or our Catalina friends for that matter. Our own members scatter and we get to hear the stories when we see them again. Ray Kalinsky and his crew completed the Mac. Many of our members head to the northern reaches of the Great Lakes. Jennifer and Dick Bek are spending the whole summer in the North Channel. They have been keeping us up to date on their adventures by e-mail. Nancy Bartlett, Diana Phillips and the usual crew from Team Effort were up that way as well. Between the Mac and her adventures in the North Channel, Nancy was at sea so long that her driver’s license expired.

Other of our members have been doing some more mundane and pedestrian things. I understand that the Coast Guard invited themselves on Del Kleitz’s boat for an afternoon sail this past month. Del entertained the guys with stories from his days in the Navy and his boat. Not the most sociable group, the Coasties wouldn’t take any liquid refreshment from Del. I hear that they weren’t so much interested in Del’s stories as much as Del’s flares, or lack of flares. Since we don’t have a “police blotter” section of the newsletter you’ll have to get Del to tell you the rest of the story. It does end happily.

This past month we celebrated our Clubs 35th Anniversary. Ron and Pat Shereyk, John and Laurie Lauraitis, Del and Linda Kleitz did a tremendous job in putting the event together. We had 15 past Commodores going all the way back to 1975. The food was good, the weather cooperated and the bugs pretty much held off. It was an intimate setting and we had the run of the whole place. Thanks again to everyone who put the party together and thanks to the Navy for allowing us to use their property.

On a sad note, we lost one of our long standing members. Walter Wolfe passed away suddenly mid-July. Our heartfelt condolences to Dorthea and her family. On a personal note, when Deborah and I joined the Catalina Club back in 1997 Walter and Dorthea were the first members to greet us. We sat with them for dinner and they made us and our kids feel welcome. Walter will be sorely missed. Our sympathy also goes out to Mary Beth Cybul who lost her mother Marion this month.

This month Larry and Pat Meekma and Joe and Nancy Vilimek have put together the shrimp boil at Northpoint. This turned out to be one of the most popular outings last year despite some nasty weather. Hopefully that won’t be a problem this year. Check out the flyer in this month’s newsletter. Kudos to all our Northpoint members, we’re seeing more and more of them at each and every outing and function. Looking forward to seeing you all again on August 16th.

Because Labor Day falls early this year you should also check out the flyer for John and Hazel Luther’s outing at Michigan City. There won’t be another newsletter before that outing. Plan on attending. The event starts at 5:00 so if you start early you can sail all day at your local harbor and still make it over to Michigan City in plenty of time for the outing.

I never know how much space I have in the newsletter so I’m going to wrap up with a few quick items strung together. The last outing of the year will be a “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme party at Hammond. I won’t go into all the details here because there will be another newsletter and meetings before that outing.

The plans for this year’s banquet are set. It looks like we can expect a menu of surf and turf (filet & sea bass), wine at the tables,appetizers and an open bar for the same $50.00 price as last year.

Finally, your Commodore actually read the by-laws and appointed a nominating committee in July this year. We vote on our officers in September. The slate that will be announced is as follows: Commodore-William Thompson, Vice Commodore-Jack Bretall, Secretary-Nancy Bartlett, Treasurer-Ray Kalinsky. As is always the case, other nominations, suggestions, etc. are welcome, but I think it’s a darn good slate.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.


By Lori Lauraitis
Highlights of the Meeting held July 24:
• Lake Michigan water level is up 8-9”
• Marine Police will enforce noise, profanity on docks. Call 312-742-3205 if you have problems
• Chicago Harbor problems: call Jerry Metzger 312-296-3045
• Montrose will host T-10 Nationals on 8/22
• Air & Water Show scheduled for 3 days 8/15-8/17 with a full show on Friday at 3 p.m.
• 9/11 Tribute to be held on 9/7 @ Columbia Yacht Club


Welcome aboard to the following new member:

Skipper: Peter Webster
First Mate: Connie Webster
Address: Winnetka, IL 60093

Boat Info:
Name: Maine Sail Size: 42 Sail #1005 Harbor: Northpoint Mooring: C20

Please add this information to your 2008 Membership directory.

Please check your 2008 directory listing!
Is the information correct & current? If not please notify Pat Shereyk.


FOR SALE: 1984 Catalina 27. Tall rig, in-board diesel, cruising main and 150 genoa, bimini, and many extras. Fun and easy to sail, handles extremely well. For more info and photos email: or call: Don Giuliano (630)805-2316.

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