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Update:  05/04/2022 Officers.
Update:  04/05/2022 Upcoming Events, FleetSheet Newsletter.
Update:  03/03/2022 March 2022 FleetSheet.
Update:  02/13/2022  Weather page.
Update:  02/07/2022  February 2022 FleetSheet.
Update:  02/04/2022 Revised Membership Forms Updated.
Update:  01/27/2022 Membership Forms Updated.
Update:  01/25/2022 Updated Copyright date, and the Home Page.
Update:  11/14/2021 Updated FleetSheet.
Update:  9/10/2021 Updated FleetSheet.
Update:  8/23/2021 For Sale Page.
Update:  8/14/2021 Updated FleetSheet. Upcoming Events.
Update:  7/12/2021 Updated FleetSheet. Upcoming Events.
Update:  6/08/2021 Updated FleetSheet, 4 Sale, Upcoming Events.
Update:  3/06/2021 Updated FleetSheet, Renewal Form.
Update:  2/06/2021 Updated Weather page, FleetSheet Archive page, Home page.
Update:  10/12/2020 October 2020 FleetSheet, For Sale page
Update:  9/12/2020 September 2020 FleetSheet.
Update:  8/12/2020 August 2020 FleetSheet.
Update:  7/12/2020 July 2020 FleetSheet.
Update:  6/09/2020 June 2020 FleetSheet.
Update:  5/11/2020 May 2020 FleetSheet.
Update:  4/06/2020 Upcoming Events, Covid 19 message, FleetSheet.
Update:  3/14/2020 Upcoming Events.
Update:  2/21/2020  FleetSheet, Upcoming Events, Officers.
Update:  1/06/2020 Links Page & copyright date updated.
Update:  11/17/19  Upcoming Events
Update:  10/03/19  FleetSheet, Upcoming Events
Update:  09/03/19  FleetSheet, Upcoming Events
Update:  08/25/19  Weather page. (Great Lakes Online Weather Buoy messaging system.)
Update:  08/3/19  FleetSheet, Upcoming Events
Update:  07/8/19  FleetSheet, Upcoming Events
Update:  05/31/19  FleetSheet, Upcoming Events, For Sale pages, 2019 Outings Flyer.
Update:  05/09/19  FleetSheet, Upcoming Events, For Sale pages.
Update:  03/27/19  FleetSheet, Upcoming Events,
Update:  02/16/19  FleetSheet, Upcoming Events, & For Sale Page.
Update:  01/28/19  2019 Renewal & New Member Forms updated.
Update:  01/20/19  For Sale page.
Update:  12/24/18  Merry Christmas!
Update:  12/05/18  Upcoming Events
Update:  10/15/18  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events, Awards Banquet Flyer
Update:  09/05/18  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events, Weather page.
Update:  08/09/18  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update:  07/09/18  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update:  06/07/18  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events, For Sale, Racing, Weather page(s).
Update:  05/11/18  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update:  03/25/18  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update:  02/13/18  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events, Membership Form Links.
Update:  01/04/18  Link repaired on FleetSheet Archive page.
Update:  11/24/17 Upcoming Events.
Update:  11/03/17  Upcoming Events.
Update:  10/13/17  For Sale page.
Update:  10/11/17  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update: 09/23/17  Upcoming Events.
Update: 09/08/17  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update: 08/07/17  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update: 07/07/17  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update: 06/12/17  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update: 05/10/17  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update: 04/12/17  FleetSheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update: 03/19/17  Upcoming Events.
Update: 02/19/17  Upcoming Events. FleetSheet.
Update: 12/01/16  Upcoming Events.
Update: 10/12/16  Upcoming Events. October FleetSheet.
Update: 09/12/16  Upcoming Events. September FleetSheet.
Update: 07/31/16  Upcoming Events. August FleetSheet.
Update: 07/24/16  Upcoming Events.
Update: 07/02/16 July FleetSheet.
Update: 06/12/16 June FleetSheet.
Update: 06/07/16 For Sale Page.
Update: 03/10/16 For Sale Page, March FleetSheet.
Update: 01/24/16 For Sale Page, Jan/Feb FleetSheet.
Update: 12/28/15  For Sale Page.
Update: 11/22/15 November Newsletter.
Update: 10/03/15  October Newsletter.
Update: 09/11/15  September Newsletter.
Update: 08/9/15   August Newsletter.
Update: 07/28/15  Upcoming Events.
Update: 07/21/15  For Sale page.
Update: 07/07/15  July FleetSheet and Upcoming Events Flyers.
Update: 07/01/15  Upcoming Events updated.
Update: 06/11/15  June 2015 FleetSheet added. Summer Sailstace Flyer added.
Update: 05/30/15  LMCA Link added to Upcoming Events
Update: 05/15/15  May Newsletter.
Update: 05/09/15  For Sale Page.
Update: 04/20/15 Upcoming Events.
Update: 03/16/15 Fleet Sheet correction.
Update: 03/13/15 March/April FleetSheet added.
Update: 03/07/15 Yachapalooza date (March 28th)
Update: 02/28/15 Date for Pot Luck/Brown Bag Auction added. (April 17th)
Update: 01/20/15 For Sale Page
Update: 01/13/15 For Sale Page, FleetSheet Jan/Feb, 2015 Officers, Upcoming Events.
Update: 12/08/14 Upcoming Events.
Update: 11/30/14 For Sale Page.
Update:  11/07/14 Newsletter Update.
Update:  10/14/14 Newsletter Update.
Update:  09/26/14 Newsletter Update, Fleet News* update.
Update:  09/18/14  Upcoming Events.
Update:  08/21/14  Upcoming Events.
Update:  08/11/14  Upcoming Events.
Update:  08/08/14  Upcoming Events, Fleet Sheet, Kenosha Flyer added.
Update:  08/03/14  Upcoming Events, Shrimp Boil Flyer updated.
Update:  07/26/14  Upcoming Events.
Update:  07/03/14  FleetSheet, Upcoming Events.
Update:  06/05/14  FleetSheet, Upcoming Events.
Update:  05/10/14 Upcoming Events, FleetSheet, 2014 Outings Flyer , Margarita Party
Update:  04/27/14 Upcoming Events
Update:  04/10/14  Fleetsheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events
Update:  02//17/14 Upcoming Events
Update: 02//11/14 Upcoming Events
Update:  02/03/14 Feb Fleet Sheet, Upcoming Events
Update:  01/08/14 January Fleet Sheet
Update:  01/01/14  Added template pages in the archive for the 2014 FleetSheets.
Update:  12/06/13 Upcoming Events.
Update:  10/09/13 Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update:  09/09/13 Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update:  08/10/13 Newsletter
Update: 07/31/13  Upcoming events.
Update: 07/11/13  July Fleet Sheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update: 06/17/13  June Fleet Sheet Newsletter, Upcoming Events.
Update: 06/09/13 Upcoming Events updated.
Update: 05/26/13 Upcoming Events updated.
Update: 05/12/13 May Fleetsheet, 2013 Outings Schedule Flyer, Margarita Party Flyer, Summer Sailstace 2013 Flyer, Hammond Outing Flyer.
Update: 04/20/13 For Sale page updated.
Update: 04/08/13 April Fleetsheet added.
Update: 03/24/13 Upcoming Events revised.
Update: 03/15/13 March Fleetsheet Newsletter added. Upcoming events revised.
Update: 03/09/13 Upcoming events revised.
Update: 2/25/13 Upcoming events revised.
Update: 2/22/13 Added Quick weather to the weather page.
Update: 2/17/13 Random photo selected for each page. 10 available.
Update: 2/12/13 Entire site revision to new format.
Update: 2/05/13 February Newsletter added
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