Catalina Fleet 21 All Catalina Owners Association, Chicago Region

September 2018 FleetSheet

Sailing was an integral part of the Kennedy family and their boat Victura, a 25-foot sloop, was at the heart of the family’s passion. New Fleet 21 member and author Jim Graham will speak about his book Victura and share photos and video of his research with the Kennedy family. He will bring a few books to the presentation for signing or you can order in advance on Amazon. Jim and Linda sail their Catalina 320 out of Wilmette Harbor.

The program is Tuesday, September 25, at 7:30 at Burnham Park Yacht Club, 1500 S. Linn White Drive. Come early and enjoy dinner at the club. The kitchen opens at 5pm. Reservations for dinner are a must. Call 312-427-4664 to make yours.

There will be a short general meeting beginning around 6:30pm. Next year’s slate of officers will be presented. The slate is as follows:

Branson Stone, Commodore
Harold Hansen, Vice Commodore
Laura Pohl, Secretary
Peter Pohl, Treasurer

We will also accept nominations from the floor


Our last outing of the year is the Clam Bake at Jackson Park Yacht Club on September 22 from 6 – 8 pm. Seafood Main Course (includes all): lobster, shrimp, mussels, and clams . Non- Seafood Main Course Options: beef hot dogs, beef burger, turkey burger, veggie burger, or grilled chicken. All meals include: coleslaw, cornbread, potatoes & carrots, corn on the cob, chips, German chocolate cake and lemon iced tea. Prices are $18 for the non-seafood opt ions or $42 for the Seafood Main Course. Reservations and advance payment by September 20 are a must .

Go to to reserve your spot and pay for this scrumptious feast. Let our host John Jackiw know you are coming so he can arrange tables for our group. You can sail in to Jackson outer harbor or drive over (street parking is available). Slips are available (call the Jackson Park Harbor Master) or tie – up along the wall.


I would like to congratulate our Catalina Fleet 21 Race Chairperson, Pat Reynolds, on a job well done at the August 25th Leukemia Cup Regatta (sponsored by Columbia Yacht Club). Pat skippered his Catalina 320 Karizmaddie to a 3rd Place finish in the Catalina Owner’s Section of the Leukemia Cup Regatta and received a 1st Place Award for funds raised. Hats off to Skipper Pat Reynolds.


In another section of the Leukemia Cup, I raced and we also placed 3rd in our section. Our Fleet members performed well and raised funds for a good cause in this year’s Leukemia Cup.Columbia Yacht Club also hosted the Catalina Yacht 30 Nationals in August. Our last year Catalina Fleet 21 “Racer of the Year,” Bob Garrett, participated in this race along with our Vice Commodore, John Jackiw and myself on Intention Cat.30 TR. Unfortunately, we did not place, unlike last year where we came in 2nd Place. There was no brag flag for us this year, however, we were given a consolatory jar of rum in which to drown our sorrows. It was a great time hanging out and competing with fellow Catalina owners and friends.


Also held in August, was our Catalina Fleet 21 Annual Hammond Shrimp Boil. My wife and I attended the event with about 40 Catalina Fleet 21 members and friends. It was a pleasant day with great food and company.

I would like to thank Larry Meekma for hosting this event and all those who contributed to making our event a success.I hope to see you all at upcoming meetings and events.
Commodore, James Caldwell


Fleet members may list items they want to buy, sale or trade in this column. Listings are free and run for 3 issues of the newsletter. Send submissions to the Fleet Sheet editor at

FOR SALE: 1981 Catalina 25 swing keel. She sails beautifully! Roller furled jib. Clean and ready to go. It is at 31st street Harbor. Powered by a Tohatsu 9.8 Four stroke outboard with all in-cockpit controls and power trim. Navigate with a Garmin NMEA 2000 navigation system. Relax in comfort with all new cushions and upholstery below deck. Sails included are one main and three jibs. $9000.00 OBO For more information contact John Jackiw at 708- 828- 4318.

FOR SALE: 1980 Catalina 30 Tall Rig Archangel. Belongs to Indiana Sailing Association, Inc. (a sailing training charity group operating in NW Indiana). Little used. Slip available. Surplus to training program of Indiana Sailing. At East Chicago (Pastrick) Marina opposite launch ramp. $19,000. Contact: 219-614-4372.


Hammond Shrimp Boil August 18
Once again, the Shrimp Boil at Hammond was a rousing success! Over 40 members and guests enjoyed the meal of shrimp, potatoes, sausage and sweet corn. The appetizers shared before the meal gave everyone the chance to mingle and tell sea stories. “If you run out of food at your table, take some from a different table” was overheard by Laura Pohl. It’s that kind of dinner! A great time, a good place (easy slip reservations and docking for the 3 boats from other harbors). Well done by Larry & Pat Meekma and Pat Reynolds.

Lobster Fest at Michigan City Sept. 1
59 Fleet members and guests representing seventeen Fleet boats enjoyed a lobster feast on Labor Day weekend. A stormy forecast had P Dock scrambling for a drier location and the pavilion by the yacht club proved to be a great venue. Thank you to everyone for all the work (including moving tables, chairs, scrubbing, and hauling all the food).
















See details on front page of this newsletter





Report of August 23 meeting by Lori Lauraitis
Scott Stevenson reported on some dock repairs & replacements scheduled for 2019 – changes in the Power Pedestals w/ground fault protection, Wi Fi systems with significant upgrades.

Harbor reports:

BELMONT – no complaints but complements for their Harbor Master Rich doing a good job & no weed problem!

MONROE – designated 200’ for a playpen area for youth anchoring No complaints.

BURNHAM – “E/F” Docks/constant ramp movement while walking- Park District will check it out.

CYA EVENT is November 10.

Sea Scouts – still doing good with the kids continuing to have fun – good weather & about 200 kids lining-up to join!

Next scheduled meeting: Calumet Yacht Club 9/27/2018


Items from our members:

From Ted Kuenzli:
News from Michigan City Marina: For the Catalina owners in Michigan City and others who might be interested.: I have found a repairman near New Buffalo who will work on your electronics. His name is Rob Cook, the owner of Rob Cook Marine Service. The address and phone number are: 18739 Hywy 12, New Buffalo, IN and 269-469-5544. Rob was very helpful on an autopilot problem I’m having on Doreen Collins boat. It was interesting that he gave me a used control/computer box with the name ‘Collins’ on it to test Doreen’s problem. Thanks, Fred Collins.

From Pete Pohl:
Clean Way Fuel Kit
One of the less-than-optimal aspects of our 320 is refueling. Even though we top off the tank 2 or 3 times a season, I dread it because of how difficult it is to get the diesel in without it burping back onto the deck and into the lake. I’ve found a product that makes fueling so much easier and puts an end to spills: The Clean Way Fuel Kit: For about $58 which includes shipping, you get a 10-inch model (I went shorter so the stern rail doesn’t get in the way) and a set of optional caps that cover the openings when the filler is stowed away. You’ll still have to be ready with a paper towel or rag to catch anything that comes out the overflow spout when the tank gets full, but it makes fueling easier, faster and more environmentally friendly.


From Dave DeAre
Stainless Steel Lifelines
The plastic covered lifelines on our Catalina had become discolored and sticky. After several unsuccessful attempts at cleaning, I decided to remover the plastic covers from the lifelines.It was tedious but not difficult. Starting at the end of  a section, cut a slice off of the top of the lifeline using a Stanley utility knife (box Cutter). Then cut around the diameter of the lifeline to enable pulling the plastic downward away from the stainless wire. Next cut along the top of the plastic to the stainless and peel the plastic away and downward from the stainless. The plastic cover was left inside the stanchions by cutting around the diameter of the lifeline at each stanchion.

It sounds more difficult than it is, but I needed to change blades often, one blade lasted no more than 2 sections. I used 10 double sided blades. This took me about 3 hours, goes much faster after you learn the technique. The lifelines now look great, this is a mod well worth doing. If you are considering, call me and I can talk you though this much better than I can write!


From the Chicago Tribune 8/5/2018
New “Smart” Buoys in Lake Michigan Record Conditions
Two new buoys in Lake Michigan have begun recording and publishing lake conditions in real time near a north suburban harbor and marina. The buoys, placed about a mile offshore of Waukegan Harbor and Winthrop Harbor’s North Point Marina record wind speed, surface current, wave height and water temperature. Equipped with webcams, the buoys also transmit a photo and a short video clip each hour.

The new buoys can be accessed online at or by texting the buoy’s assigned number (45186 for Waukegan and 45187 for Winthrop Harbor) to 734-201-0750.


What’s the highest wave ever recorded on a Lake Michigan buoy? 22.9 feet on Sept. 30, 2011 when the Midwest was rocked by a strong storm system.