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September 2014


September is back to school month and in keeping with that theme, Fleet 21 presents a “class” on the do’s and don’ts of anchoring and docking.  It’s not really a class, but a PowerPoint presentation by fellow Catalina owner Bill Van Emburg.  If you’ve ever stayed in the harbor rather than gone sailing because you knew you would have a hard time docking when you came back in, then you’ll benefit from the tips and practical suggestions in Bill’s program.  You’ll learn some techniques for docking with minimum hassle, no marks on the hull, and no yelling!  (Sounds good doesn’t it?) Bill will also go over the types of anchors and how to use them with an emphasis on anchoring in Lake Michigan.  The anchoring tips will also come in handy if you are planning a Caribbean sailing trip—anchoring out is often necessary.

The program and general meeting is on Tuesday, September 23 at the Burnham Park Yacht Club, 1500 S. Linn White Drive.  Have dinner at the club beginning at 6:00 pm.  We’ll have a brief business meeting, including the election of officers, and start the presentation about 8:00pm.  Dinner reservations are a must.  312-427-4664. Parking at the club
(hopefully) or in the lot south of the club.

Mark your calendars now for our capstone event of the sailing year.  Our annual dinner
dance and awards banquet is Saturday, November 15.  We want to see you there!


August was a very active and fun filled month for Fleet 21.  The Nominating Committee named a slate of officers to be submitted for election at the general meeting in September.  Those slated are Ron Shereyk, Commodore;  Francine Kuenzli, Vice Commodore;  John Jackiw, Secretary and Ray Kalinsky, Treasurer.

On August 9th Larry and Pat Meekma hosted our benchmark annual shrimp boil at Northpoint Marina.  The weather was great and the shrimp, boiled potatoes, corn on the cob and desserts were exceptional as always.  Thanks Pat and Larry.

One week later the fleet met seven miles to the north in Kenosha as guests of Shaun and Bernadette Kim.  Once again the weather cooperated and the food, drink and conversations were plentiful.   Thank you to Shaun and Bernadette for opening their home and club for this great event.   The lakefront setting in Kenosha is terrific.

Still yet to come in August is the Labor Day weekend in Michigan City.

Fair winds and smooth sailing.
Pat Reynolds


Got something to sell or trade?  Trying to find a boat to buy?  List your items here for free.  Send listings to  Listings run for two issues unless I hear otherwise.

FOR SALE:  1989 Catalina 34  RECOVERY_ROOM . 52k. Great condition.
Call Lloyd at 863-802-3634 or email for pics or equipment list.

FOR SALE:  2005 Catalina 36, tall mast, fin keel, special anniversary model. Many extras, set up for racing and cruising with 3 spinnakers; 1 asym 2 sym. $130,000. Ray Kalinsky 708-819-9907

Contributed by Dave DeAre
When I returned from our two week Chicago/ Mackinac round trip our boat was dirty, dull and had lots of spiders. Everyone has a remedy for spiders but I remembered a fiberglass cleaner/polish that I had used in the past called GEL GLOSS and decided to try it again.

It works great!

Gel Gloss is not a marine specific product, you can find it in the housewares department at ACE. Practical Sailor tested and rated it very highly about 25 years ago. It still works magic on gel coat. To use, wash the boat. After it dries apply Gel Gloss generously to a small section with an old terry cloth towel. Rub it in hard, then immediately wipe it off with another towel. Done correctly, the dirt will be absorbed in the towel and the boat will be clean and shiny. Follow up with a favorite wax if you want, I don’t think it is necessary.

If your, lifelines or shore power cord is dirty, paint brush cleaner, also available at ACE will do a good job of cleaning. My boat yard uses acetone to clean black hull marks, but I find paint brush cleaner to work just as well and it is not so hazardous. How did all this work? Boat looks great at least for a week until the spiders return and dust blows from Northerly Island. However all washes off much easier after using Gel Gloss. Highly Recommended!

 Bats in the Belfrey?
Nope!  I found a live bat in the combing compartment of the cockpit.  I noticed something black inside there and reached in to see what it was.  You can imagine my surprise when I discovered a bat had taken up residence. I’ve never even seen a bat flying around at Burnham Harbor, but they’re there!  He’s no longer living on my boat.

Reported by Lori Lauraitis
Chicago CYA Venetian Night   September 6 at Navy Pier.  “Broadway on Parade” is the theme.

The tradition is back!  Enjoy.
Chicago Regatta – September 6, at 31st Street Harbor Pinnacle Foundation Chicago Regatta – Sailboat Race & Poker Run.

Michigan Schooner Festival 2014 is scheduled for September 19-21 in Traverse City, Michigan and will include a parade of tall ships on Friday, Sept 19 and two days of deck tours, cruises aboard the sailing vessels, and related activities at Clinch Park Marina and the Discovery Center Great Lakes dock. Great Lakes schooners that will be participating include:

MHA’s Madeline, Traverse City, MI
ISEA’s Inland Seas, Suttons Bay, MI
Tallship Manitou, Traverse City, MI
Denis Sullivan, Milwaukee, WI
Friends Good Will, South Haven, MI
Champion, Traverse City, MI

Additional activities are taking place related to the maritime history of the area, including theatrical performances,  movies, concerts, lectures, and other educational presentations.

The Columbia Yacht Club again sponsored the Chicago Leukemia Cup race on August 23rd.  For the first time in its eighteen year history, weather caused a cancelation of racing as fog settled in all morning.  This, of course , did nothing to prevent the great after race party under the tent on the yacht club ship.  Brag flags were awarded by a hat toss
contest on the ship’s afterdeck in the wind and rain.

Bob and Cheryl Kuba have traded in their sails for wheels.  Follow their RV life at
Safe journeys, you guys!