Catalina Fleet 21 All Catalina Owners Association, Chicago Region

October 2017 FleetSheet

Commodore Caldwell has arranged a special event for our October meeting. While many of you have experienced the Chicago Harbor lock from the water, this time you’ll be able to view it from the control center. Our exclusive, private guided tour is scheduled for Tuesday, October 17 at 6:30pm. The address for the lock is 108 N. Streeter. Drive as if you were going to Navy Pier. When you reach the curve that goes by the front of Navy Pier, veer right. There is a service road that goes to the lock. Access is controlled by a monitored gate. It is essential that you arrive on time (6:30pm). Free parking is available at the lock facility.

The Chicago Harbor lock is one of two entrances from the Great Lakes to the Illinois Waterway System. The other entry is the Thomas J. O’Brien Lock on the Calumet River. The lock was originally designed and built between 1936 and 1938 by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago as a component of the historic engineering project that reversed the flow of the Chicago River. The lock chamber is 600 feet long x 80 feet wide x 22 feet deep. Filling/emptying is gravity-fed through partially opened lock gates, and there is typically a two to five-foot difference between Lake Michigan and Chicago River water levels. It takes about 12-15 minutes to cycle through the lock. The Chicago Lock is fourth in the nation in terms of commercial lock usage and second in the nation in terms of recreational lock usage. On a busy day, 50-100 vessels can be locked at once. On average, the lock cycles 12,000 times annually.

After our tour we’ll move to a nearby restaurant for dinner and a brief business meeting where we will vote on the 2018 slate of officers. The slate is as follows:

Commodore James Caldwell
Vice Commodore John Jackiw
Treasurer Branson Stone
Secretary Laura Houle

It is essential that you make reservations for the tour and dinner. RSVP to our secretary Sheila Caldwell at for Lock Tour and dinner or Lock Tour only by October 12. James will decide on a restaurant after he knows how many are coming to dinner.


This season went by fast. It seems like I just re-commissioned my boat a few weeks ago, not an entire season. Well it’s time if you haven’t already done so, to think about dry dock storage and the winterization process.For those of you that do it yourself, West Marine has some videos available in three groups at (“Interior and Plumbing”, “Engine & Electrical” and “Top Sides”). Also, has useful information in their Boat Tech Guides for do-it-yourself tips.

I would like to provide you with some information regarding the seasonal dry storage contract. One should review clauses with your insurance carrier before signing a storage contract. This is because you can breach your contract with your insurance carrier by agreeing to certain clauses. Indemnity clauses and subrogation waivers may affect your claim with your carrier in case of a loss. Search boat storage contracts at for more information regarding storage contracts.

On September 19, we had our general meeting and special program “Cruising the Great Loop”. There were over fifty Catalina Fleet members and friends in attendance. It was an awesome program. The Fleet has two remaining events this year. I have arranged for a tour of the Chicago Lock. The General Meeting will immediately follow and the election of officers will take place at this meeting. Running for office are James Caldwell for Commodore, John Jackiw for Vice Commodore, Laura Pohl for Secretary and Branson Stone for Treasurer. On November 11th, we will have our final event of the season, the Annual Awards Banquet, to be held at the Palos Country Club. I invite everyone to come out and bring their family and friends to the remaining events.
Capt. James Caldwell
Commodore Catalina Fleet 21 – Chicago Region




Fleet Members enjoying a yummy clam bake at Jackson Park Yacht Club


Welcome aboard to our latest new member!
Please add his information to your directory.
Skipper: Algis F. Baliunas
First Mate: Patricia Baliunas
Boat Info:
Name: Juliette Size: 31 Harbor: Burnham
Mooring: EK-6


Condolences to Ted Kuenzli on the death
of his brother after many years of cancer.



Annual Awards Banquet –
Saturday, November 11,
6:30 p.m. – Midnight


 Looking for donations for our raffle being held during our annual banquet on November 11. Gift baskets or any other gift items are welcome. And they don’t have to be nautical, just new and suitable for a raffle.

PLEASE contact Mickie Thompson,, or 630/995-1194 and donate. Thanks!


Meeting of 9/28 reported by Lori Lauraitis
Jay Korn & Kurt Kleist, from the Park District, were in attendance -Jay spoke about the gate codes being expanded to be shared by boat partners having accessibility. Work on them to be completed by 12/25/17. They are also trying to eliminate the “non-resident” fee (on the table for discussion).

Guest Speaker – CARPE VENTUS -“Seize The Wind” / an organization working with kids to encourage team building & sailing events to assist in building a strong team & benefit them in their experience on the water.

CYA CELEBRATION EVENT -scheduled for November 18, 2017 at Columbia Y/C – $60.00 in advance. $65.00 at the door. Sea Scouts will assist in parking matters.

RIVERWALK CLASSIC BOAT SHOW – 9/16 went well. Kudos to CYA for supporting this event. It will be back next year. The event included 8 classic boats, 60′ power & smaller, drew over a 1,000 people to river front and WGN captured video footage. Toby Lindo had some Vintage Art Deco posters made up for this event & will be selling them at the Celebration Event in November for $20.00 each.


This is the last issue of the Fleet Sheet until January.