Catalina Fleet 21 All Catalina Owners Association, Chicago Region

October 2016 FleetSheet

The End is Near!
Yes, the end of our sailing season is rapidly approaching. In keeping with the time of year, our October 21st General Meeting will feature a program on winterizing.  We’ll review what’s necessary and recommended to get your boat through the cold months ahead. Bring your questions—and also your favorite tips—to this informative session.
The General Meeting is at the Burnham Park Yacht Club, 1500 S. Linn White Drive. Have dinner at the club beginning at 6 pm. Reservations are a must: 312-427-4664.  Our meeting starts at 7:30 pm.  Next year’s slate of officers will be elected at this meeting.  The slate is as follows:
James Caldwell, Commodore,
John Jackiw, Vice-Commodore
Shelia Caldwell, Secretary
Ray Kalinsky, Treasurer
Our Fleet 21 year ends with our biggest and best event: the Annual Awards Banquet. Your invitation is included in this issue of the Fleet Sheet.   Drinks, dining, dancing and delightful raffle baskets are all part of the evening. Awards for Boat of the Year, Racer of the Year, Rookie of the Year have been decided by the Board. The recipient of the Commodore’s Award is selected by the Commodore.  These awards are presented at the banquet. RSVP for the banquet by November 1. Don’t miss it!

Although our September weather was outstanding, it quickly fell apart in the last week. There will be more sunny days ahead to plan the return to winter storage. The Clambake at Jackson Park Yacht Club was attended by several Fleet 21 members.  The evening was a great success. We were treated to a seafood platter, which included a whole lobster for
those ambitious enough to spend much time with a seafood cracker. Also available were a hot dog or burger, which included sides, at a reduced price. The weather was clear and warm and we spent the entire evening outdoors on the yacht club deck. Instead of the
usual ‘popcorn party,’ beer and wine were offered at very reasonable prices. Thanks to John Jackiw for making the arrangements for Fleet 21 members to join the party.
The Friday, October 21, general meeting at Burnham Yacht Club is in the works. Don’t forget to make a reservation with the yacht club if you plan to have dinner prior to the meeting. Also on the Agenda of the October general meeting is the election of Officers
for 2017. Running for office are James Caldwell, Commodore; John Jackiw, vice-Commodore, Ray Kalinsky, Treasurer and Sheila Caldwell, Secretary.
The invitation for the 2016 Annual Awards banquet to be held on Saturday, November 19, at the Palos Country Club, is included in this issue of the Fleet Sheet. An exciting evening has been planned by our committee. Please reply to Madalyn Duerr promptly so she can finalize the event.
Our September general meeting included presentations by the Jackson Park Sea Scouts and the Rickover Naval Academy. These two groups were chosen to receive our Mariners’ Fund donations this year. Four cadets from the Naval Academy presented the Colors to start off the meeting and Commander Mike Tooker presented an overview of the mission of the Rickover Naval Academy, a City of Chicago public school. Johann Hudson, Leader of the Jackson Park Sea Scouts, gave a heartfelt talk on the needs of his boys who are mainly inner city youths. Although they are provided with sailing vessels, it is up to the scouts to outfit them. This is a difficult task for so many families who can barely afford basic necessities Both donations were gracefully received.
Ron Shereyk, Commodore

Thank you to everyone who participated in our outings this year. They are really the heart and soul of our organization, If you didn’t make it to any outings this year, make them a priority next year. And if you have ideas for new outings, please send them to the Outings Chairman









BY Pat Reynolds
The Catalina section of Columbia Yacht Club’s Leukemia Cup Regatta held August 27th was again one of the largest sections in the race.  Eleven boats initially signed up and nine made it to the start line.  Karizmaddie represented Fleet 21 in this event.
The following week 129 boats raced across the lake to St. Joseph, Michigan at the start of the annual Tri-State race.  The wind was good all the way across but mostly on the nose as
usual.  Karizmaddie again had its Fleet 21 colors flying. The 2016 Lake Michigan racing year will be brought to a close soon and Karizmaddie will again be sent back to the barn for the long winter

By Lori Lauraitis
Meeting held at Calumet Harbor Yacht Club on September 22. Much discussion about the cancellation of Venetian Night 2016 and what can be done to assure it happens in 2017. Committees will be formed to investigate date options, format, and security costs









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As of October 1, the Michigan City Yacht Club’s building is now in the hands of a group of men who wanted to see the yacht club become a place where the members would be proud to call home.  This group of men will own the building and have brought in a great restaurant by the name of Bartlett’s.  The yacht club will have a room on the main floor for its members.   The plans are to bring back the fine name of MCYC and invite other yacht
clubs to once again use Michigan City as a destination port.