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October 2014

Popcorn, pizza,  friends, and a sailing movie—what more could you ask for on a chilly fall evening?  Our programs chairman dug through the vault to find a film you’ve never seen and arranged for us to have a movie night in cozy Corinthian Yacht Club on Friday, October 24.

The movie  is Deep Water. This well-reviewed and award-winning documentary tells the stunning true story of the fateful voyage of Donald Crowhurst, an amateur yachtsman who entered the most daring nautical challenge ever: the very first solo, nonstop, round-the-world boat race.

Crowhurst was one of 9 men to take up the challenge issued by the Sunday Times in 1968: A non-stop single-handed boat race around the globe. There were doubts as to whether boat or human could withstand such an arduous, isolated journey. The first person to do it would win a Golden Globe. The fastest would win £5,000. Crowhurst was a struggling small businessman with a family who had never found the success he wanted from life. The opportunity for fame and prize money appealed to him. To get a sponsor to pay for his boat, Crowhurst staked all he had, including his house, on completing at least half of the race -a decision that would have bizarre and catastrophic consequences.

We’ll begin at 6pm with Meet & Greet . Cash bar  Please bring a snack or dessert to share.
Pizza delivery 6:45-7:00 PM   Must have reservations to arrange for the amount and delivery of the Pizza.  Call Nancy Bartlett @815-730-9334.

Coffee/ tea and dessert along with what’s sure to be a heated discussion following the movie.  We’ll also have a brief general meeting.

As many of you know, Strictly Sail 2015 will be combined with the Boat & RV Show and held at McCormick Place January 14-18.  The change of venue has made it impossible to have our regular Winter Rendezvous.  Fleet 21 will still have a booth at the show and more volunteers than ever will be needed to cover the expanded hours.  While we will have more details later, if you are interested in helping, please contact Dave DeAre or Ron Shereyk.


The 2014 sailing season is winding to a close.  It was a most unusual sailing year with a season-long cold lake generating lots of fog.  This, however, did not slow down our Fleet 21 activities which included outings to 31st street, Burnham Harbor, Northpoint, Holland, Kenosha and Michigan City.  Thank you to our outings director Dave DeAre (and, of course, Carolyn) and, of course, our hosts at all of these outings.  Our general meetings programs under the direction of Nancy Bartlett were as always excellent and entertaining.  Thanks again, Nancy.

We have had our last Board meeting for 2014 and our last general meeting will be October 24th.  Carolyn and Dave have now put together our annual “prom” dinner in November.  This took much more time and effort on their part due to recent changes at Burnham Yacht Club.  We hope that all of you will be able to attend so that this time and effort will be rewarded.

We have a new set of Officers ready to take over for 2015. Commodore Ron Shereyk, Vice Commodore Francine Kuenzli, Secretary John Jackiw and Treasurer Ray Kalinsky.   For the past two years I have had the good fortune of working with a great, hard working Board, most of whom have been serving for years.  Thanks to all of you for continuing to keep Fleet 21 a viable organization for now 41 years.

See you all at the Dinner.

Fair winds and smooth sailing.
Pat Reynolds

Got something to sell or trade?  Trying to find a boat to buy?  List your items here for free.  Send listings to  Listings run for two issues unless I hear otherwise.
FOR SALE:  1989 Catalina 34  RECOVERY_ROOM . 52k. Great condition.
Call Lloyd at 863-802-3634 or email for pics or equipment list.

FOR SALE:  2005 Catalina 36, tall mast, fin keel, special anniversary model. Many extras, set up for racing and cruising with 3 spinnakers; 1 asym 2 sym. $130,000. Ray Kalinsky 708-819-9907

Email your card to
Deare30@sbcglobal. net and send your payment to
Fleet Sheet Editor
306 Linden Street
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.

By Brian Ruxton
A few tips for you as it is time to winterize.

This is the second year we have pulled our boat early and then left town within the same week.  It makes for a very clean break and I guarantee that by the time you return you will have no regrets that you are not sailing.  I highly recommend it.

This year I saw a product at West Marine that I hadn’t seen before, or if it was out there I missed it.  The product is a super anti-freeze that protects down to -200 degrees.  What is really amazing about this product is that it was selling for $9.99 per gallon yet the -100 degrees antifreeze that I usually use on the engine was selling for $14.99.  Go figure.  It takes about two gallons to winterize our engine so I used one gallon of the -200 and one gallon of the -50.  If my grade school math is correct this means that I am protected to -125 degrees for half the price of what I used to pay.

Also, if you want you can dilute this for other systems such as your water and waste.  Again, if my math is correct you could dilute it with two gallons of water and be protected to minus 45 degrees.  That wasn’t grade school math, I had to get out the calculator.  Water freezes at +32 degrees.  Just a thought.

In year past I have also written about auto store filters that you can get for 50 to 75% cheaper than marine products.  Check the website in years past for September or October submissions.

A good winter to all.  Thanks to Dave DeAre and others for occasionally filling in for me this year

Reported by Lori Lauraitis
Montrose & 31st Harbors reported many boats had been broken into with watches, wallets, purses, phones taken. Robbers were on foot and used the gate codes to gain access.  If you keep the gate codes with your phones, hide them.  The locks were changed.  Some of
the merchandise was retrieved.

12/6/14 – The 2014 Yachting Celebration will be held at Burnham Park Y/C  beginning at 6:30. – 10:30 pm > Prizes, music, program, awards with heavy
hors d’oevures

Condolences to Micki Thompson on the death of her mother Dorothy Galayda on October 7.  Micki reported that her mother passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 92.

Welcome aboard the following new members:
Crew on Bearoness:
Jeff & Jennifer Danhauer
200 Stewart Court
Owensboro, KY   42303

Skipper:      Richard Gaston
First Mate:  Terry Viebach
Address:      Burbank, IL  60459

Boat Info:
Size – 30   Name:  Moon Shadow     Sail #:  469
Harbor:  Hammond     Mooring:  B14




Hazel Luther passed away on September 20, 2014 after a long illness.  If Fleet 21 had a Hall of Fame, Hazel would be one of the first inductees.  She and John joined the Fleet  in 1990 as crew member on Time Out owned by Wally Hartmann.  They were partners with Wally on Time Out II and soon had their own boat, Free ‘N’ Clear followed by their 320 Ventura.

Over the years Hazel served on almost every committee we have including Programs, Membership, and Rigging and Equipment.  Many of the Fleet tee shirts, sweat shirts and the battle flags were designed by Hazel as she served as Fund Raising Chairman.  Under her guidance the Fleet built its first entry in the Venetian Night boat parade.   She was an editor of Mainsheet  for many years beginning around 2000 and worked to establish the All Catalina section.  She was an avid and accomplished sailor, a hard worker, a gentle soul, and a dear friend to all.  She will be greatly missed.

About this time every year, planning for the banquet really ramps up.  There are menus to plan, invitations to print, band to hire, and raffles to create.  It’s also the time of year we start to worry.  Just how many Fleet members will attend?  Will our numbers by up or down?  It’s a big concern and we hope you will make every effort to attend the banquet this year.  The date is November 15.  That’s 11 days before Thanksgiving.  We chose that date so it would not interfere with holiday travel.  It’s at Burnham Park Yacht Club.  It’s a venue that’s hard to beat with a wonderful skyscraper view and free parking.  We’ve worked hard to keep the price as reasonable as possible ($65 this year with a cash by credit card bar and wine on the tables).  We’ve got at least one fabulous raffle prize this year and are hoping for more.  This is the 41st Annual Awards Banquet.  Please help us continue to the tradition.  Your attendance is crucial to its success.  You’ll receive your official invitation in a few weeks.  Please say yes you’ll attend.  And bring your crew, your family, past Catalina members, your friends, even power boaters!  If you have questions about the banquet, please call or email Carolyn DeAre.