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November 2014 FleetSheet

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November 2014

The boat’s put away for the winter.  You’ve set the clocks back, given up on the Bears, and watched an amazing walk across the Chicago River.  What is there to do now?  Fleet 21 has the answer!  Attend the Annual Awards Banquet/Dinner Dance on November 15.  It’s a guaranteed antidote to those end of the sailing season blues.

For just $65 per person you’ll get free parking, a spectacular view of the city, delicious food complete with wine,  and dancing to a live band.  All this in the company of your fellow sailors.  You can dress us up, but first and foremost we all share a love of sailing and the evening’s conversation revolves around boats and sailing adventures past and present. We really are a nice bunch of people and if you’re afraid you won’t know anyone or have anyone to talk to, rest assured you’ll be welcomed and put at ease by your fellow Fleet members.  To keep things interesting we’ll hopefully have a slide show featuring Fleet events and members present and past*  and also have some great raffle prizes.**

Of course the main purpose of this event is to honor members of the Fleet who worked hard to make this year a success.  And we’ll do that too.  We give awards for Boat of the Year, Racer of the Year, the Commodore’s Award and Rookie of the Year.  But mainly, it’s a chance to socialize, dress up (guys you do not need to wear a tux—suit, sport coat, sweater—it’s your choice), and enjoy a night on the town.  If you have never attended the Banquet, please consider it this year.  Also feel free to bring crew members, family members or friends.  If you think it’s too late to RSVP, please email or call.  You can send your check later.

Questions or to RSVP if you haven’t done so—call or email Carolyn at 630-469-6117

* Add to the banquet fun! Have some pictures you’d like to share in the slide show?  Email them today to   **Contribute a raffle basket.  Just put together a basket, a bag, a box—it can have a theme (like wine, lighthouses or it doesn’t have to) and bring it to the banquet.  We’ll sell raffle tickets and award all the prizes we have.  Be sure to bring cash to buy raffle tickets too!  Also note that due to our shrinking Fleet finances we will not have an open bar.  You’ll need a credit card for the cocktail hour drinks.  Wine with dinner is included in the price of your dinner.

It has been a pleasure to have served this organization as Commodore for the past two years. Initially four years ago I was most reluctant to accept the vice commodores’ position for the same reasons most of us would be reluctant.   There is a hesitancy to take on more responsibility when all we really want to do is go sailing.   Fortunately, however, there are some very persuasive people in this club.

This has been a most enjoyable term.  Our 40th anniversary celebration was one of its highlights.  Indeed this position was really a very easy position to serve because of the efforts of the board of Catalina Fleet 21.  They have done all the heavy lifting.  The person responsible for persuading me, Ron Shereyk, has now taken on office of Commodore. I can already tell there will be no grass growing under his feet.

As a last order of business I would again urge all of you to get your reservations in for our November Dinner. This is the function which  marks the end of one year and the beginning of the new. This year was a particularly difficult one for Carolyn to both arrange and to keep our costs down.

Also due to the uncertainty of the new venue for the Strictly Sail show at McCormick Place,  the board has decided to wait a year to see if our booth at the show would be more feasible next year.

See you all at the dinner.

Fair winds and smooth sailing.
Pat Reynolds
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As mentioned in the Commodore’s message, Fleet 21 will not have a membership booth at the new Chicago Boat, RV and Strictly Sail Show scheduled for January 14 – 18 at McCormick Place.  While no one knows how this new location will work out, it’s sure to be the place to see what’s new in rigging and equipment – and RVs!   Catalina Yachts will be there.  Check for updated information (there’s not much there yet).

Show Hours
Wednesday: 2:00pm–9:00pm
Thursday: 11:00am–9:00pm
Friday: 11:00am–9:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am–9:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am–5:00pm

Make your Fleet 21 membership count—get involved.  Volunteer to be part of the board or to serve on a committee.  Contact Commodore –to-be Ron Shereyk to volunteer.

Reported by Lori Lauraitis
Meeting held October 23 at Hammond Yacht Club.

Meeting began at 6:10 with Scott Stevenson presiding.  Items of interest:
*Security at harbors was discussed.  Everyone urged to try to keep gate codes on a private place, not on your phones.  The break-ins occurred, dock by dock.

*Aquapalooza will return in 2015.  Date unknown.

*Venetian Night will return to Navy Pier on September 12, 2015.

*Introduced the Bridge for 2015.
Sonny Lisowski, Casey Chlebek, Doug James, Sandra Smith, Kathy Loesser .

*Boaters PAC is dissolving – more info to come .

*The Lucas Museum is a go.

*Sea Scouts had a great year, looking forward to next year

*The CYA Gala Event is December 6 at Burnham Park Yacht Club. Purchase $50 tickets now or   $65.00 at door,


No Fleet Sheet in December.  The next issue will be the January/February issue and will be mailed early January.  Please get any items for that issue to the editor by December 20 including business cards to run for the calendar year and ads.


Cheryl & Bob in low orbit around Florida.

Cheryl & Bob in low orbit around Florida.