Catalina Fleet 21 All Catalina Owners Association, Chicago Region

May 2019 Fleet Sheet


Our first program of the season will be a meeting at the Quantum Sails Loft at 524 W 26th St, Chicago, for a tour and program on sail cleaning and maintenance. Todd Basch, Quantum Sales and Service Coordinator, will be our host on May 16th at 6:30. Thinking of replacing your sails or wondering if you should? Get all your questions answered at this informative program. Dinner after the program at a nearby restaurant …location to be determined.

And what’s a Fleet 21 sailing season without a party to kick it off? Our traditional Launch Party is on Saturday, May 25, at Burnham Harbor. We’ll be in our usual spot just south of the Burnham Park Yacht Club. The tables will be loaded with appetizers (that you bring) and the blenders will be whirring as the senoritas churn out our official beverage. (You’ll need some cash!).






The fun begins around 3:30pm. We hope to have parking passes (thanks to the efforts of Lori auraitis) that will allow you to park in the lot adjoining the Yacht Club. If you don’t see a Fleet member at the entrance to the Yacht Club lot, drive past the Yacht Club and stop at the party. We’ll let yuou know where to park. While most people drive to this outing, you can sail to Burnham. Call the Burnham Harbor Master to arrange for a slip for a few hours or overnight.Please bring an appetizer to share. We will not be going to the Club for dinner, so make your appetizer a substantial one. Also bring chairs. The 2019 Membership Directories will be distributed at this event.

The Summer Outings Schedule is enclosed with his newsletter. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend. Rainy weather? Too far to sail? Drive there! Most events go on rain or shine and it’s always a good time when Fleet members get together. There is also still time to add an event to the schedule. Would you like to have something at your harbor? Contact Outings Chairman Dave DeAre and we’ll see what can be arranged.



Spring is here, or at least it would be if it would stop snowing. Many of you have already made trips to the boat yard and are getting ready to launch. A few of you are already in the water. Those already in their respective harbors have advised that water levels are up, and should continue to rise for the next few weeks.

For those who will be launching in the next few weeks, I hope you enjoy a few warm days in the yard and have a safe transit to your slip. Please – remember to wear you PFD especially until the water temperature reaches a safe level.

We have already enjoyed two events so far this season. The first was Crowley’s Yachtapalozza meeting and dinner. The second was the Brown Bag Auction. Which was held this year at Jackson Park Yacht Club. Programs and Outings have several other events already set, with more still in the works. Keep in mind, this is your club. What you get out of it depends on what you put into it. Our next event will be at Quantum Sails Loft for a tour and program on sail care on May 16th . Saturday May 25th will be our annual Launch Party at Burnham. We are working on parking passes for those who want to drive to the Launch Party.

Now that the harbors are opening up, Harbor Captains should be making the rounds and encouraging current members to attend and invite new boats to join the Fleet. Invitations to the Launch Party would be a good starting point.

Fair winds and calm seas to all.
Branson Stone

The Summer Sailstice will be in New Buffalo this year! Make your slip reservations now at for the New Buffalo Municipal Marina. Reservations can be cancelled and most fees refunded up to 24 hours before your scheduled arrival. More details on this outing in the June Fleet Sheet.


By Jeff Danhauer
Every sailor knows, “if two boats are on the water: there is a race!” Would you like to improve your boats performance and make trimming your JIb easier at the same time? And achieve this for a nominal cost? I strongly suggest you consider adjustable Genoa Cars.

Genoa Lead Cars & Tracks allow sailors to make adjustments on the sheeting angle of the genoa, modifying the sail for the best shape and point. Even if you are not racing, you may need to make adjustments on your lead cars when you are using a furling genoa. For cruisers, pinstop systems will allow adjustments at your leisure. For racers, the slider car systems will allow for adjustments to be made as the situation changes. Switching over to effective Genoa Car Systems & Tracks will allow you to adjust the position of the jib or genoa clew, power up or depower your headsail when sailing closed hull. The right genoa car will run smoothly, adjust cleanly, and assist in proper trim. Reduce your weatherhelm and heel by adjusting your genoa cars position while trimming your headsail on your sailboat. Doesn’t matter if you race or cruise, because not only does the sheeting angles from the genoa car system reduce heel, it also makes for a more
comfortable and efficient ride.

Replacing Parts on your Genoa Car System
When looking for a replacement part for your sailboat Genoa Car System, it is important to know the size track and the manufacturer of the system. Genoa cars are not interchangeable between the manufacturers as the Genoa cars are designed specifically for the same system track with exception to some T-Track Genoa Cars. Once you have determined the manufacturer of your sailboat jib car systems, the next step it to measure the height and the width of the track. Taking these measurements of the genoa track will help you determine the size genoa car system in place.

Modifications to your current adjustable Genoa Car System
If you are having difficulties pulling in the ball bearing jib car by hand, switching the jib car and control ends out for a model with more sheaves can assist by easing your adjustments. Adding sheaves or blocks to the genoa car system will allow you to build a purchase system that will give you the mechanical advantage to trim the traveler car in or out with ease.

Maintaining your Sailboat Genoa Car System
It is highly recommended to rinse off your genoa car system with fresh water every couple of months, or more frequently if sailing in a saltwater environment. The freshwater rinse will help prevent any sort of buildup between the ball bearings and Genoa Car track. If the genoa car system & track starts to feel gritty, we recommend cleaning the track with soap and water. Place the soap on the traveler track and run the genoa car over the soap to clean the bottom of the car. After the track is dry, place McLube One Drop lubricant on the track for your ball bearing genoa cars and run the cars over that lubricated section of genoa track for thirty seconds to completely restore the smooth run on your sailboat genoa car system. If cleaning and lubrication does not solve the problem, inspect the car and genoa track for damages sections that may need to be replaced.

There are a variety of manufactures out there selling system. Garhauer sells a very nice system for around $400. Mothers Day is right around the corner. What better gift could you get your first mate? Ok Ok.. maybe ask for this for Fathers Day. Happy sailing/racing


Reported by Lori Lauraitis
Meeting 3/28 & 4/25
Chicago Harbors all in good working order and opening on schedule.

Power point presentation by Ben Alden on Corinthian Yacht Club where April meeting was held.

Robert Allen is conducting a 3 hour boat trip for inner city kids on May 15 from 9 – 1pm. Allen is instrumental in working with the kids on building boats, learning about sailing and safety courses.

CYA will hold its annual gala on November 30 on the Spirit of Chicago.

Next scheduled meeting is May 23 at Burnham Park Yacht Club.


FOR SALE: 1992 Catalina 34 sailboat $42,000. Well maintained FRESHWATER cruiser. Fresh bottom paint 2018; Diesel inboard engine- new hoses/water pump 2018; new steering cables 2017; newer mainsail and Jib purchased approximately 10 years ago; Dodger & awning (Navy Blue); Schaefer Furling System; Dutchman Sail Flaking System B/C Topping Lift; interior floors refinished 2015; autohelm; Sleeps 7 with (2) staterooms, plus the dinette sleeps 2, and 1 settee berths. Contact: Vickie/John 847-274-9229





FOR SALE: Reduced! 1981 Catalina 25 swing keel. She sails beautifully! Roller furled jib. Clean and ready to go. It is at 31st street Harbor. Powered by a Tohatsu 9.8 Four stroke outboard with all in-cockpit controls and power trim. Navigate with a Garmin NMEA 2000 navigation system. Relax in comfort with all new cushions and upholstery below deck. Sails included are one main and three jibs. $8000.00 OBO For more information contact John Jackiw at 708- 828- 4318.

FOR SALE: Reduced! 1980 Catalina 30 Tall Rig Archangel. Belongs to Indiana Sailing Association, Inc. (a sailing training charity group operating in NW Indiana). Little used. Slip available. Surplus to training program of Indiana Sailing. At East Chicago (Pastrick) Marina opposite launch ramp . $9500 OBO. Contact: 219-614-4372.