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Mar 2013

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March 2013


Our March 8 program was a sobering reminder of just how powerful Mother Nature is.  Former Fleet 21 member Robert Arzbaecher related his experience in the 2011 Mackinac Race and what his crew was able to do to rescue people from the capsized WingNuts. Boat preparation, crew preparation and communications were key.  Would your boat be ready to handle such an emergency?

Preparing your boat for another season should include an inspection of your safety equipment.  Is it all in good working order?  Do you have a chart showing where your safety equipment is located and is it easy to grab in an emergency?  Does the crew know how to use the safety equipment?  Have you practiced man overboard drills?  The life sling proved invaluable in Bob’s rescue efforts.  Do you have one?  Do you know how to use it?

The use of the VHF radio is also something every crew member should know.  One crew member on Bob’s boat handled radio communications with the Coast Guard and the other boats that came to help.  He was commended for his calm approach.  It’s important to speak slowly and clearly with short pieces if information.  Other points mentioned included having emergency numbers preprogrammed into cell phone.  Other points made by Bob included heeding weather reports.  They knew a storm was predicted, but had not been listening to a weather radio.  You should have a lightning strategy—know what to do and what not to do in a lightning storm.  You should also keep in mind that even if you call the Coast Guard or Police, it might be some time before help arrives. Bob had several useful handouts on the lessons his crew learned.  Contact the Fleet Sheet editor if you would like a copy.

Our next General Meeting is April 19 at the Burnham Park Yacht Club and will feature a presentation on the  first annual Chicago River Race.  Jennifer Butsch, Executive Director of the Chicago River Race will tell us all about this unique event planned for October 2014.  The three mile rowing regatta will be the first race of its kind on the Chicago River and promises to open a whole new frontier for water recreation. Come and hear all about the challenges and opportunities this event poses.

The program will begin around 8:00 pm.  Arrive between 6 and 6:30 for dinner at the Club before the program begins.  The meeting is at the Burnham Park Yacht Club, 1500 S. Linn White Drive.  Follow the signs to the Museum Campus.  Call the Yacht Club for dinner reservations: 312-427-4664.  Parking should be available at the Club or south of the club.

Don’t forget to check out Yachtapoolza at Crowley’s Yacht Yard on March 23.  While we don’t have an official meeting scheduled there this year, you’re sure to see other Fleet members taking in the seminars, sales, and food.  More information is available at

Fleet 21 is 40 this year!  Help us celebrate this milestone.  Do you have old pictures of the Fleet or a favorite memory you would like to share?

Send them to the Fleet Sheet editor and we’ll publish them throughout the year.  Email them to or send to 306 Linden Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.  Also mark your calendars for these special 40th anniversary events:  Summer Celebration, August 3 at Fred & Shirley Collins lakefront home in Portage, Indiana and our Annual Banquet, November 16, 2013


Daylight savings time already, spring is almost here.  So little time so much to do.  Those words are always welcome to sailors.  Our annual brown bag auction and dinner was another success raising over two hundred dollars for the Fleet 21 coffers.  Many thanks to Marshall Fernholz and Nancy Bartlett and all of the members who attended and contributed some pretty interesting items for the auction.  Also thanks to Ron Shereyk our auctioneer.

On March 8th our general meeting drew a full house with guest speakers Bob Arzbaecher, captain of the 40 foot Beneteau sailing vessel, Sociable and Brian, his communications crewman.  Bob is a former member of Fleet 21 with his Catalina 22 also named Sociable. They gave a very interesting presentation of their rescue efforts of the crew of the sailboat Wingnuts during the 2011 Race to Mackinac. Thanks to Dave DeAre for arranging the presentation and to Nancy Bartlett for hosting our guests.

Next up in March is Crowley’s Yachtapalooza


By Brian Ruxton
I don’t know how many of you use your boats as a base for non-sailing excursions but we do.  Millennium Park and the Chicago Symphony free concerts are a favorite destination.  For some time now I have been looking for one of those roll up tables in a bag.  I knew that Crate & Barrel carries them but they never seemed to be in stock.  Eureka!!  They have arrived I got one this past week.  The price is $59.99.  I can only guess that they tend to go fast so if this is something that interests you I urge you to move fast and get one

Last month I wrote about switching to Boat US insurance.  Several people commented on my article and told me that I forgot to mention the towing options available through Boat US.  I didn’t mention that because I already have the unlimited towing option as a component of our membership.  So, a reminder.  For an extra $30.00 or so either through your insurance or your membership you can get unlimited towing.  Hopefully you will never need it but if you use it even once it will probably pay for a lifetime of additional premiums.

March 23rd is Yachtapalooza at Crowley’s.  I urge you all to attend but if you can’t I have found in years past that West Marine will match the Crowley’s price on VC-17 on that day only.  This year a quart of VC-17 lists for $64.99.  There is a $5.00 mail-in rebate form included in this newsletter or you can download it at
Another option might be the Pettit SR-21.  Pretty much the same stuff.  I know Dave DeAre has used it in the past and had no issues.

Finally, a wine recommendation.  I have tried a Pinot Gris and a Merlot from DUCK POND WINERY.  Both have been excellent.  The Pinot Gris comes from Oregon and the Merlot from Washington State.  Oregon is noted for it’s Pint Gris and Washington State for it’s Merlot.  The price should be in the range $12 – $13 a bottle although I have found the Merlot for about $10 at Sal’s liquors.  Enjoy.


If you have not renewed, please do so today!Your 2013 membership renewal form is included in this newsletter.  Please fill it out completely even if your information has not changed.  Mail it to Ron & Pat Shereyk, 13418 Choctaw Trail, Homer Glen, IL 60491.

We have two former members who renewed this year:

Skipper:  Daniel Golembiewski
First Mate:  Elinore
Address: Oceanside, CA
Boat Info:
Name:  Inspiration     Size 36   Sail #1542     Harbor:  Marina Cortez – San Diego     Mooring E-51
Skipper:  Harold Schlehahn
First Mate:  Janet Gunn
Address: Villa Park, IL
Boat Info:
Name:  Tusitala     Size: 30     Sail #412     Harbor:  Montrose


WANTED:  Looking for recent year Catalina 320 or Catalina 320 MK II.  Contact Norm at 312-914-2703

By Lori Lauraitis

CYA is an “organization of organizations” which is made up of yacht clubs and other boating organizations in the Metropolitan Chicago area, northern Indiana and stretching up to the Wisconsin border.  Membership also includes the Chicago Marine Police and Helicopter Unit, the Coast Guard Auxiliary, the U.S. Power and Sail Squadron, the Sea Scouts and many charter groups and yacht yards serving the recreational boating community.

At meeting on 2/28 the following events were announced:
4/23 – Sea Scouts are planning a fund raiser kick-off with a silent auction, food, etc. at the Chicago Y/C Belmont Station.

*Chicago Match Cup – International race will begin 8/7 – 8/11/13 in coalition with the Tall Ships – Tall Ships sail into Navy Pier for five unforgettable days, August 7 – 11, 2013 CYA will be somewhat involved

*3/23 – Crowley’s Yacht Yard – will be hosting the “Yachtapalooza” in their yard.  Note: the 95th Street bridge will be closed (a good thing for getting back & forth across the street).  They will be offering seminars, prizes, food, the store will be open, and demos during the entire weekend.

* 4/20 – Coast Guard Auxiliary will conduct an upcoming Flare Shoot-Off Program on Northerly Island


by Bob Kuba

As the Fleet has matured to the impressive age of 40, it became apparent that the members were aging more gracefully than the website. As technology races on, obsolescence follows closely behind, and it was time for a much needed digital facelift. The content is much the same, just the presentation and format has changed. The big difference is the photo at the top of the page will change every time a new page is selected. If you have a Chicago sailing theme picture, send it to me and I can put it into the photo rotation. The site now has an updated look, and is also much easier to update. I hope you enjoy the new look.