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Jun 2013

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June 2013

June 2013


Hopefully by now, you can say that! Your boat is rigged and you’re enjoying the occasional dry and warm sailing day. But is your boat rigged and tuned the way it should be? If you’re a racer, is there a way to get a little more speed just by doing some adjusting? If you’re a cruiser, are you sure everything is stable and rigged right? Join us for our General Meeting on June 18 and get all your questions on rigging answered by Jon Paige, Rigging Department Manager and Head Rigger at Crowley’s Yacht Yard. If the weather cooperates Jon will demonstrate correct rigging on a Fleet 21 boat. He’ll also discuss new equipment.


The meeting is Tuesday, June 18 at Burnham Park Yacht Club, 1500 S. Linn White Drive. Come early and dine at the club.

Dinner reservations are a must: 312-427-4664
Socialize and have dinner beginning at 6:00 pm.
General meeting and program begin at 7:30 pm.

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The event of the summer is going to be our 40th anniversary celebration on August 3. Fred and Shirley Collins are hosting the gala at their Lake Michigan home in Portage. Plan to be on the beach for food, fun, live music and more!


Details and an RSVP form in this newsletter.


The 2013 40th Catalina Fleet 21 season has officially gotten underway with the always popular May 25th Margarita Party at Burnham harbor. Approximately 50 members were wined and dined by the outstanding hospitality of the event sponsors. The anniversary tee shirts were distributed with over sixty sold. There are only a few of these collector’s items left. Contact Francine Kuenzli before it’s too late. Thank you to the Shereyks, Lauraitis’s, DeAres and all the other members who contributed their time and effort. Thank you also to all those members in attendance.

Speaking of Francine, she has now volunteered to serve as chair of the Member at Large committee. No matter what, you can not keep those Kuenzli’s inactive for long.

Just another reminder that Nancy Bartlett has lined up a spokesman from Crowley’s yacht yard who will discuss and, weather permitting, give a demonstration on rig tuning at the June 18th general meeting. This is something all sailors should consider after launching each year. Proper tuning not only insures better performance but reduces stress on standing rigging and chain plates.

I would expect that even with the rather poor spring we’ve had, most boats should have been launched by now. I know that with the poor racing performance we’ve had so far this year, I will be paying close attention (must be the rigging).

The 40th Anniversary celebration at the Collins home in Portage, Indiana is only about 8 weeks away and we all know how fast the weeks fly by in the sailing season. We will keep reminding you each month in the Fleet Sheet. After the June 18th general meeting we will probably not be officially meeting until the outing. Fred and Shirley have been working so hard on making this a success.

Pat Reynolds,


Welcome aboard to the following new member:

Skipper: Michael Kennedy
First Mate: Ann
Boat Info:
Name: Duality
Size: 400
Sail # 132
Harbor: Burnham
Mooring: E-G24

By Brian Ruxton

Even though it is now “Meteorological Summer” and one weatherman keeps telling us we have seen some summer nights in the low forties. I made a purchase this past winter that is still providing benefits this summer. That was an electric blanket that we got at Costco. It cost about $90.00 and is great. It has twenty settings and the best setting is “preheat.” You may only need a “3” to get through the night but if you set the blanket at “3” and hit preheat in about twenty minutes you will get into a bed that has been heated at the highest setting and is toasty. The preheat then shuts itself off after a few hours. The manual says three hours but I really don’t know because by that time I am already asleep. The blanket is velour and is nice even if you don’t plug it in. A queen size is perfect for our V-Berth.

A digital camera is a fine way to check and maintain hard to get to areas on your boat. By that I mean the top of the mast. If you use a moderate telephoto setting just to get the area you want to inspect framed it is very simple to then magnify that photo on your computer. With the pixel levels that exist today nothing is really lost with the magnification and it really beats a trip up in the bosun’s chair.
A few years ago it even saved us a few dollars. When our boat was launched I noticed almost immediately that our three cup wind speed indicator only had two cups. Fortunately we had taken pictures while getting the boat ready that spring. I was able to show the yard a picture from two days prior to launch that, was dated and when magnified, showed all three cups where they should be. The yard replaced the part at their own cost.

WANTED: Looking for recent year Catalina 320 or Catalina 320 MK II. Contact Norm at 312-914-2703

FOR SALE: Spinnaker Pole. 2½” diameter, 10” long. Piston fitting both ends. Upper & lower bridle. Asking $300.

Cruising Spinnaker. Excellent condition.
Will fit 25’, 26’, 27’, 28’ boat. With turtle bag & douser. Asking $300.

Call Jack: 708-974-4932
Cell: 708-205-4169

Enclosed is a flyer for our 40th Anniversary Beach Party. It is crucial that you RSVP by July 1st. This is a day you don’t want to miss! Reservations are required. Also note the parking arrangements.

Our 40th Year got off to a great start in Hammond on June 8. Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King, Gloria and Mike from All In the Family and several aging hippies and disco dancers met on PDock to groove to 70’s music, enjoy wine, and devour appetizers and dinner on the dock. Attending were crews from Bearoness, Weak Moment, C-Dream, Overdue, Team Effort, Summer Mink, Recovery Room, Little Miss Magic, and our host Pat Reynolds on Karizmaddie assisted by Nancy Bartlett. You’ll have to guess who was was!
Where were you in 1973? Where will you be on August 3, 2013???

By Lori Lauraitis

Meeting of May 23
Harbor news:
Monroe Harbor – new tenders running. Helpful to moving faster between shore and boats. –

Burnham Park Harbor 6/29 – Jimmy Buffett concert is scheduled and will play to 30,000 concert goers. A 4′ fence will be erected nearby the Judd Goldman boathouse and act as a barricade to the concert goers. They will exit in the same fashion. Since they changed the location of the stage, it will most likely interfere with those who watch it from their boats in the water. A private Tender Service will be available from Soldier Field Parking @Waldron Drive, pickup at around “K” Dock, drop-off @The Fishing Dock.

31st Street Harbor – has 300 boats docked already and has had Security issues by gang bangers & around the harbor. Please call Security if something doesn’t seem right near your docking area. .

Jackson Park-Outer — dredging situation is good!

6/13 – In-Water-Boat-Show at 31st Street Harbor — General Admission is $10.00 and Chicago’s ONLY In-Water-Boat-Show with Keith Ogulnick, the NMMA representative said this is “more than just a boat show” – and will provide an experience to buy and shop for boats in the water. They plan on having “Fred’s Shed” with a marine mechanic to to service electric, water, fabric questions, etc. They also will have antique and classic boats along with paddle boards, Try-It-Cove kayaks. Parking: south lot of the south building for $12.00 with free shuttle, free docking if you choose to bring your boat but make a reservation with the Harbormaster, Mark Dryden. This also coincides with “Bike to Chicago Week” so, all bikes are welcome.

7/27 Chicago Venetian Night. Dusk. 31st Street Harbor. Rockin’ in the Harbor. To enter your boat call Betty Lerner 847-997-8522.

The Poor Man’s Yacht Club would like to extend an invitation for Fleet 21 members to join us for our Summer Rum Bottle Regatta on July 20, 2013. The skippers’ meeting will be at 10:00am on the North Wall of Monroe Harbor. All boats racing are required to fly their club flag during the race. This is a great opportunity to show the Cat. Fleet 21 spirit.

The Rum Bottle Regatta is a fun race oriented toward non-racers. The race is structured with a running start with one boat crossing the start line at a time. Each boat’s time is recorded when it crosses the start line as well as the finish line. All boats are handicapped and the winner decided by the best elapsed, corrected time. The course is usually a beam reach, two leg race, making the event pleasant for all crew.

The trophy, as the race name suggests, is a bottle of rum, and the winner is strongly encouraged to share the trophy at the awards presentation. This is an excellent opportunity to tune up for the Leukemia Cup.

The PMYC has waived the entry fee on this race for Catalina Fleet 21 members in good standing.
Questions can be directed to Tom Grove at with interested parties replying prior to July 15, 2013.