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August 2013

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August 2013
Summer is slipping away and we’ll soon be sailing into September.  Did you accomplish everything on your summer “to do” list?  Forget painting the house and refinishing the deck.  What about your boating list?  What’s on that list?
Did you promise yourself that this year you were going to sail across the lake?  It’s not too late!  Spend Labor Day weekend in Michigan City with Fleet 21.  The details are in this newsletter.  Contact Ted Kuenzli to find out who from your harbor is attending and arrange a buddy boat.
Did you vow to try racing this year?  The Leukemia Cup Race on August 24 is a low key family race.  While there are serious racers competing, Catalina boats have their own start.  Everyone is relaxed and out for a good time—and a good cause.  See inside for more information on how to register.
If you planned to participate in more Fleet 21 events, there is still time for that as well.  In addition to the Labor Day activities in Michigan City, we’ll be returning to Montrose Harbor for a Warde Pierson Memorial  Septober Fest on September 14.
Our fall General Meetings offer you a chance to get to know Fleet 21 members—new and old!  Our September 17 meeting features Jenn Gibbons Founder and Coach of Recovery on Water.  In the summer of 2012 Jenn set off to row the entire 1,500 mile perimeter of Lake Michigan.  You’ll hear the story of her amazing and shocking voyage.  Have you ever been inside that big ship just north of Monroe Harbor?  That’s Columbia Yacht Club and our October 22 General Meeting features dinner along with an in-depth tour of this unique space.
The last boating activity on your  boating must do list should be to attend the 40th Annual Banquet.  Our dinner and dance on November 16 promises to be a special evening with lots of fun and surprises.  Don’t let the sailing season and summer slip away without participating in some Fleet 21 activities.


July saw a month of Fleet activity starting with the outing in Michigan City sponsored by Branson and Danita Stone. Fleet members then headed to the Lake Michigan Catalina Association’s Rendezvous at Macatawa Yacht Club.  Those attending included the Lauraitis’s and Shereyks on Team Effort, Fred and Shirley Collins on C-Dream,  Ed Kita and Kathy Cusimano, Madalyn Duerr and  others.

July also featured a rather slow Race to Mackinac Island by a slower Karizmaddie.

On Saturday, August 3rd, sixty Fleet members joined together to celebrate the club’s fortieth anniversary at the lakeside home of charter members Fred and Shirley Collins in Portage, Indiana.  It was an afternoon and evening of beautiful weather, beautiful lake views, food, drink, music, dancing and wonderful conversation–a memorable event to be long remembered.  At last count there were sixteen past Commodores in attendance in addition to all of the former officers, chairpersons and longtime members.

Our sincere thanks to Fred and Shirley who began working on this in January and singularly spent the intervening months planning and arranging this event and then opened their home and grounds to a great group of sailors.

August 24th will be the Leukemia Cup Regatta sponsored again by Columbia Yacht Club with our own Catalina section.

Summer is sailing by.  Enjoy!
Pat Reynolds,

By Brian Ruxton
If it seems like I might be reaching a little bit, I am.  Really haven’t done that much work on the boat since it went in.  Still, it has been a good summer using the boat as our little condo by the lake.

I don’t know about your harbor but Burnham Harbor’s wi-fi is terrible.  It only works well on my laptop on Sunday mornings and then only if I use my computer in the cockpit.  When I do that I can’t read the screen.  I recently changed my phone plan with AT&T so I can now use my phone as a tethering device for the computer.  Deborah and I are on the same plan.  Until recently we each had a fixed number of minutes, unlimited texting and each of us had 3 gigs of data usage.  That cost about $220.00 per month.  It would have also cost extra to use my phone as a mobile hotspot.  Without having to buy new phones or extend our contract,  I switched over to a plan where we have unlimited talk and texting and share 4 gigs of data.  That now costs about $150.00 per month.  In the year plus we were on the previous plan we never combined for more than 1 gig of data usage so I am certain that the occasional use of the phone as a hotspot is not going to result in huge and expensive overages  Most important, the computer now runs as fast as it does anywhere else.

I also have a wine suggestion.  During the summer I try to mix in some light and crisp whites and Rose’ wines that I don’t ordinarily drink.  I call them porch wines.  It really hasn’t been much of a porch wine season, but I do have a suggestion.  I have had a couple of wines from Binny’s that come from the Cotes de Gascogne region of France.  They are made using the Ugni-Blanc grape.  This is the grape that is ultimately made into Cognac and Armagnac.  Nothing extraordinary but when you chill one of these down to about 35 degrees it is extremely refreshing and great on a hot evening.


WANTED:  Looking for recent year Catalina 320 or Catalina 320 MK II.  Contact Norm at 312-914-2703

FOR SALE:  Spinnaker Pole.  2½” diameter, 10” long.  Piston fitting both ends.  Upper & lower bridle.  Asking $300.

Cruising Spinnaker.  Excellent condition.
Will fit 25’, 26’, 27’, 28’ boat.  With turtle bag & douser.  Asking $300.

Call Jack: 708-974-4932
Cell: 708-205-4169

FOR SALE:  1974 Catalina 22 Sunshine.  Make an offer.  Great project boat.  Call Jim Wittbold 847-922-3443.

By Lori Lauraitis
The Chicago Match Race Center needs up to six volunteer sailboats to take up station at anchor off of Navy Pier during the up-coming International Match Race Regatta scheduled for August 9,10, and 11.

There is a need for two boats per day and the purpose is to fly a “No Wake/Race Course” banner on your halyard while each boat is stationed at either end of the race course.
The shifts for volunteer boats are Friday, August 9 from noon to 5 pm.  Saturday, August 10 from 10am to 3 pm and Sunday, August 11 from noon to 3pm.

Although at least one crew member must remain on the sailboat at all times, other crew members may be ferried over to Navy Pier where they can enjoy vfiewing the race activities from the roof of Navy Pier.

For more information and to volunteer, please contact

(312) 542-1156 OR VIA EMAIL AT:

The Leukemia Cup is a fun race with great participation by Fleet 21.  This year the regatta is August 24.  Register at  If you are planning on entering your boat please email Pat Reynols at so we may have an indication of the number of Catalinas entered.  After the race we’ll get together at the Columbia Yacht Club docks.

When sailors participate in The Leukemia Cup Regatta, they raise valuable funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to invest in research to find cures for blood cancers – leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma – and to help improve the lives of patients and families. Sailors like you have fundraised to help LLS invest more than $875 million in better cancer treatments. Most people have been touched by cancer. This is how sailors give back.

Last year, sailors and power boaters raised more than $370,000 toward a world without blood cancers.
Register today.