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April 2013

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April 2013


Most of us might travel the Chicago River once or twice a year as we make our way to and from the harbor.  Or maybe you take an architectural tour when you have out of town visitors.  However, Mayor Emmanuel and many others have a vision of the river as the “next big thing.”  Learn how one group is planning to use the river as a competitive venue when our April 19 General Meeting features a presentation by Jennifer Butsch, Executive Director of the Chicago River Race .  This unique event is planned for October 2014.  The three mile rowing regatta will be the first race of its kind on the Chicago River and promises to open a whole new frontier for water recreation.  Come and hear all about the challenges and opportunities this event poses.

The meeting is at the Burnham Park Yacht Club, 1500 S. Linn White Drive.  Follow the signs to the Museum Campus. The program will begin around 8:00 pm.  Arrive between 6 and 6:30 for dinner at the Club before the program begins.    Call the Yacht Club for dinner reservations: 312-427-4664.  Parking should be available at the Club or south of the club.


The 2013 Outings Schedule is a work in progress.  It will be finalized and published in the May Fleet Sheet.  However, it’s never too early to get some key events on your summer calendar.  Our summer kickoff is the traditional Margarita Party on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend—May 25.  June 8 -9 we’ll travel to Hammond Marina and “Party Like It’s 1973” and celebrate Sailstice with an overnight at 31st Street Harbor on June 22-23.  We’ll sponsor a Michigan Shore Cruise from July 5 through the 19th (or whenever you need to be home!).  That cruise lands at Lake Macatawa for the July 12-14 LMCA Catalina Rendezvous.  The big event of the summer will be our 40th Anniversary beach party on August 3 at Fred and Shirley Collins’s house in Portage  (it’s right on Lake Michigan!).  The capstone event of the year is our Annual Banquet on November 16.  We have lots of other outings in the works including a Taco Fest, Pierogi Fest Overnight, and the Leukemia Cup.  Would you like to plan an outing for your harbor?  Now is the time.  Contact Outings Chairman Dave DeAre today for possible open dates.  Details on all events are published in the Fleet Sheet.  The entire calendar will be published in the May issue.
Check our revamped website for the latest news.


1973:  Watergate, Halderman, Erlichman, Liddy, long hair and longer sideburns, mustaches, bare mid drifts and hip hugging bell bottom jeans.  All long gone and best forgotten, well maybe not the mid drifts and jeans.  1973: Collins, Pancoe, Neale, Catalina 22s, and the birth of Chicago Catalina Fleet 21.  All best remembered and in the case of Fred and Shirley Collins, Catalina 22s and Fleet 21, all still very active and thriving.  Yes this year marks the 40th anniversary of Fleet 21 and Fred and Shirley are hard at work setting up our 40th anniversary celebration on the beach at their home in Portage, Indiana.  August 3rd, mark this date and prepare to celebrate with good food, drink, live music and the very best group of sailors and friends anywhere on Lake Michigan.  Since celebrations this grand only come once every forty years you don’t want to wait for the next one.  Also to mark the occasion, commemorative 40th year tee shirts have been designed by our own Mary Beth Cybul.  Information on purchasing available elsewhere in this edition.

In February of this year I had the opportunity of sailing on a Catalina 22 for the first time along with Dave DeAre and Ray Kalinsky on Buttonwood Sound off Key Largo.  From the looks of the boat and sails it too is probably celebrating its 40th year.  Actually it was a great day of sailing.  With the retractable keel and rudder we were able to sail right through the two foot shallows they told us to avoid.  A few hours sailing, drop anchor and sails, eat lunch, a short power nap and back sailing.   A great day.

On April 19th Nancy Bartlett has again arranged for a special program at our general meeting at Burnham Yacht Club.  The weather is turning and it promises to be a nice night on the harbor.  See you there.


Our deepest condolences go out to Roger and Beverly Suhar on the death of their son Matt.
Matt was a beloved son, cherished grandson, loyal brother,  admired uncle, loving husband, doting father, and a fearless and fun-loving friend to many.

“Seashells remind us that every passing life leaves something beautiful behind.”


By Brian Ruxton

Just a few short tips this month.

West Marine sells Velcro shore power cord holders for 99 cents apiece.  Probably one of the most inexpensive things you can buy at West Marine.  The can be used for a lot more than holding up your power cord.  They will hold anything up to three inches in diameter.  You can combine them to hold larger items.  I think we have about eight on our boat.  I use them to hold the furling line in a loop at the back of the boat.  One keeps the power cord off the hull where it comes into the boat.

Here is another money saving cleaning tip.  I bought a 99 cent spray bottle and use auto degreaser as a cleaner.  I dilute it with half water.  You can get a gallon of the stuff for about five dollars.  They never tell you what is in it but I know it works and I know you should dilute it.  A gallon will give you about three years worth of cleaning.  It really shows its value later in the summer when the spiders are most active.  You spritz a little of this cleaner on their droppings and almost immediately they start turning green and dissolving.

Now would be a good time to repack your stuffing box.  I know this task can be scary just because it occurs at a location where water comes into the boat.  I did mine a three years ago while the boat was in the water.  Not a big deal.  I use the PTFE impregnated flax. This year I did it on the hard.  Actually when I changed it the old stuff still looked pretty good.  All I have to do is adjust the drip rate when the boat is launched and we should be good for another few years.  Cost – about $6.00 if you consider the jar of lubricant that I use to supplement the flax.  That goes for about $14.00 and will last me a lifetime.

Not much on the wine front.  Another nice winery is McManis Family Vineyards.  Most of their wines goes for less than $10.00 per bottle and are “produced and bottled” by the winery.  That means that the winery is responsible for at least 75% of the winemaking process.  Growing the grapes, fermenting the wine, etc.  Usually “produced and bottled” is something you see in more expensive wines.  More often you will see “vinted and bottled “ or “cellared and bottled”.  Doesn’t mean that the wine is not good or necessarily inexpensive.  It just means the wine maker was not as involved in the process.


WANTED:  Looking for recent year Catalina 320 or Catalina 320 MK II.  Contact Norm at 312-914-2703

FOR SALE:  1997 Catalina 380   $118,500.
…Furling main and 155 genoa
…ST60 speed, wind, depth
…ST6000 autopilot
…Raymarine VHF
…Garmin chart plotter at helm
…Raymarine controller for autopilot
…Dodger and bimini
…6′ Avon dingy.  Folded for under V’ berth storage
…2hp Honda air cooled outboard (26lb)
…Kenwood stereo
…Digital TV with mast antenna
…Catalina custom interior
…Like new one owner condition
Phone: 847-564-4273
The owner Bill Weaver writes:
We are reaching a sad point with our sailing.  We started in 1984 with the purchase of a Catalina 30 (hull 3806).  We sailed with our two kids all over Lake MI and Huron.  When we got them out of college and on their own we purchased our Catalina 380.  It is a great cruising boat, but we have reached the time of our lives where docking is becoming a serious challenge in bad weather conditions. The old tale about the two happiest times of owning a boat being buying and selling does not apply here.

FOR SALE:  Used Catalina sails Including a Genoa for a 36, four sails for 30’s,  a main for a 350, and a spinnaker for a 27 that’s in excellent condition.  Contact the Sea Scouts at  Also, the Sea Scouts are accepting sail donations for any size Catalina if any of our members are replacing their sails.

By Lori Lauraitis
CYA is an “organization of organizations” which is made up of yacht clubs and other boating organizations in the Metropolitan Chicago area, northern Indiana and stretching up to the Wisconsin border.  Membership also includes the Chicago Marine Police and Helicopter Unit, the Coast Guard Auxiliary, the U.S. Power and Sail Squadron, the Sea Scouts and many charter groups and yacht yards serving the recreational boating community.
March 28 meeting:

Scott Stevenson gave the following harbor report:
Montrose Harbor – Launching will begin on Monday, April 1, April 2 until 5/1.
The Pedestrian Gate, opposite the entrance has the worst situation.  Gangways are shorter than the north-side and too steep on “A” Dock.  Some of the cans are out in the harbor, but not plentiful.  Some water hookups were connected, the workers will be moving south within the next two weeks.  Thrashers were moved-up to keep it cleaner.  Talked about reducing events in the parks – birders were complaining there were a lot of events, and increased fees.
Belmont Harbor – Doing soundings and have brought-in cranes  to blow sand out, to deepen water alley at “A” Dock.  There are 34 slips (45′ slips) have to be moved due to shallow water.  There are only a few transfer slips available.  The new building, the gas dock, and store (adjacent to the gas dock) floor, shelves will be filled and will open 5/1.
DuSable Harbor – has depth concerns as well.  Deep draft sailboats have concerns…the wall is 13′ deep and in some cases 10′.
Monroe Harbor – has shallow issues too.  Chicago Y/C claimed the “tenders” are more difficult to board because of the water level – will be putting in new steps to help.  4 new tender boats delivered.  Uprights on pump-out.   Putting cans in at Monroe.
Burnham Park Harbor – damage to docks over the winter months not too bad.  All docks are opened.  Have a big rig to realign docks on the east side beginning 4/1 and is challenged by low water at BPY/C.  An email blast was sent out to some of the sailors from Loren Thompson alerting them about their draft and to be sure when they check-in to give draft and height.  The launch ramp will be a challenge as well.  Deeper draft boats will be allowed at 31st Harbor and signs will be posted.    Burnham Park Harbor will retain John Massey as Harbormaster.
31st Street Harbor – The State of Illinois and DNR Green Marina Program – certified 31st Harbor to be the first clean marina in Illinois, on June 8.  A nice feather in their cap, Lead Gold Certification.  Not too many improvements, 4/1 will begin launching boats and moving Pinnacle Yacht charters to the 31st Street Harbor this season, instead of at Burnham Park, due to dock-residents signing a petition last summer because of damaged boats by chartered business.

Jackson Park-Outer – meetings have begun with the issue of depth-of-channel.  The company took 8′ to 10′ soundings over the years.  Short term solution – get all of the boats that draw 5-10′ draft into the harbor more quickly – Long term, structural problems and build a breakwall to keep sand out.  They will begin working on solutions in May.

Other upcoming events:
The Tall Ships will be coming back to Chicago the weekend of 8/7 – 8/11 with some of the ships we had a couple of years ago like the Unicorn, Sorlandet, Friends Goodwill, etc. and is asking for volunteers to help visitors on and off the ship during that weekend by contacting Patti Locke at 847-274-2475.

Sea Scouts – Tim Harrington, spoke about their 4/23 Fund Raiser at Chicago Yacht Club, Belmont Station LAUNCH 2013 with donated items and a silent auction for a worthy cause to teach leadership, teamwork to young people 13-20.  More information at

Nautical Auction to benefit the Chicago Maritime Festival and Corinthian Yacht Club Junior Fleet.
May 4 at Corinthian Yacht Club.  Begins at 5 pm with check-in, viewing, and dinner.  7 pm auction.
More information at