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August 2019 FleetSheet

Catalina Fleet 21 is much more than sailing. It’s also all about making friendships and memories to last a lifetime. As our Fleet has aged many of our members have given up boat ownership, but they haven’t given up on Fleet membership. Why? Because they value the group camaraderie and the fun we have together. Have you attended some of our outings/programs this year? If not, you’re missing the most important aspect of our organization. Take a look at the pictures below from our recent outing in Waukegan. You should be in them! And thank you to Irene and Jerry Gagerman for being terrific hosts.

There’s also much more of summer to come. Make or rekindle your Fleet friendships and join us as we head across the lake for a very tasteful event—the Michigan City Lobster Fest. Branson and Danita Stone will take care of netting the lobsters. Fleet members are asked to contribute the side dishes. While the Lobster Fest is on Saturday, you’re welcome to sail over on Friday and stay until Sunday or beyond. There’s generally room for all visiting boats on the 800 dock. If you would like to cross the lake with a buddy boat, contact your Harbor Master or Dave DeAre. And don’t forget to make your reservations. A flyer with all the details is in this Fleet Sheet.

While the Chicago Air & Water Show and the Leukemia Cup are not organized Fleet outings, both offer great sailing opportunities. Sailing around while jets swoop overhead is always a thrill. If you can’t be on the water on the 17th or 18th, keep in mind there’s usually practice runs on Thursday or Friday. You can find info on the Leukemia Cup at






It is already August, and in the next few weeks we will be receiving winter storage contracts in the mail. This summer has been different, cool spring, high water, and thunder storms. The high water has been especially difficult for every harbor on the lake. Many marinas have had to close docks, turn off power, and many of us have to use steps to get on and off the boats.

We have already had several events, and those attending have had a lot of fun. Coming up, we still have the Shrimp Boil in Hammond, Chicago Air & Water Show, Leukemia Cup Chicago, Lobster Fest in Michigan City, Chili Outing at Stone’s house, and our annual Year End Banquet at Palos County Club. Be sure to mark your calendars, we look forward to seeing you.

86,400 Seconds in a Day! Imagine a bank which credits your account each morning with $86,400. The account never carries a balance from day to day. Every night whatever remaining amount you fail to use during the day is canceled.

If you had an account like this, what would you do? Draw out every cent, of course you would. Well each of us has such an account, and the bank’s name is Time. Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off any balance. If you fail to use the day’s deposits, the loss is yours, there is no going back. There is no drawing against tomorrow. You must live in the present on today’s deposit. Invest your time wisely. Hope to see you out on the water.
Branson Stone


Welcome aboard to the following new members. Please add their information to your directory.
Skipper: Steve & Sarah Jones
Boat Info: Name: Gallivant: Size: 36
Harbor: Michigan City Mooring: 8074


Life Line Replacement
Submitted by: Leo Beer SV “High Life” Michigan City slip 8068





It may it be said that sometimes I go a little overboard on upgrades and gadgets, to say the least. My dockmates over here in Michigan City look over at our boat and while shaking their heads wonder what the heck is he up to now? Well, I have to say, this is not one of those projects that my peers smirked and shook their heads at. In fact, after the finished product was on display, I believe they really think it was a great upgrade. I didn’t, nor do we ever plan to, go “overboard!”

High Life, our 1995 Catalina C-36 was bought in SW Florida and transported up to Lake Michigan the spring of 2018. Salt water reeks havoc on vinyl covered stainless steel lifelines. They were discolored and unsightly from the Florida sun. There was evidence of corrosion where the nylon started covering the cables and at the swaged fittings. I also had no idea if, and, or when they were replaced last. It was time to make sure my crew was secure on deck.

I priced out replacing them with stock vinyl coated stainless cables with gates. Now I know as well as anyone that safety has no dollar value, but $1000.00 ? WOW! The uncovered cable kit cost wasn’t any cheaper. Ordering just the cable and the fittings that would be swaged on came in at about $750.00. Better. But not good enough.

I read about racers using Dyneema for lifelines to save on weight and figured that would let me add to the liquor locker! So I did my due diligence in the research department and found that the recommended 1/4” Dyneema line was actually stronger than stainless cable and it doesn’t corrode. Stainless cable is recommended to be replaced every 7-10 years, Dyneema at 5-7 years depending on environment. This was the only downside I could figure.

The cost of re-rigging the lifelines on our 36 footer with double lifelines and gates on both sides of the vessel, using as much of the existing hardware was as follows:
24 splice line fittings from C.S. Johnson Marine $480.00
150 ft. of 1/4” Dyneema (on sale) $142.00
$622.00 TOTAL

Now that saved me $128.00. But the best part is I won’t have to buy the splice fittings again the next time I need to replace lifeline. I’ll only have to buy the Dyneema at the going (sale?) price. At $142.00, I’ll never hesitate to replace them again! Plus they look great! There is a race boat a few slips down from us that did theirs in red. Stunning. We did ours in the silver color. Classy.

No need to worry about splicing difficulty. Probably the easiest splice I’ve ever done. The whole job took about 6 hours (6 High Life’s) sitting down. Note: Figure the total length of lines needed then add 2 ft. for each splice needed.


Report by Lori Lauraitis on meeting of 7/25

Park District has installed 18 breakwall markers since June 2019. Emails informed boaters of significant hazards of submerged pilings which have been covered by high water this season. Water will continue to rise & seich, creating hazardous foot traffic on docks in lakefront harbors.

BELMONT HARBOR – caught a couple breaking-in & stealing personal possessions on a power boat. Suggest hiding all articles safely out of sight. Also bike safety signs are working but still causing problems at 4 way stops. Bikes finding it hard to stop.

31ST STREET HARBOR – break-in as well. Guard your belongings. Gate codes were used to enter.

JACKSON PARK HARBOR– Breakwall accidents.

BURHAM PARK HARBOR – Security not visible on east side. Water an issue on the promenade. Extra ramps were added to “E””F” docks. The Wave Attenuator has moved 80’ south of the original position due to high water, holding at a 12,000 lb. anchor on the south side wall.

Chicago Harbor Safety Committee will meet at Chicago Y/C on 8/29 at 2:30pm. More info:


Reprinted from Scuttlebutt Sailing News

New innovations continue to bubble up off the shores of Lake Michigan as CASRA stages the first ever “Chicago Race Week” in 2019. Chicago Race Week begins on Saturday, August 3rd with Columbia Yacht Club’s Columbia Cup, and ends with the Chicago Yacht’s Club’s Verve Cup the following weekend.

But in the middle of the week, there’s a lot going on. Junior sailors will be participating in Chicago Junior Race Week, with a variety of junior sailing events happening across Chicago’s lakefront, including races for Optimists, Lasers, and 420s. On Monday, August 5th, junior sailors will race across the fantastic Chicago skyline on a distance race from Belmont Harbor on the city’s north side to Monroe Harbor, nestled in downtown Chicago. And during the other days of the week, Chicago-area kids will race around the buoys.

Offshore boats will see a new event coming to Chicago in the form of a two-day event, dubbed the “100 Boats on a Beer Can,” a collaborative event supported by all five of the CASRA clubs. Typically in Chicago, evening beer can racing takes place in three different venues – one on the north side of the city, one in downtown Chicago, and the third venue on Chicago’s South Side.

On Tuesday of Chicago Race Week, all three venues will sponsor feeder races to downtown Chicago, featuring a common final leg and finish line. And on Wednesday, all boats in Chicago – for the first time
ever – will race together on a single course with a single start for all 100 boats. After racing on both days, participants will enjoy parties with complimentary food and drinks.

And on Thursday of Chicago Race Week, Chicago’s burgeoning remote-controlled fleet will race off Monroe Harbor. To date, more than 150 remote-controlled sailboats are registered in Chicago-area fleets.

If you’re in Chicago in early August, expect to see a lot going on across the lakefront that week! To learn more check out




FOR SALE: 1992 Catalina 34 sailboat $42,000. Well maintained FRESHWATER cruiser. Fresh bottom paint 2018; Diesel inboard engine- new hoses/water pump 2018; new steering cables 2017; newer mainsail and Jib purchased approximately 10 years ago; Dodger & awning (Navy Blue); Schaefer Furling System; Dutchman Sail Flaking System B/C Topping Lift; interior floors refinished 2015; autohelm; Sleeps 7 with (2) staterooms, plus the dinette sleeps 2, and 1 settee berths. Contact: Vickie/John 847-274-9229

FOR SALE: 1988 Catalina 36 Team Effort. For sale through Sail Place in Kenosha. Go to listings. $22,000 or best offer. This is a steal!

FOR SALE: Reduced! 1981 Catalina 25 swing keel. She sails beautifully! Roller furled jib. Clean and ready to go. It is at 31st street Harbor. Powered by a Tohatsu 9.8 Four stroke outboard with all in-cockpit controls and power trim. Navigate with a Garmin NMEA 2000 navigation system. Relax in comfort with all new cushions and upholstery below deck. Sails included are one main and three jibs. $8000.00 OBO For more information contact John Jackiw at 708- 828- 4318.

FOR SALE: Looking to replenish your boat library? Shop the Friends of the Library Used Book Sale at the
Wheaton Public Library on August 21 – 24. Details at



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