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August 2014

Harbor Hop!
What new harbors have you explored this summer?  If day sailing is all you’ve done, there’s still time to explore some new destinations with Fleet 21.  As the poet Constantine Cavafy put it, “may there be many a summer morning when,
With what leisure, what joy, You come into harbors seen for the first time.” *

On August 16-17 we are having our first ever Fleet outing to Kenosha.  Harbor Master Shaun Kim is excited to welcome everyone and show off this pleasant destination.  With a vibrant downtown, nearby restaurants and museums, a streetcar to take you around as well as a marina swimming pool, hot tub, gym, and clubhouse, this harbor has it all.
A flyer with all the details is enclosed in this newsletter.

After the Leukemia Cup Regatta on August 23rd, pull into the Columbia Yacht Club docks for a downtown harbor experience –and food and wine!

If you are from a harbor on the Chicago side of the lake and haven’t crossed the pond this year—or maybe ever—Labor Day Weekend offers you the opportunity to sail across with a group.  Michigan City members will be hanging out the welcome sign (and the Fleet 21 banner) as we gather for this annual event.  The nearby outlet mall is always a popular destination as is the beautiful beach.  A flyer for this event is also included in this Fleet Sheet.

On September 20, we’ll return to Hammond Marina where we have had many memorable events.  This year Pat Reynolds is hosting a chili fest with details to come in the September Fleet Sheet.  I don’t think costumes are required this year, but you never know!

While we always encourage members to sail to an outing, you are always welcome to come by land yacht—and many do!

*From the poem “Ithaka”

Back to the business of Catalina Fleet 21 after a great July.  The Lake Michigan Catalina Association held its annual get together in Holland, Michigan with Fleet 21 members Ted and Francine Kuenzli (Bearoness), Branson and Danita Stone (Sail La Vie) Phillis and Steve Wash ( Joix De Vie), Lois and Jack Bretal (Weak Moment), Irene and Jerry Gagerman (Current Sea) and Christian and Sandra Cantwell (More Details) in attendance.  A little rain did nothing to spoil this fun event.

Little Miss Magic with Fleet 21 members Dave DeAre and Nancy Bartlett joining Captain Ray Kalinsky had a great start and race up to Mackinac Island.  Karizmaddie with member Larry Meekma as a crew chief took a more leisurely sail spending over five hours to go the last six miles.  The night was balmy, stars were plentiful and the rum and coke still cold. (no, that was a Tarten Ten that hit the break wall at the finish).

Carolyn has the full schedule of events for the month of August in this issue and we hope to see you all later.

Fair winds and smooth sailing.
Pat Reynolds

Got something to sell or trade?  Trying to find a boat to buy?  List your items here for free.  Send listings to  Listings run for two issues unless I hear otherwise.
FOR SALE:  1989 Catalina 34  RECOVERY_ROOM . 52k. Great condition.
Call Lloyd at 863-802-3634 or email for pics or equipment list.

FOR SALE:  2005 Catalina 36, tall mast, fin keel, special anniversary model. Many extras, set up for racing and cruising with 3 spinnakers; 1 asym 2 sym. $130,000. Ray Kalinsky 708-819-9907

Email your card to
Deare30@sbcglobal. net and send your payment to
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306 Linden Street
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.

By Brian Ruxton
Hello again.  You haven’t heard from me much this summer because I really haven’t had a lot to say.  Thanks to everyone who has filled in and contributed during my hiatus.  We got a late start on everything this year and didn’t get in until just a few days before Memorial Day.  I think my plan for maintenance this summer is to pull the boat in mid-September, go on vacation and work on everything this Fall for next year.  Still, I do have a few pointers.

I don’t know how many of you have main sails with the plastic slides held in place by stitched webbing.  That’s what we have.  As the boat has aged the plastic has gotten brittle and in some higher wind conditions they have broken off in the mast track.  That just happened again two weekends ago in 35 knots of wind.  No problem.  What I had done previously was purchase several feet of one inch webbing and a package of the large, heavy duty sail slides.  I think the boat came with mediums.  I took these materials to my shoe repair guy and had him fold and stitch the one inch webbing in half and then sew one end into a loop on the said slide.  Each slide and webbing piece is then about eight inches long.  Whenever I’ve had a slide blow out I just use a thimble, a needle and some strong nylon upholstery thread and it takes about 15 minutes to put a new slide on the sail.  You can just trim any excess and melt the end so nothing unravels.

Another tip for those of you who don’t have refrigeration but only an ice box is to use empty one or two liter plastic pop bottles, washed out, filled with fresh water and then frozen at home as opposed to ice cubes.   The pop bottles stay cold as long or longer than ice cubes, are easier to clean up and also provide cold drinking water if you want.

Finally, a wine tip.  It’s still summer and a great time for Rose’ wine.  The absolute best Rose’s come from Provence, France.  They can be a bit pricey but you can always get something from the region for about $10.00 a bottle.  Try to be on a first name basis with your wine guy.  Invite him sailing.  That always works.

Got a tip or solution for your fellow sailors?  Send it to our Rigging & Equipment Chairman Brian Ruxton.

As you may know, the approved Lucas museum includes “building a pedestrian bridge high enough for sailboats to pass under” per a recent Chicago Trib article.

Attached is the Friends of the Park suggestions to join their fight against it.  They are contemplating a lawsuit against the venture

At a glance, it appears that the two primary foundations of the opposition are 1.  violation of Chicago’s landmark Lakefront Protection Ordinance -One of those policies stipulates that “in no instance will further private development be permitted east of Lake Shore Drive.”  And  2.  possibly permitted for not-for-profits only(rules bent for other museums in the area),0,1427944.story?track=rss

What we do may make a difference   Boat owners are you willing to join the fight?

Reported by Lori Lauraitis
CYA Venetian Night  September “Broadway on Parade” is the theme.  If you want to decorate you boat see the CYA website for the entry form.

Aquapalooza – August 9 -10 at 31st Street Harbor. Co-sponsored by the Chicago Harbors and Mercury Marine.  Music festival – Al Jardin from Beach Boys fame with post concert, luau and Endless Summer Band on Saturday.  Tickets and dockage can be purchased online at http:/ – docking fees includes two nights Friday to Sunday
Chicago Regatta – September 6, at 31st Street Harbor Pinnacle Foundation Chicago Regatta – Sailboat Race & Poker Poker

The eighteenth annual Leukemia Cup Regatta will be held on Saturday August 23rd sponsored by the Columbia Yacht Club.  Fleet 21 boats are always an important part of this event.  Catalina has had its’ own section in this race for the past several years. Contact Pat Reynolds if you have questions about the race.