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October 2012


General Meeting
October 19

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Dinner & Dance

November 10

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January 24-27, 2013




Our General Meeting on October 19 features Joan Forsberg with a presentation on Shipwreck Tales of the Great Lakes. Featuring the most dramatic, yet TRUE, stories of Great Lakes shipwrecks tinged with murder, mystery, deception, and more than the usual amount of mayhem, plus exceptional underwater photography, this program will keep you on the edge of your seat. Tales include the story of the fabled Griffon, lost with all hands on her maiden voyage in 1679, and the many attempts to locate this shipwreck; the captain who murdered his crew and sank his ship; the captain who kept his shipwreck survival a secret; the shipwreck which helped build Chicago; the world-infamous Australian Convict Ship sunk in the Great Lakes; plus more!

Our speaker, Joan Forsberg, is a well-known maritime historian, scuba diver, author, lecturers, and photographer. She and her husband Cris Kohl love to explore shipwrecks, particularly those in the the Great Lakes. They both have certificates in Underwater Archaeology from England's Nautical Archaeology Society. Joan has a degree in History and has been the Chairman of the "Shipwrecks and our Maritime Heritage" Room at Chicago's annual Our World--Underwater Show since 1996. She is the author of the scuba celebrity cook-and-tell book, Diver's Guide to the Kitchen, and articles in magazines such as Immersed, Great Lakes Boating, and Wreck Diving (for which she works as Copy Editor). Joan appears behind the camera shooting underwater video, and in front of the camera as Cris' underwater model. She served three terms as President of the Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago, for which she spearheaded several significant shipwreck projects. In 2010, Joan was inducted into the International Women Divers Hall of Fame.

Our meeting and program is at the Burnham Park Yacht Club, located at 1500 S. Linn White Drive. Follow the signs to the Museum Campus. Start the evening with dinner at the club at 6:30 p.m. Call the Club at 312-427-4664 for reservations. Tell them you are part of the Catalina Fleet. After a short business meeting, the presentation will start around 8 p.m. Parking should be available.


Hard to believe it is the end of sailing season! Doesn’t it seem like it was only a week or two ago that we were all cleaning, waxing, etc. to have the boats ready to be launched and heading for the summer slip in the Marinas? Now it’s reversal time, checking the weather for a decent wind and temperature to let us get from that Marina to the Yacht Yard . Once there, off come the sails, flaked and in their bags, after having the heads pumped, filling them with antifreeze, filling the gas tank and finally removing all the items than come back home to find space in the garage and the basement. And so goes another special time for now!

Still Mother nature did smile on us with mostly clear and sunny days. Yes some of those sunny days were sure HOT but that was OK. The Mac Race went off as scheduled without any tragedy. Several boats sailed up to the MacBay Rendevous and others drove there. Cruising trips were made around the lake with families and friends on board. Several outings were enjoyed starting with our Margarita Party at Burnham, then the Summer Solstice at 31st Street new harbor, the Shrimp Boil in North Point and our annual Labor Day in Michigan City. Great memories for the cold winter days ahead!

Looking forward to our last meeting of the year, October 19th at Burnham Yacht Club. Joan Forsberg is a very accomplished woman and her presentation should be interesting finding out what is underneath our sailing environment! Feel free to bring along any friends you think would be interested --just be sure to call the call the club for dinner reservations. Then get out the tuxedos and fancy gowns for the elegant awards banquet again orchestrated by Carolyn De Are. We are having it a week early this year so as to offset those of you going away for Thanksgiving.

This also ends my past two years as your Commodore. They have been challenging, frustrating at times, exciting and over all a great experience. Due to the outings and meetings, I was able to get to know so many of you well and enjoyed the times you shared your boats with me. Many thanks to all of you!

Nancy Bartlett

Would you like to get involved in the club next year? Commodore-to-be Pat Reynolds is looking for a few good men and women to fill all the positions you see listed on the left. Don’t wait to be asked…volunteer!
Talk to Pat at the banquet, email him or give him a call. We need you!


Pat Reynolds

The 2012 racing season was a very good one particularly on Wednesday nights. For the first time in memory the Hammond beer can races had no weather cancellations or light winds. The Queens Cup and Mackinac races also had great winds. Catalina in general and Fleet 21 in particular were well represented during the season. Fleet boats Doghouse, Easy Too, Fins, Isis, Karizmaddie, Little Miss Magic, Overdue, Titae and Wind Lord all did some racing (or in Catalina speak, determined cruising) and the captains and crew of Baysic Necessity, Corvair, and Team Effort all helped on other boats.

In addition to Wednesday night racing, Fleet 21 boats participated in the Queen's Cup, Mackinac, Hammond Silver Cup, Jackson Park Haeckl Cup, the Leukemia Cup, Poor Man's YC race and the Tri State races. Congratulations again to all.

Finally since our racing season is over and in an effort to get more of you interested for next year we will end the year with the last five of the top ten opportunities that sail racing provides:

6. The opportunity, during night races, of seeing new constellations such as Orion's freighter.

7. The opportunity of learning how to wash your clothes by tieing them to the boat and throwing them overboard with you inside.

8. The opportunity of learning to eat on a seesaw.

9. The opportunity of knowing that no matter how much time and effort you spend laying out the perfect race course, power boaters will find it

10. The opportunity of screaming at someone other than your spouse.

So remember when you are sitting at home next season on those cold, wet, miserable Wednesday nights that you too could be out racing.

Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade or buy in this column without any charge. Sand listing to Listings run for 2 months unless I hear otherwise.

Brian Ruxton
This is a reprint of my article from a year ago but I think it is one of the most practical I have written. I can also add that since I wrote this I did in fact use a non-Universal fuel filter for the entire 2012 season and I had absolutely no problems.

I’m not sure about everyone else’s respective maintenance schedules but I always change my filters in the fall. Changing your oil in the fall right before the boat is laid up means that the oil sitting in your engine over the winter will be as free of contaminants as it can be. Certainly it will be cleaner than season old oil. If you have a Universal engine you most likely have a 3003209 Universal filter. That’ll cost you $20+ from a marine parts dealer. Here is a list of comparable replacements you can get at the auto parts store for probably less than half the price: AC PF-57 Baldwin B179 Fram PH-3593-A Kubota 70000-15241 (Replaces PH 2849A) Lee LF-2808 Motorcraft FL-799 NAPA 1064 Purolator PER-4620 Wix 51064 Here is a list of comparable fuel filters for the Universal 298854: AC TP807 Big-A 538 Car Quest 86390 Fram P-7514 Kubota 70000-43081 Motorcraft FG72 NAPA 3390 Purolator PER-262-F Wix 3390 I’ve used the Fram oil filters for several years. I pay a little more and get the highest protection level, the Toughguard. It has the same bypass valve that the Universal has and costs about $9.00.

Finally, some wine tips. If you want a little variety try looking to Oregon. An Oregon Pinot Gris is, in my opinion, much better than a typical Pinot Grigio. The Oregon wines also tend to have a little more body. I also like Oregon Pinot Noirs. They tend to be a little more consistent. California ones are kind of hit or miss. If you can, look for wines from the Williamette Valley in Oregon.

Here’s where it all comes together. With the money you save on filters you can probably get a few nice bottles.

Lori Lauraitis
Report on meeting of Sept. 27

Scott Stevenson reported the Lake Michigan water level is down about 2 feet, a record low, and that's all locations this year. Not since 1964 has it been that low. Many of the marinas are affected throughout Lake Michigan. Some of the power boats on our side are having a difficult time getting out of their slips and are waiting for a northeaster to bring up the water into the harbors. Reporting record lows at Jackson Park, 59th Street, Monroe, Burnham, Diversey and Belmont. More dredging is planned for Jackson Park, 59th Street, and spot-dredging at some of the northern harbors. With the warm winter and drought, we are experiencing these record\, low water levels. Meteorologists predict that if we experience a hard freeze, this year in Lake Huron, it would affect the lower lakes. All predictions will continue to be monitored.

No Price Increase for the harbors is expected in 2013 and a moratorium on the non-residence fees charged for non-Chicagoan residents.

*Northpoint Marina - is showing a 45% Occupancy and 95% sure there will be no price increase.

. DuSable Harbor - The parking solution to clean the problem areas.

. Monroe Harbor - The old breakwall is wooden and subject to damage boats because of the low water level.

*Jackson Park - Outer -- The water level is still low and the dredging has been ineffective, as Frank (a boater) has gotten stuck, drawing 6'

The Park District, using their long-term-funds, will study the breakwall and dredging situation and use over $1 million on dredging.

*Mark Stevens from the Coast Guard also commented on the water level being low and noticed by the Coast Guard vessels. At the last race, the Farr 40's encountered problems leaving the harbors, hitting the dock at Chicago Yacht Club, I-Beams for the Club and even a shopping cart...and the Chicago River being closed-off due to a submarine cable being laid for a fish barrier. Closed from 10/8 - 10/12, Coast Guard boats will stop boaters from passing.

*Yachting Celebration - $45.00 per person, on December 7, 2012 (Pearl Harbor) at the Chicago Yacht Club. Free wine-tasting, and other additions. 183 people attended in 2011.

BANQUET 11/10/2012

*What do I wear? This is a dress-up event.

Guys wear suits or even tuxedos (if they own one). Gals wear short or long dressy dresses or pantsuits. Not crazy about dressing up? Then don’t. Wear what’s comfortable.

*What do you do at the banquet?

We start off with appetizers and drinks and everyone mingles. There’s lots of rehashing of the summer sailing and talk of new boats.

We sit down for a served dinner at beautifully decorated tables. After dinner the Commodore presents the year’s awards for the Racer of the Year, the Boat of the Year and the Commodore’s Award. The new board of officers is introduced and they receive their officer’s flags. After the awards, the dancing begins.

*What kind of music do you have?

Back again by popular demand is Music Plus. Everyone who has attended in the past agrees that they play great dance music.

*What is the cost? The price this year is $55 per person. That’s a bargain for dinner, drinks, dancing in downtown Chicago on the lakefront!

*What other expenses will there be? None! We’ll have an open bar before dinner and wine with the meal. Parking should be free in the yacht club lot. You can take a taxi to the Club, but you’ll need to arrange for someone to drive you to Michigan Avenue to get a cab home. You might want to bring a bit of cash for raffle prizes….

*Can I bring friends? Yes! We’d love to have a full house. Bring your crew, family, friends.

*What if I don’t know anyone? We’re making a special effort to welcome new attendees. We’ll welcome you at the door, introduce you to other members, and seat you with a great group of fellow sailors.

* Do I bring anything? You can add to the Banquet fun and bring a raffle basket if you want to. Put together a theme basket or just one item…it doesn’t have to be in a basket.

* Other questions? Call me! Carolyn at 630-469-6117 or email me at