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November 2012

Annual Award
Dinner & Dance
November 10

Strictly Sail
January 24-27, 2013
Navy Pier, Chicago

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Dust off those dancing shoes and slip into your party clothes. It’s time for our annual Awards Banquet/Dinner Dance. For 39 years we’ve been getting together this time of year to celebrate sailing, the season, and our Catalina Fleet 21 friends. This year our event is Saturday, November 10 at the Burnham Park Yacht Club. You can still join us! Call or email today and say you’re coming and pay the night of the banquet. The more members we have attend, the more fun we’ll have! And it is a fun evening.

You’ll get free parking, an open bar and scrumptious appetizers starting at 6:30 pm, followed by a gourmet sit- down dinner complete with wine. We’ll honor the recipients of our Fleet Awards for Boat of the Year, Racer of the Year, Commodore’s Award and Rookie of the Year. Installation of officers for 2013 caps off the “serious” business of the evening. Then it’s on to the fun of dancing to a live band and seeing who’s going to take home some great raffle prizes.* And don’t forget that great Chicago skyline view! You owe it to yourself, your significant other, your friends and crew to attend this event. And the price is just $55 per person.

* Add to the banquet fun! Contribute a raffle basket. Just put together a basket, a bag, a box…it can have a theme (like wine, lighthouses or it doesn’t have to) and bring it to the banquet. We’ll sell raffle tickets and award all the prizes (and surprises!) we have.

Need to make a reservation or have a question about the banquet? Call or email Carolyn 630-469-6117


What a great way to end General Meetings with the attendance of 50 persons at the October 19th meeting at Burnham Yacht Club. A special thanks to the Club’s Management for again providing great dinner service and meals as well as the set up for our speaker.

Joan Forsberg’s presentation received our apt attention as we followed her narrative through the fascinating video of her and her husband’s diving adventures. Amazing what is lying on the bottom of Lake Michigan and the historic events that put them there. Due to the sale of her books and videos we can explore these incidents at our leisure at home.

Hope no one of you still have a boat in a harbor since Mother Nature has really kicked up her heels these last two days. As a recent resident of South Jersey, the pictures of the devastation in Atlantic City and the total coast line of the State is very close to my memories of these places. I can remember as a child when a hurricane hit our area and driving into Ocean City after the winds had abated and seeing the effects of when the ocean from the Eastside and the Bay on the West came together in the center of that place. We humans should never underestimate the force of the wind and waves.

Now we are looking forward to a fun time as we complete our year together by socializing at our Annual Banquet. Carolyn DeAre and helpers always see that the dining room is decked out in an elegant and attractive way. Attendees always arrive in elegant attire and enthusiastic attitudes to enjoy the food, music and good company. Nice to know with all the changes in our world, some things stay the same!!

My thanks again for all your support and friendships as I have attempted to chair this organization the past two years and I look forward to the coming years of associations with all of you like minded sailors.

Wishing you steady breezes and smooth waters,
Nancy Bartlett, Commodore

Would you like to get involved in the club next year? Commodore-to-be Pat Reynolds is looking for a few good men and women to fill all the positions you see listed on the left. Don’t wait to be asked…volunteer! Talk to Pat at the banquet, email him or give him a call. We need you!


Long time Fleet member Bob Kocolowski passed away on October 10. Bob and his wife Audrey sailed their Catalina 30 Maris out of Monroe Harbor.

Bob was an active member of Fleet 21 and enjoyed attending Fleet events. He’s pictured below as Indiana Jones for a Hammond . He’s pictured below

Goes Hollywood outing. He will be missed. Our heartfelt condolences to Audrey.


Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade or buy in this column without any charge. Sand listing to Listings run for 2 months unless I hear otherwise.

Brian Ruxton

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