Catalina Fleet 21 - Chicago Region


April 2012

Viking Ship Tour
General Meeting
April 21
Good Templar Park
Geneva, IL

Margarita Party
May 26
Burnham Harbor

Bike the Drive
May 27

Outings Schedule 2012




Catalina Fleet 21 has a date with history on Saturday, April 21. At 11:00 a.m. we値l meet at Good Templar Park in Geneva, Il for our own private tour of a famous and historical ship. The Viking was built at Christen Christensen's Framnes Shipyard in Sandefjord, Norway in 1892-93. It was copied after the ancient Viking ship Gokstad. Excavated in 1880, the Gokstad had been called the most beautiful ship ever built.

The Viking is approximately 78 feet long, 17 feet wide, and 6.5 feet high from the bottom of the keel to the gunwale. Clinker built, its planks are fastened together with thousands of iron rivets. At sea, the Viking averaged 10 knots and the hull was observed to flex with the waves.
In 1893 the Viking sailed from Norway to Chicago, via the Erie Canal and the Great Lakes, and became one of the greatest attractions at the World's Columbian Exposition. At the close of the Fair the Viking traveled to New Orleans. The next year she was returned to Chicago and presented to the Field Columbian Museum. Soon the Viking was in dry dock along side the Museum. The Federation of Norwegian Women's Societies saw her plight and began a restoration effort. After her repair and restoration the Viking was relocated to Lincoln Park in 1920. You might remember seeing it there. It has been at Good Templar Park since 1996. You値l see the ship and hear all about her history in this special event. You may even meet a Viking!

After the tour, we値l have a luncheon meeting at the Country House located at Fabyan Parkway and Kirk Road in Geneva.
Reservations for both the tour and the lunch are a must. Please call Nancy Bartlett at 815-730-9334 with your reservation by April 16.

Directions to Good Templar Park

From South Suburbs
1. Take I-294 North to I-88
2. West on I-88 to Farnsworth Ave. (20.6 miles)
3. North on Farnsworth to Rt. 38 (5.9 miles)
4. West on Rt. 38 to East Side Dr. (0.6 mi)
5. North on East Side Dr.葉he park is on west side of street (0.3 mi)

From North/West Suburbs
1. West on North Ave/Rt 64 to 7th Ave
2. South on 7th Ave--the park is on west side of street (1.7 mi)

From Chicago
1. Take I-90 West to I-294 South
2. I-294 South to I-88 (9.1 mi)
3. West on I-88 to Farnsworth Ave (20.6 miles)
4. North on Farnsworth Ave to Rt 38 (5.9 mi)
5. West on Rt 38 to East Side Dr (0.6 mi)
6. North on East Side Dr--the park is on west side of street (0.3 mi)



March 24th at Hammond Yacht Club, 30 plus members attended a succinct presentation of sailing differences on the East coast. Namely large tidal variances, rocky shores lines, lots of crab and lobster pots and strong currents. Peter Daniels talk was enhanced with power point pictures including those of his own boat under sail, area harbors and scenery. Thanks to Deborah Ruxton for arranging this.

Since we have no designated Programs Chariperson, most of our outings are combined with General Meetings. If anyone has something to recommend, please give me a call and we will be happy to arrange a date and place.
In lieu of our exceptionally warm weather these past several weeks, area boat yards have been very busy as boat owners began the spring activities of sanding and painting bottoms as well as waxing hull. Can launch time be far behind??

Due to the Chicago NATO Summit, many of you who call Burnham Harbor your summer home, will have the opportunity to sample the new 31st Street harbor as your early mooring site. Westrec is working diligently to make the transition as comfortable as possible.

Looking forward to good weather for our excursion to Geneva, Il to visit the 1893 Viking Ship restoration. It is located in a large, temporary shelter in the Good Templar Park. The restoration organization will be providing volunteer docents to acquaint us with the details of authenticating the repairs.

See you there.
Nancy Bartlett,

By Dave DeAre

A preliminary Outings Schedule for the summer is enclosed with this newsletter. There are still a few events I知 hoping to add, so look for a complete schedule next month. Also, if you have an event you壇 like to host or plan for your harbor, contact me. My philosophy is you can稚 have too many outings!


Mark your calendar now for the final event of 2012!
Our Awards Banquet is scheduled for Saturday, November 10 at Burnham Park Yacht Club. You don稚 want to miss it!

Reported by Bill Thompson

The meeting was held March 22 at Corinthian Yacht Club. Much of the discussion concered the upcoming NATO Summit and its effect on the harbors. While Burnham Harbor will not open for mooring until after the Summit, the mast step crane will be open except for the weekend of the Summit (May 17 20). Boats may also tie-up at E & F Docks to access the Yacht Club. Burnham boats may dock at 31st Street until Burnham Harbor opens. 31st Street will open May 1. Will have extra docks that may be combined into a party dock. DuSable Harbor will experience rolling lockdowns.

Floating washrooms have been installed in Burnham Harbor.
New Boston Whalers have been purchased for the harbors and new tenders for Monroe.

June 7 - 10, WesTrec is planning to hold the first On The Water Boat Show in Chicago.  NMMA will be doing the show and there will be a room available for Y/C members to enjoy the day.  It is purported to be a "great event" on-the-water this season. 
There will be blocks of slips for CYA members except for the 4th of July and Air & Water Show.


Your membership renewal is past due.
This is the last Fleet Sheet you will receive if you have not renewed. Renewal forms were included in the January and February Fleet Sheet. If you cannot find your form, you can print one from the Fleet website: or call the membership chairmen: Pat and Ron Shereyk, 708-645-1957


Healing thoughts go out to Pat
Harrington recovering from a
serious fall.

By Brian Ruxton

This month痴 tip comes with a disclaimer. A big disclaimer. I kind of made this up on my own and without any scientific research beyond that of my nose. So use this at your own risk. I take no responsibility.

Many years ago I bought a quart of the VC-17 thinner. I helps with the evaporation problem with VC-17 and also when you get to the bottom of a can. Back then is was $17.00 for a quart. I have no idea what it goes for now. Anyway, I smelled it. It痴 nothing but alcohol. I think. At least I知 pretty sure. Anyway, based on that I trusted my nose and since then have been using 91% rubbing or ethyl alcohol I get from the drug store as a thinner or extender. That might cost $2.00 to $3.00 for a quart. I have been using this for more than ten years and as far as I know I have never had a problem. We paint every year and every year the boat goes faster at the beginning of the season than it does at the end. It did that in years that I never used thinner.

So, there you have it. Take it for what it痴 worth and enjoy.