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June 2011


Summer Sailstice
to New Buffalo
June 17 – 19

LMCA Mac Bay
July 8 -10

2011 Outings

Hammond Pierogi Fest/
Horseshow Casino
July 29 - 30



Summer officially arrives in Chicago on June 21 at 12:16 pm CDT. The word Solstice (sol + stice) derives from a combination of Latin words meaning "sun" + "to stand still." As the days lengthen, the sun rises higher and higher until it seems to stand still in the sky. As a major celestial event, the Summer Solstice results in the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The Northern Hemisphere celebrates in June, but the people on the Southern half of the earth have their longest summer day in December. While cultures throughout the world celebrate this event in various ways, sailors in Fleet 21 celebrate by sailing! Our Summer Sailstice to New Buffalo, Michigan is the weekend before the official start of summer.

A flyer with all the details is included in this newsletter. Bar-B-Que on Friday, dinner on Saturday at Casey’s Bar & Grill. Dinner reservations are critical. Our general meeting will follow dinner.

There have been changes to the Outings schedule. Always check the Fleet 21 web site for the latest event information:

Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade or buy in this column without any charge. Send listings to Fleet Sheet Editor, 306 Linden Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 or fax to 630-668-8950 or email to Listings will run for 2 issues unless you notify me otherwise.

FOR SALE: 1995  Catalina 36 Mark II. Wing Keel, Jib 50, A-Spinnaker w. Dowser, 3- blade Max Prop, Radar, AC, Custom Deck Cover, many extras. or sail track. Contact Nancy Vilimek 630-661-1455.

FOR SALE: Spinnaker pole (10’ long X 3” diameter) With upper & lower bridle. $200.
10’ Achilles inflatable with 7.5 Mercury outboard. $800. Two Beckson port opening windows 5” X 12” with screens. New. Still in box. $25.00 each.
Call Jack Bretall at 708-974-4932.

FOR SALE: OUTBOARD MOTOR: $950.00 or best offer. 2000 or 2001 Johnson 4-stroke 8HP engine with motor harness.  Two fuel tanks with quick-connect fuel lines.  Excellent Condition with few hours on motor.  Well maintained.
DINGHY:  $400 or best offer
Zodiak 10'inflatable with hard panels for floor.  Comes with oars & air pump.
MOTOR HOIST LD6: $250.00 or best offer 
Garhauer Outboard Motor Hoist LD6.  Crafted in stainless steel with 6/1 purchase.  Can be used on any sail or power boat.  Purchased new in 2009 and used only one season.  Excellent Condition.  Like New.
Contact Information:  Jennifer & Dick Bek: (H) 520-398-3172; (C) 847-946-8191.

By Brian Ruxton
Several random short suggestions:

If your rub rails look worn out and stained try lightly wiping the rail with a clean rag dipped in acetone. No rubbing, no scrubbing, just lightly wipe them down.

If you are considering changing your transmission oil you will find access to the transmission dipstick is nearly impossible. One Catalina 34 owner took a turkey baster, put a short (12") piece of clear plastic tubing on the end, and sucked the fluid out that way.

He emptied the baster into a large plastic cup, and used a similar cup to measure out the amount to be replaced.

If you are fixing any leaks from stanchions or other deck hardware after you have removed the screws and other hardware and are now ready to reseal the thru-deck hole, tighten the screw(s) down so that only an eighth or quarter turn remains to fully tight. Wait until the sealant sets up and then turn the fastener the rest of the way. You will have made a watertight gasket rather than forced out all the sealant.

Credit for the first two items goes to the WikiTech section of the Catalina 34 International Association.

Welcome aboard to the following new member:
Skipper: Robert Leffingwell
Chicago, IL  60633

Boat Info:
Name:  Windlord (Yes, he bought Ed Kita's boat)
Size:  27
Harbor:  Hammond - Mooring:  A-23

Galley Gourmet
This new column will feature recipes and tips about the food we make/eat on our boats. Send me your

Sept 28th. Dave Nordin will talk about the Viking Ship that's been in Chicago since the 1893 World's Fair.
Oct 28th. William Strauss will talk about the freighters that cross our lake.

Reported by Lori Lauraitis
Meeting of May 26

Meeting began at 6:00pm, hosted by Scott Stevenson.  Outside waves were crashing in the harbor at the height of 15' Scott said.  Friends of The Park were given some time, Irma and her team (Rich Lauric, Jackie Sloan, Laurie Mott) represented the Park to say that the Forest Preserves and Lakefront were under the umbrella of the Park team.  She also stated that the marinas looked clean so far and their intention is to go along with keeping the system "green" as long as they can and environmentally safe for all to enjoy.  Recycling containers will be forthcoming this boating season and are looking at a new "Clean Marina" flag.  Potentially  "Harbor Day" will be celebrated sometime in September, either 9/10 or 9/17 initiating a clean-up program - Any ideas for keeping "green" please submit to the Park District or to the Friends-of-The-Park for them to pursue to a cleaner, greener life for all.  

Scott proceeded to say that effective this weekend the new Parking Card Access System will be in place and the gates will be activated Memorial Day weekend and will continue until 6/10/11.  The new system requires using a scan card that will be scanned at the gate for entering and a new procedure will include that the card be scanned to exit the as well.  This will allieviate the problem of some boaters who cheat the system and use their card to allow friends into the lot without authorization.  When the card is used a second time after entry, it has to be used for exiting as well.

Southside Harbors - $7M worth of work was budgeted to restore aging walkways, slips, concrete walkways, etc. 
Jackson Park Inner - already had 3 break-ins and the season just began...They are getting new docks along with Belmont, Montrose
Jackson Park Outer - Electric and water on new docks and begin dredging the harbor
59th Street - removing the ramp and restroom renovations are in order for the boating season
31st Harbor - work is being done as I write, lot of noise P.S. Mike, coming from the new structure as we passed by doing Bike-The-Drive on Sunday morning.  The fog was so thick we couldn't see that much but we heard the noise of the machinery.
Burnham Park Harbor - The floating attenuator was installed last week but it looks like there should be more lights so approaching and exiting boats are aware of its existence.  But, it should calmi-down waves for the slips located at the entrance to the harbor.  As of now, there are but 6 lights, albeit not too bright.  A No Wake Zone was also broughti-up from the CYA members, because of the wave-runners, dinghies and ski doos zooming-in and out of the opening during the day.  Supposedly, the floating bathroom will be located on "P" Dock and currently are out for bidding.  Raccoons have been sighted on the east side of the harbor.  This has become quite an issue at all of the harbors and reportedly 200 were caught by the Park District along the lakefront. 
Monroe Harbor - is 50% occupied at this time
DuSable Harbor- N/report
Belmont Harbor - will be getting new docks as well. The parking booth on the southside will be gone and the northside moved soon in the line with the boater pass usage.
Montrose Harbor - parking is a problem, along with the raccoon situation.  Members were complaining about walking several blocks to park, pay and display. 
Any further information needed:

Yachting in Chicago - Betty Lerner asked to keep in mind, any stories that anyone might have to share with fellow boaters, this season or in the past.  Articles & digitalized photos have to accompany articles which are due by at least September 1st. 
Venetian Night - a representative will be meeting with the new Mayor elect on his stand for the ongoing tradition established 50 years ago, if it is to be reinstated this year.