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August 2011

Tour of 31st St. Harbor & BBQ
Burnham Harbor
O Dock
August 13

Chicago Air & Water Show
August 20-21

Leukemia Cup
August 27

Michigan City
Labor Day Overnight
September 4 – 6

General Meetings
Burnham Park Yacht Club
September 27
October 28

Awards Banquet
Burnham Park Yacht Club
November 19



Have you checked off all the items on your summer to do list? Not those things like paint the house or clean the deck…your sailing to do list. Upcoming Fleet activities may help you check off that bucket list.
Was one item to participate more in Fleet 21? Bill Thompson has arranged a short-notice get together for August 13 at Burnham. Meet at O Dock at 2:45 for a private Fleet tour of the new 31st Street Harbor. I’m sure you’ve seen all the cranes and barges full of rocks just south of Burnham. Here’s your chance to see behind that under construction break-wall. We’ll go by tender over to the harbor with someone from the Park District. You’ll be amazed at how big the harbor is! After the tour we’ll have a bar-b-q at the foot of O Dock. Bring a side dish or dessert to share. Thompsons are providing brats, Italian sausage and hotdogs. Email Bill at and let him know you’re coming. Warning: there is a Bears preseason game at 7 pm. We’re not certain what the parking situation will be. Watch for a parking update in your email. (You should have received an email about this outing. If you didn’t we don’t have your correct email address. Contact Bill to get on the email list).
Did you vow to try racing this year? The Leukemia Cup Race on August 27 is a low key family race. While there are serious racers competing, you’ll feel comfortable if you’re a first-time racer. Catalina has there own start. After the race, Fleet 21 participants will get together on the Columbia Yacht Club docks.
Did you promise yourself that this year you were going to sail across the lake? It’s not too late! The Labor Day Weekend event in Michigan City, Indiana is a great Fleet event. The details are in this newsletter. Contact John Luther to find out who from your harbor is attending and arrange a buddy boat.
Our fall general meetings also offer you a chance to get to know Fleet 21 members. Our September 27 meeting features a presentation by Dave Nordin on the preservation of a 78 foot replica of a 9th century Viking ship. The ship sailed 4,800 miles from Bergen, Norway to the Chicago World Fair of 1893.  After the Fair the ship sat for years in a sea of good intentions, slowly deteriorating.  Mr. Nordin is a member of The Friends of the Viking Ship, an organization dedicated to the preservation of this ship. Our October General Meeting also promises to be of great interest. Mark your calendars! And you should already have November 19 circled as the date for our annual Awards Banquet. If you’ve never attended, or if you’ve never missed one, that should definitely be on your list of things to do!


Although it took a long time coming, summer has arrived with a vengeance. Wettest July as well as some really heat breaking days.

July 16th found me as one of six crew members on Little Miss Magic entering the lineup of boats for the start of the Race from Chicago to Mackinac Island. It is really a thrill as you sail by the end of Navy Pier and are applauded by hundreds of spectators. Then out to pass the committee boat and then find our position in Section 9 for the start. Vying for a spot with 16 other boats on an imaginary line between a boat and a mark is exciting and I admit to holding my breath as we managed across without anyone actually colliding with anyone else. We raised our spinnaker and settled in to a steady course. Alternations between good wind and no wind allowed for comfortable sailing. Sunday morning at 7:15am found me one watch and seeing the full moon off the stern as well as the rising sun off the bow. These mental videos are what enhances my joy of sailing.

That evening found us aware of a storm approaching so down came the spinnaker, furled the jib but didn’t have time to reef the main. All of us in the cockpit were immersed in the torrential downpour . John at the helm kept the boat moving through the turbulent water and winds until they slowly abated by 3:00am. By this time we were hearing on the radio of a capsized boat with persons in the water. An appeal was made for nearby boats to offer assistance. We were not in the area but continued to monitor this news with the sad announcement later that 2 of the crew had died. Several other boats notified of damage and others withdrawing from the race.

Those of us on Little Miss Magic were subdued by the news and grateful our boat and all of us were fine. The rest of the race was uneventful with calm seas, diverse wind conditions and a final end on Tuesday afternoon into a slip on the Island.

We arrived in Hammond Marina on Friday night after a delightful trip down the coast of Michigan in the company of Karizmaddie and Escape whose crews often joined us for dinner. Our timing coincided with the arrival of a shuttle bus from the Pierogi Fest where the Thompsons and Suhars alighted. Sorry we did not arrive sooner to have accompanied them.

Now we move on to Wednesday night races from Hammond Marina as well as coming Fleet outings. Review our editor’s front page for the information on these as well as additional flyers.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at these future fun times.

Nancy Bartlett,

Reported by Lori Lauraitis

Harbor news from the July meeting:
31st Harbor - construction is going on 24/7 and 60% of the Breakwall is completed and looking good.  Docks will be installed late in September.
-  59th Street  Harbor - new floats installed in the Channel. 
-  Belmont Harbor - pad is complete and WiFi is under control.  Garbage pickup is better than before by Flood Brothers.
- Burnham Park Harbor - breakwall with new lights, new docks completed,  Compliments to the Harbormaster, John Massey for doing a great job.  Parking passes and new parking system seems to be working this season, thanks to Jay Korn for following through with the new company.  Also, compliments to the Park District for "Customer Appreciation Day" on July 9th, the tour of the new 31st Harbor went well and was successful. The restaurants were enjoyed by many along with the many power boats that were on display.
-  Diversey Harbor - DY/C - has hired a diver for their harbor on Green Day, 9/10/2011.
-  DuSable Harbor  - has a new fence for security purposes and closed-off at the North End of the parking lot.  Police have issued cards.
-  Jackson Park Inner - new gate system is working well with more maneurability. 
-  Jackson Park Outer - new "A" Dock.  Gate not operational.  Green Channel Marker not working, boaters getting stuck on rock and sailboats bumping into sand, scraping their bottoms both directions.  Channel needs to be dredged.  Working on permits.  New bathrooms are coming.  
-  Monroe Harbor - have 4 new tenders coming.  (long overdue)
-  Montrose Harbor - requested another bike rack to install next to the bathroom 

By Brian Ruxton
Just a couple of hopefully money saving tips.
For overall cleaning I use a cleaner/degreaser that I get at the auto parts store. It goes by different names but it is always identified as a cleaner/degreaser. A spray bottle is usually less than $5.00 and you should be able to get a gallon of it for less than $10.00. They will never tell you what’s in it so I dilute it in a spray bottle to about 50/50. I will also dump a little bit in the bucket with boat soap just to give it a little something extra. I know it works because it always seems to start dissolving the organic stuff (read: bugs and bird droppings) right away.
While at Fry Electronics in Downers Grove I picked up a couple of LED flashlights for a dollar each. They are made of anodized aluminum and can be found near the checkout stations. I leave one in the cockpit combing whenever we go out at night just so I can see the lock when we return. I also put one in each of my cars, just in case. Some members of my family would suggest that I remind them more and more of their grandfather. I call it wisdom.

Welcome aboard to these new members!
Skipper:  Dave Parsons
First Mate:  Diane Parsons
Boat Info:
Name:  Kairos    Size 36   Sail #1059
Harbor:  Michigan City   Mooring:  8074

Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade or buy in this column without any charge. Send listings to Fleet Sheet Editor, 306 Linden Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 or fax to 630-668-8950 or email to Listings will run for 2 issues unless you notify me otherwise.

FOR SALE: 1981 Catalina 30 for Sale
$23,500 OBO
This boat can be viewed in her slip at Burnham Harbor.
• Year: 1981, • Price: US$ 23,500 obo, • Located in Chicago, Il
• Hull Material: Fiberglass, • Engine/Fuel Type: Atomic4/Gas Electronic Ignition (2011) Very clean and well maintained boat for its vintage. Have owned her 9 seasons. Many improvements and upgrades. See my ad and pictures on the Fleet 21 web site.
Call Bill Thompson at 630 257 8052 or email

FOR SALE : 1983 Catalina30 Standard Rig Fin Keel
Boat Name: Valhalla
Price: $24,900
Location: Chicago, IL
Contact Ed Jakububas

FOR SALE: OUTBOARD MOTOR: $950.00 or best offer. 2000 or 2001 Johnson 4-stroke 8HP engine with motor harness.  Two fuel tanks with quick-connect fuel lines.  Excellent Condition with few hours on motor.  Well maintained. Contact Information:  Jennifer & Dick Bek: (H) 520-398-3172; (C) 847-946-8191.E-Mail: 

Pierogi Fest Whiting, In./ July 29-30 reported by Bill & Mickie Thompson

We set out on Friday around 1:00pm from Burnham Harbor with light winds from the NNE and virtually flat water. We were making 4.5 knots on a broad reach to our first waypoint when the cell phone rang; it was Roger and Beverly Suhar, leaving the harbor just behind us. When we turned south the dead downwind run was painfully slow so we added a little engine power to the wind power. We arrived in Hammond by 4:00pm, just enough time to check-in, straighten things up and shower before cocktail hour. We met an old friend from our dingy racing days on “P” dock and he joined us for a cocktail as well. Just before 6:00 we moved on to the bus stop for the trip to the fest. After a short wait the bus arrived and we paid our $1.00 fare. Arriving at the fest we could see it was fairly crowded with lines at the best food booths. We all sampled a wide variety of Polish delights including pierogi, sausage, noodles and cabbage and potato pancakes. After eating entirely too much food we found a place to sit with a good view of the parade route. If you have never been to the Pierogi Fest then you cannot imagine what this parade is like. With groups like the Babushka Brigade, the precision lawn mower team and Mr. & Mrs. Pierogi there is nothing like it anywhere else on earth. After the parade we strolled around people watching and checking out the various non-food booths on our way back to the bus stop. A short trip back to the harbor completed the evening.

We started Saturday with a continental breakfast prepared by Mickie aboard Allegro, with coffee, muffins, fresh fruit and orange juice. Rodger and Bev had to return on Saturday due to vacation plans so Mickie and I were free to enjoy a quiet day at the harbor. We had lunch at the harbor’s ships store and deli and then proceeded to the beach just west of the harbor. A relaxing day at the beach was just what the doctor ordered after the activities of the previous day.

Saturday evening the members of Team Effort joined us aboard Bill’s Michael-een for cocktails and munchies before moving on to the Hammond Yacht Club for their Saturday Bar-b-queue. Their Commodore, John Botich, welcomed us into the club as though we were long time members. The meal was outstanding as were the refreshments.

Sunday Mickie & I started the day at the Horseshoe Casino for their Sunday brunch. There was more food than 3 people could eat! After enjoying a great breakfast it was time to head for home. Winds started out from the west at about 5 knots and gradually shifted to the east as we proceeded further north giving us a beam reach most of the way back.
Thanks to the Suhar’s, Lauraitis’ and Shereyk’s for joining us for a fun weekend. Special thanks to the Hammond Yacht Club for hosting us to a wonderful dinner on Saturday night.