Catalina Fleet 21 - Chicago Region
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April 2011


General Meeting
April 15
Burnham Park
Yacht Club
Dinner 5 – 7:30 pm
Program 8 pm

Margarita Party
May 28
Burnham Harbor

Bike the Drive
May 29



Our next General Meeting is Friday, April 15 at the Burnham Park Yacht Club. Start the evening with dinner at the Yacht Club. Enjoy the club’s popular fish fry or choose from other sandwiches, salads, or ribs. The yacht club opens at 5pm. Make early reservations so that you are certain to finish dinner before 8 pm when we’ll adjourn to the chart room for our general meeting and program.

Our speaker is Roy Cohen, a mechanic working on both diesel and gasoline engines since the 1970s. He has been a certified Landmark training technician since 1986. Find out what maintenance your engine requires. Did you know that many engine problems are actually caused by “bad” diesel fuel? Find out what you can do to prevent a problem in your fuel tank or how to correct it. Don’t wait until your engine leaves you stranded at the dock; get it ready for a problem-free summer season. Bring your engine and fuel questions! Roy has the answers.

It is crucial that you make dinner reservations with the yacht club. Call 312-427-4664 and say you are part of the Catalina group. The yacht club is located at 1500 S. Linn White Drive. Follow the signs to the Museum Campus. Parking in the Yacht Club lot should be available.

1. A diesel engine has sparkplugs. TRUE FALSE
2. A diesel does have injectors. TRUE FALSE
3. A combustion does take place in the outside of an engine. TRUE FALSE
4. A diesel engine mixes air and fuel in the cylinder. TRUE FALSE
5. A diesel engine has two valves. TRUE FALSE
6. All Catalina sailboats have a diesel engine. TRUE FALSE



For those of you who had other plans, you missed a great day on Saturday the 26th. Crowley's Yachtapaloosa continues to put on a good show of boater’s interesting seminars as well as multiple nautical products with discounted prices. Still it was pretty chilly to walk around out-of- doors!

The evening General Meeting at Hammond Yacht Club was attended by 30 members. We enjoyed their open bar with Kate, the bartender, being most accommodating. She also served as our waitress and never lost her charming smile. We had an area to ourselves with tables and chairs for all. After covering the basic information agenda including some lively discussions, on with the program.

Our main speaker was Captain Al Grigalunas an accredited captain who teaches classes at Columbia Yacht Club when not enjoying sailing adventures and boat deliveries. His friend Loren who often joins him on these was available to “ad lib” on occasion. The main topic was the Caribbean 1500 which has its name from the 1500 mile sail from Norfolk, Virginia to Tortola. This event’s participants are often those sailors planning to winter in the Caribbean and enjoy the camaraderie of other boats going along. They often have between 50-75 boats participating. His PowerPoint pictures accompanied his narrative. Thanks to our own Shirley Collins this presentation moved along smoothly with viewing presented on 2 large screens in corners of the room. His large chart displayed identified the rum lines. Sure sounded like a fun thing to do.

Many thanks to the Hammond Yacht Club and their Commodore Pat Reynolds for a most pleasant evening.

As we move along through our boating season we will enjoy many more fun and interesting meetings so mark your calendars as you receive details in our Fleet Sheet monthly publication.

Nancy Bartlett, Commodore

We’re still looking for harbor and fleet captains. Your name can be inserted! Just call Nancy Bartlett and volunteer. She’ll be happy to tell you what’s involved and get you active in our Fleet.

Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade or buy in this column without any charge. Send listings to Fleet Sheet Editor, 306 Linden Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 or fax to 630-668-8950 or email to Listings will run for 2 issues unless you notify me otherwise.

FOR SALE: 1995  Catalina 36 Mark II. Wing Keel, Jib 50, A-Spinnaker w. Dowser, 3- blade Max Prop, Radar, AC, Custom Deck Cover, many extras. Contact Nancy Vilimek 630-661-1455.

FOR SALE: 1989 Catalina 30: Bearoness. Wing keel, new sails w/Dutchman, full cockpit enclosure, autopilot, 2-blade prop, Signet instruments. Many, many extras. $32,000. Call Ted Kuenzli at 773-517-1576 or email

FOR SALE: Spinnaker pole (10’ long X 3” diameter) With upper & lower bridle. $200.
10’ Achilles inflatable with 7.5 Mercury outboard. $800. Two Beckson port opening windows 5” X 12” with screens. New. Still in box. $25.00 each.
Call Jack Bretall at 708-974-4932.


Late Addition - Find out the exact moisture content of your boat and
where it is, with state of the art thermal imaging. 
A1 Surveying is offering no cost thermal inspection of your hull at this

Come on down to Skyway Yacht Works for Gumbo and informative talk with our Marine Professionals.

Please RSVP by email or call 773-734-7777

See you there,

Skyway Crew

By Brian Ruxton
Before you put your sails on you might want to consider some advice from John Baxter of Doyle sails. According to John virtually all sailmakers recommend using dishwashing liquid as a lubricant for sail luff tape and/or slides. Use it
every season when putting on your sails for the first time. Apply dishwashing liquid on your genoa luff when first raising the sail on the roller furling extrusion. The best way to do this is by hand application as the sail is fed into the luff track. Any dishwashing soap will do but John recommends Ivory.

After application the sails will be easier to raise and lower. Dishwashing liquid will not stain or attract dirt unlike silicone. Additionally soap will clean the furling extrusion or sail track. In the worst of circumstances dishwashing liquid will simply wash off in rain or wet weather sailing.

I’m sure that one container of soap will probably last a lifetime if all you do is use it on your sails. If you wanted to be really economical you could probably use it to wash your dishes as well. Just another one of those little tidbits that the boat stores would rather you didn’t know. Look for a column this fall about all the engine parts you can find at an auto parts store that will work on your engines and save you big bucks.

Thanks to Dave DeAre for the tip.

Reported by Lori Lauraitis
Meeting of March 24

A representative from Westrec reported that it was a tough winter for the harbors.  The ice damage to each harbor was heavy this year and hopefully will be buttoned-up in about 3 to 4 weeks.  Harbor updates:

Jackson Park Outer - will be getting a new "A" Dock - concrete, new electrical.  Adding more slips, adjusting cans to hold more boats.  Providing a sailing dock with a launch date of 5/2/11.  By 7/11 - additions of a bathroom/office and a new "P" Dock.  Pump out is to be removed with enough turn-around room for boats.  Hope to progress with start-up beginning 5/1.  Gas Dock will be removed.  Dredging of Jackson Park is under assessment for this season.

31st Street Harbor - Going gangbusters and prospective Opening Date of 2012

Burnham Park Harbor - "S" Dock will be replaced with a new dock.  A new floating break wall will be installed close to McCormick Place to thwart-off a ripple effect at the entrance of the Harbor with new lights, weighing 1 million lbs. - new Docks "E", "C", "D" and 2 new Docks in 50' and 60' lengths.  They will install 2 new Star docks below the old Fire Department Building and 2 new Floating Bathrooms on "P" Dock and "F" Dock with separate entrances for security purposes.  The Rainbow Fleet building will be modified as well.   A new Security Company will be covering Burnham this season. 

Monroe Street Harbor - 30 to 40% will be reconfigured from "L" to "R" Docks with larger docks. 

DuSable Harbor - will sport a new security fence, of wrought-iron material and add some boat storage 

Belmont Harbor - 5 Docks will be removed from "B" to "J".  Also, a Floating Bathroom off "F" Dock.  Star Docks will be available in about a week and a half. 

Montrose Harbor - will provide a new parking lot by 5/1 and plan to be open 4/22.  A new recycling program installed for harbors. 
  Foote Brothers will provide a new garbage pickup service this season and will have a new entry card system, hopefully ready by 5/15.  A new state-of-the-art exterminating system for Belmont and Montrose.  Harbor Masters will be on location and be the same staff as last year, no changes.  Some Docks will not be open if you come-in early in the season, but try to call the Harbor Master and they will try to put you somewhere, as there will be a lot of construction . The Montrose Boat Storage was a learning curve for Westrec and Park District this past year.  There are expected to be refinements.
Water Depth?  Contact:  Kirk Kleist, Operations Manager beginning 4/15 from 9:00am - 5:00pm 

Be sure to contact your Harbor office if you are planning on coming-in earlier than 4/15 - Offices should be open 4/30.  They will have new card readers installed. 

Standard Parking will again be managing the parking facilities at the Harbors - the cost of extra Parking Passes are:  $250.00 2nd Pass and $350.00 for a 3rd Pass. will now include upcoming Events of the Summer or one can sign-up for Instant Text Messaging. 
Mark Jaeger represented the Chicago Police Marine Unit & stated that Lt. Pete Piazza retired after 36 years with the Force.  And, yes, they will expect to have 2 new jet-propulsion boats with rigid-hulls and twin outboards 1 - 45 1/2' and 33' similar in size in metallic blue.  They will still pump out boats and charge a fee to unfurl props causing to request a diving team.  Will continue to write Parking Tickets.  They are located in DuSable, near the Locks and respond to sinking, drowning, and fires PHONE:  1-312-742-3203 -- 24/7  or Channel 16 on the boat radio.  Be careful of boat break-ins, especially the beginning of the season when the Harbors are not yet full.  Be very vigilant of anyone coming or going, even next door. Call 911 to report problems.  Early Spring boating season brings in boat burglars who board unmanned vessels during this time of year.