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November 2010


Annual Awards Banquet  Saturday, November 20, 2010 at the Burnham Park Yacht Club

Strictly Sail Show
Navy Pier
January 27-30, 2011

Winter Rendezvous
Embassy Atrium Lobby
January 29


RSVP (Real Sailors Vow to Party!)

Fleet 21’s biggest party of the year is less than two weeks away. Have you sent in your RSVP? Check “yes” on your response card, enclose a check, and mail your reply today. This is a party you don’t want to miss! New members –we promise to make you feel at home and welcome. By the end of the evening you’ll know many fellow Catalina owners and you’ll really feel like you’re part of the club. Old members—don’t miss the chance to socialize with your sailing family.

We’ll start the evening with passed appetizers and drinks and enjoy photos from the past . A sit-down gourmet dinner is planned. We’ll install our 2011 Officers: Commodore, Nancy Bartlett; Vice Commodore, Pat Reynolds, Treasurer, Ray Kalinsky and Secretary, Mike Walsh. We’ll award a Boat of the Year for extra effort in seamanship, participation, and service and a Racer of the Year for racing plus participation in other club activities. The Commodore also selects the winner of his award which goes to someone instrumental to his success and the success of the Fleet.

After the business of the evening, our favorite band Music Plus will get you dancing—or at a bare minimum tapping your toes! Adding to the fun, we’ll have raffle prizes to award throughout the evening.*

The yacht club parking lot should be open. If you have a Burnham parking pass, bring it along. We’ve arranged for passes for everyone who needs one.

*Add to the Banquet fun! Contribute a raffle basket. Put together a raffle basket (or bag, or box) …it can have a theme (like margaritas or lighthouses or it doesn’t have to) and bring it to the banquet. We’ll sell raffle tickets and award all the prizes we have.

Need to make a reservation or have a question about the banquet? Call or email:
Carolyn DeAre 630-469-6117
Mickie Thompson 630-257-8052


I write this, my last Commodore’s Message, with extremely mixed emotions. On the one hand it will be nice to have the extra time back that I now spend on Fleet 21 duties, but on the other I will no longer be Commodore. I have truly enjoyed my time being the “top dog” of the fleet. I have met so many members that I may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise, gone to more outings and programs than ever before and had the pleasure of working some of the finest people on the board one could have imagined. I cannot possibly say enough good things about the members of the board. They are all hard working individuals who give of their time and resources without any expectation in return. The job of Commodore would be impossible without the continued efforts of all of the board members. I would like to devote this message to the following people who made my term a great deal easier.

Carolyn DeAre – Everyone receives the Fleet Sheet each month and I am sure reads it from cover to cover. I’m also sure that few of us know how much work it takes to produce, copy, prepare and mail. Carolyn has taken the smallest amount of information about an outing or program and turned it into an interesting and readable article. Many thanks to Carolyn for all the effort over the many years she has done this vital job for our members.

Lori Lauraitius – Another unsung hero of Fleet 21 is Lori. She is our representative of Fleet 21 to the Chicago Yachting Association (CYA). CYA is the voice of all the Chicago Yacht Clubs and associations. I had the privilege of attending a couple of meetings during my term in office and was very impressed. Much to Lori’s credit Fleet 21 is looked upon with very high regard within the organization. This is another of those jobs that reoccurs every month and Lori has done it for many years. Thanks for all your hard work representing us.

Ted Kuenzli – As long as I have been in the fleet Ted has produced and distributed the directory. This book may appear small but I know how much effort goes into producing it. It is wonderful to have the information contained in the directory. I can’t tell you how many times we have looked up a sail number or boat name while out on the water. I usually purchase extras just to keep in my briefcase, boat and car. Thanks again for your efforts, they are appreciated.

Ron and Pat Shereyk – Both work very hard each year to encourage membership in our great organization. They work together with Ted to make sure the information in the directory is up to date and accurate. This is another job that is not only ongoing through out the year but Ron & Pat have been at it for a very long time. Thanks to you both for your efforts on behalf of the fleet.

The above are just a small portion on the hard working people on the board and committees. There are many others such as our webmaster Bob Kuba, outings chair Lois Bretall and Winter Rendezvous chair Madalyn Duerr who work so hard to support Fleet 21 and deserve a hearty thanks for their service.

In closing I can only say thanks for the opportunity to serve as your Commodore. I hope I have lived up to the high standards set by all of the previous Commodores that preceded me. And I ask you to please give Nancy Bartlett the wonderful support that you have given me these past two years. And with that support I know she will be a marvelous Commodore for Fleet 21. Hope to see you all at the Banquet on the 20th.
Commodore, Bill Thompson


Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade or buy in this column without any charge. Send listings to Fleet Sheet Editor, 306 Linden Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 or fax to 630-668-8950 or email to Listings will run for 2 issues unless you notify me otherwise.

FOR SALE: 1989 Catalina 30: 'Bearoness'  Wing Keel, New Sails w/Dutchman, Full cockpit enclosure, Autopilot, 2-blade prop, Signet instruments. Many, many extras.  $32,000.  Call Ted 773-517-1576

FOR SALE: 15” (original size) Magma marine kettle grill; two regulators; boat mount for 7/8 ‘ rail; collapsible shore stand; dark green kettle cover; 2 new propane canisters. We’re unable to use in our current harbor. $50.00  Call John or Gretchen 517-332-6683.

FOR SALE: Garhauer dingy davits. $900. Custom made solid Mahogany Belaying Pins. $345. Fits a 34 or something with similar shroud spacing. Neither the davits nor the Pins will fit on the new boat.  Ben Holland @ 765-430-2095  or E-mail at

FOR SALE: 2003 Catalina 390 LE.
Purchased new in 2003 and used very little, several times a year. Catalina Yacht manufactured several boats in LE, Luxury Elite. Looks new. White leatherette interior, screens and pullout shades, A/C and heat, 2000w Inverter/50amp charger and power monitor, another 40amp charger, roller Main and Jib, main and a spare anchor and rope. Variable pitch feathering prop. VHF w/extra mike in cockpit. Separate shower stall. Integrated instrument/computer system including color GPS, wind,direction, depth, speed and Autohelm 6001. Micro-oven, AM/FM, DVD, flat screen TV, bimini, dodger and side window panels, etc. Stoves little used and oven was never used with original propane. Pump and head are on the boat including gas BBQ, power cable, safety eqmt and galley items are included since I am leaving boating altogether for now. The boat has a 40 hp diesel (210 312-259-4492, email For more details,

Reported by Lori Lauraitis

CYA Yachting Ball is November 13 at Chicago Sheraton Hotel and Towers.

CYA Officers for 2011:
Commodore Richard F. Lauric
Vice Commodore Scott Baumgartner
Rear Commodore Stanley L. Hill
Secretary Frank R. Gagliano
Treasurer Gary D. Hooper

Welcome Aboard to another new member from Michigan City! Please add their information to your directory:

Skipper :Phillis Wash       
First Mate: Steve Wash
Boat Size: 320
Sail # 1029
Harbor: Michigan City; Mooring 873


The new storage area at Montrose Harbor is now open at Montrose Harbor. But already one boat has toppled off its jackstands. Upon closer inspection, the jackstands are improperly placed underneath numerous sailboats. They are too close together and the retaining chains are loose and are tied in a simple knot instead of being hardlinked onto the jackstand. Many of the jackstands do not even have attach points for the chain to lock into. The personnel operating the travel lifts have little or no experience with dry storage of sailboats. If your boat is already in one of these new areas, a close inspection would seem to be in order.