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August 2009


Okay. So basically we are a cruising fleet and most of our activities involve cruising to another harbor or listening to someone speak about cruising to another harbor. But we do have a surprising number of members who race and have participated in the Chicago to Mackinac Island regatta. This year Kay Kalinsky and Pat Reynolds skippered their Catalina's in the 101st running of this famous race. Fleet members who participated as crew include Dave DeAre, Nancy Bartlett, David Green, and Tom Grove. Other Fleet members have participated in prior years.

At our August 18th General Meeting we’ll hear about their experiences as well as watch the DVD American Sailors. This new 45 minute film takes you on board and behind the scenes as four great skippers prepare and race their boats in the 100th running of the race. You’ll experience what the race was like aboard: Windquest, the previous year’s overall winner; Windancer with John Nedeau racing in his record 61st Mac; Peerless, with first time skipper Brian Torresen and Souvenir, one of the smallest boats, skippered by school teacher, Steve Schiller. You’ll see what sailboat racing really is—skill, teamwork, and technology all at the mercy of the wind! Even if you’re not a racer—and have no desire to become one—you’ll enjoy this short movie.

Our meeting on Tuesday, the 18th, is at the Burnham Park Yacht Club. The program starts around 8 pm. Come early and enjoy dinner at the Yacht Club. Dinner reservations a must: 312-427-4664. Lori Lauraitis has worked hard to get parking passes for all who need them—though there’s never a guarantee! Just look for a Fleet member as you arrive.
See you on the 18th!

Waukegan Cruise
August 14-16
Waukegan Harbor & Yacht Club

General Meeting
August 18
Burnham Park Yacht Club

Leukemia Cup
August 22

Michigan City Cruise
September 5 – 7

Hammond P Dock Goes Hollywood
September 19

General Meeting
September 15

Awards Banquet
November 21


Well July has been a busy month for Fleet 21. Without a Board or General meetings in July we still had a full plate of activities. I know Burnham harbor was full of activity for the long Fourth of July weekend. The Navy Pier fireworks were truly awesome this year. I hope everyone had as enjoyable a weekend as Mickie and I had.

The Mac Bay Getaway was held by our sister organization the LMCA and unfortunately Mickie & I could not attend this year. But five boats from Fleet 21 did attend. Tom & Eddie Grove submitted a report on what sounded like great weekend. Thanks for representing Fleet 21 and the report.

Our next activity was the Tour of Boats at Burnham Harbor. Many thanks to the Anderson’s, Ruxton’s, Tagney’s, Walsh’s and Wold’s for being our host boats. They not only provided the boats for the tour but also cocktails and snacks for the participants. After the tour a group of 37 members and guests came together at the picnic tables for a Bar-B-Queue sponsored by Mickie and myself. Everyone brought a dish to contribute to the dinner so there was abundant food for all. Even Mother Nature cooperated by clearing away the last remnants of rain for the dinner.

On the same day as the Tour of Boats was the start of the 101st Race to Mackinac. As always Fleet 21 was represented by a number of boats as well as some of our members as crew on other boats. Bob Kuba our webmaster did a great job of providing links from our web site to the Mac Race site for tracking our members and others participating.

Mickie and I attended our first Shrimp Boil at NorthPoint Marina on August 1st. Our sponsors the Meekma’s, the Vilimec’s and the Bernstein’s outdid themselves in providing a great venue, wonderful food and a super turnout. A total of 42 members attended what started out as a gloomy day but just as the party started the sun came out and turned out to be a perfect day. The food was cooked by the master chefs and served “shrimp boil style” right on the tables.

It looks like the rest of August will be a busy month for Fleet 21 also. We’ll be sailing to Waukegan for a weekend of fun on August 15th. Please see the flyer enclosed for additional details. Let’s not forget the annual Leukemia Cup Regatta on August 21 & 22. This is a very fun race that appeals to the non-racers in the fleet as well. It also raises money for a good cause. There is a dinner and silent auction on Friday and a post race dock party at Columbia Yacht Club on Saturday.

We are also looking forward to our next General Meeting on August 18th at Burnham Park Yacht Club. Our topic will be the Chicago to Mackinac race. Please join us for dinner before at the club and don’t forget to make reservations 312-427-4664.

Bill Thompson, Commodore

Are you ready to rumble? It's time for the annual Leukemia Cup Regatta to be held on August 22nd. Last year was Fleet 21's third consecutive year in this great fund raising event. We had 11 boats in our fleet, the most of any racing fleet in last year’s event. Fleet 21 was also mentioned in the Notice of Race as the Catalina Performance Handicap Fleet. Since we now have racing fleet status, lets see if we can continue to show our support for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by having another year of more Fleet 21 Catalina sailboats on the water and raise more money for this great cause.

Just a note to the non-racers, this is a very low stress racing event. All of the Catalina’s sail as JAM (Jib and Main only) boats, no spinnakers! Many of our fleet race with family and friends. There is an event at the Columbia Yacht Club on 8/21 that includes a dinner and silent auction as well as a post-race party. For additional information check the website at  for additional information.

Welcome aboard to the following new members.
Please add their information to your Fleet Directory:

Skipper: Tom Kandziora
First Mate: Pat Kandziora
Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096
Boat Info:
Name: Copy Cat
Size: 30
Harbor: North Point
Mooring: D-71

A nominating committee has been established to prepare a slate of officers for the next year. I know it seems like we just started sailing this year, but needs to be presented to the board by the September meeting. The committee consists of the following members:

Jack Bretal (Chair)
Bill Thompson
Ray Kalinski
Brian Ruxton

If you would like to volunteer for a position on the board or are interested in working on one of the many committees then please contact one of the members of the committee.

The board and committee membership is not a full time job; as a matter of fact I find it just the opposite. The board meetings are one of the traditions of Fleet 21 that I like the most. They are held at one of the members homes approximately once a month. The host determines whether to serve a dinner or munchies and drinks before the meeting. After the meeting there are usually deserts and coffee. These meetings are more like a night out with your sailing friends than a job. So if you are interested please contact one of the above, thanks.

Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade or buy in this column without any charge. Send listings to Fleet Sheet Editor, 306 Linden St., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 or fax to 630-668-8950 or email to Listings will run for 2 issues unless you notify me otherwise.

For Sale: 1989 Catalina 36. Wing keel, tall rig. Lightly used. Fresh water only. Loaded. Can be viewed at Burnham Harbor by appointment. Recent survey available. For sale @ $58,500. For more information contact: John Simonaitis 847-217-6567 or email

Get well wishes to Bob Kuba recovering from an emergency appendectomy and to Marilyn Garr resting and recuperating at home.

Mac Bay Getaway by the Groves
This year we decided to visit a couple of harbors we had not visited on our C30. With that in mind, we decided to attend our first Mac-Bay Getaway in Holland, MI. We left Wednesday morning at 4:00 a.m. and sailed/motorsailed (due to lack of wind) an easy 12 hour trip. If you haven’t been to South Haven you should add it to your destination list. Because we were there during the week, there was no issue getting a slip. We have heard that the weekends are busy and you should call ahead. On Thursday morning, we left for Holland and we were able to fly the spinnaker for 1 ˝ hours before needing to motorsail the remaining 2 ˝ hours, arriving around 2:00 p.m. We hadn’t been to Holland before so we dropped our sails outside the harbor entrance and hoisted our Catalina flag and our Fleet 21 battle flag (which we received many compliments on). We pulled up to the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club and were instantly directed to our slip for the weekend. Even though the rendezvous didn’t start until Friday night we started meeting new friends from the moment we docked and the harbor master even offered his truck should we need to go into town.

After a quick and smooth check in Friday night, the first official function was the Friday night shrimp boil and dock box/bilge sale. We were able to get a new block for our spinnaker tack line at a great price…$1.00. We have been to several shrimp boils, but the Friday night feast was truly fit for a king. The evening continued with more great conversation and meeting new friends. A strong storm blew through early Saturday morning but it passed by the time we were getting up for the day; the rest of the weekend brought sunshine and great temperatures.

After a great breakfast Saturday morning we participated in a new event this year, the blindfolded dinghy races. As the blindfolded crew member rowed, the other one gave directions to row out to a mark, round the mark to port and row back to the start. We teamed up and had a great system, but the oars person decided to serenade the coxswain instead of concentrating on rowing, so we lacked the needed speed and were beat in the first round. For lunch everyone hopped on one of 5 boats and rafted together in Lake Macatawa for a pizza party. We were lucky enough to go out on Rodney and Annie’s beautiful 40’ boat. After lunch there was a guest speaker, John Otterbacher. We missed his presentation because we were invited by Tom & Connie to go out on the big lake on their 350. They have a beautiful boat that sails great (I think Tom really enjoyed being behind the helm). Saturday concluded with the 50’s theme “Happy Daze” party with a fabulous dinner and dancing. One of our own members, Madalyn Duerr, won for the female best costume award.

After breakfast on Sunday another new event was held, the Fulbright Challenge, which took the place of the pickle race. This was a challenge to perform 5 sailing skills with each having a set time frame. The required skills were: 1) perform a man overboard drill; 2) reef the main sail; 3) heave to; 4) sail backwards; and 5) set and retrieve the anchor while under sail. We took three additional sailors on FINS with us (thank you Lisa, Bill & Jeff), and although this was not a race, it was proclaimed many times that our boat won (mostly by our own crew members). Sunday wrapped with a lunch banquet and awards ceremony.

We had a great time, met a lot of new friends, and had the opportunity to tour several boats. We would like to thank Cindy and the Lake Michigan Catalina Association for their hospitality and for making us feel welcome, and the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club for doing a great job providing the wonderful meals. If you’re interested in viewing pictures from the weekend, go to

Tom & Eddy

BY Lori Lauraitis
At the July meeting at Belmont the following complaints were addressed by WesTrec representative Jerry Metzger:
Belmont Harbor—white lights a problem on southwall: DuSable—complaints about boaters putting their “stuff” in slips; Jackson Park –Flamingo Beach’s water level too low;
Burnham—garbage, debris in harbor; security not visible enough; boats pulling into empty slips when concert events take place

Also discussed:
• security will be tight for Air & Water Show on 8/15-16. There will be restrictions on where boats can be
• promoting of Leukemia Cup, 8/22. All yacht clubs asked to participate
• CYA Ball November 14