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May 2008


Fleet 21 kicks off its 35th summer season with the Margarita Party on Memorial Day weekend. Our Fleet was chartered on June 21, 1973. 35 Memorial Days later, we’re still going strong. New members, come to our events this summer and meet some long time members. You’ll soon know why this fleet has endured. Old members, come out and share your memories and inspire our new members. We hope to have record attendance at all of our events this year.

We’ve had some record breaking weather for Memorial Day…rainiest, coldest…this year we’re hoping for the “best ever!” Whatever the weather brings, the events go on. Look for details on our May and June outings in this newsletter as well as an Outings Schedule for the entire summer. The highlight of the summer promises to be our 35th Celebration Pig Roast at Great Lakes. Details inside!

In addition to outings, we also have a summer full of great programs planned. Our General Meeting in May is combined with the Margarita Party on May 24. In June we’ll travel the “Great Loop” down the Chicago, Illinois, Mississippi, and Ohio Rivers, the Tombigbee Waterway into the Gulf of Mexico and up the East Coast & Great Lakes back to Chicago on the yacht Lyle Dean. It’s a program not to be missed! It’s June 17th at the Burnham Park Yacht Club. There is no General Meeting in July, but in August we’ll be treated to another boating adventure. This time we’ll join Catalina Fleet members Dan and Pat Harrington on Weal Sea. Mark your calendar for August 19. On September 16 it’s Oscar Fittipaldi and the tall ship Libertad and October 17 we’ll hear all about the Ghosts of the Great Lakes. What a season of programs! The season will be capped off with a spectacular Awards Banquet on November 22.


Well . . . Sailing season has finally started. It seemed as if it would never get here.
If you read my messages regularly you may have detected some common themes. One of those theme is that when you are a member of this Club you will know somebody everywhere you go. Example: Deborah and I brought our boat back to Chicago from North Point on April 26th this year. One of the biggest inconveniences we have to deal with is having cars in both locations and getting those cars there and retrieving them Especially now with the price of gas. If our schedule allows it I always try to take the train back from North Point. It saves one of us at least two more hours of driving. This year I made the train and had a relaxing ride to Winthrop Harbor. The only “glitch” in this plan, if you will, is that you have to walk over a mile to where the car is parked. So anyway, there I am, walking in the cold back to my car. A car passes me and I think “Hey, I know that guy . . . that’s Gary Glenn.” Sure enough it was. About 100 yards later I heard a car pull up behind me. Gary had recognized me and my walk was over. See . . No matter where you go you will know somebody. Thanks Gary.

Another theme you may have picked up on is my occasional mention of Leon Anderson. I was really going to try to leave that one alone this month but then Leon went and brought his boat back singlehanded one cold Friday night. I won’t tell you the story. You can ask Leon. Just a hint though. If his story does not involve hypothermia, hypoglycemia, hallucinating, the Chicago Marine Police and some cross-dressing then you are not hearing the whole story. Better yet, ask Gwen. She’ll tell you. The story ends happily. Leon man, we all love you. No more adventures.

We were also able to get Millie Fritschle a crew on short notice for her return trip from Great Lakes. Millie called me and by the time the board meeting was over she was already set up. I guess the moral of the story or at least the last three paragraphs is that this truly is a great club. There is always someone willing to help or who has worked on that project you are about to start. If you need help with anything just ask. Use the message board Bob Kuba has set up on our website.
This month we are not going to have a general meeting because Memorial Day falls so early this year. The Margarita Party is our general meeting. Plan on attending. Mickie Thompson will be unveiling our new 35th Anniversary grape offerings. After that the outing schedule starts. Lois Bretall is putting together a schedule that is varied in themes and, in my opinion, is very nicely spaced.

There should be plenty of time to sail and socialize with your Catalina friends and your friends who don’t own boats. We are going to have a photo cruise in June, a shrimp boil, a Hammond outing for the first time in two years and a racing event (probably the Leukemia Cup). Stay tuned. Watch the newsletter and the website.
So there you have it. Get sailing.


Report from Lori Lauraitis
Meeting held April 24:
*New Harbormasters were announced as follows:
Jackson Park: Joe Williams, Burnham Park: Jay Korn,
DuSable: Karen Rodriquez, Montrose: Pam Mydell,
Belmont: Luke Perin, Monroe: Mark Dykla
*Burnham Harbor west parking lot is being reconfigured


FOR SALE: 1997 Catalina 34 MKII, Sloop, Tall Rig, Fin Keel. Excellent condition cruiser.
This boat has been protected from the elements by of a full CUSTOM winter cover and framing and a full screened custom enclosure in summer.
Very well-maintained
Lightly Used
Low Engine Hours
All Owner/Instruction Manuals
Boat may be viewed at Northpoint Marina, Winthrop Harbor, IL
Pictures and equipment list available on request.
Contact Michael Rafa with questions.
Phone: 630-964-7881 Email:

FOR SALE: 1984 Catalina 27. Tall rig, in-board diesel, cruising main and 150 genoa, bimini, and many extras. Fun and easy to sail, handles extremely well. For more info and photos email: or call: Don Giuliano (630)805-2316.

Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade or buy in this column without any charge. Send listings to Fleet Sheet Editor, 306 Linden Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 or fax to 630-668-8950 or email to Listings will run for 2 issues unless you notify me otherwise.

Join us for the
15th Mac-Bay Get-Away's
July 11-13, 2008
MBYC Yacht Club
Macatawa, MI

Block your calendars now...
Launch your boats and get ready to hoist your sails ...
Paw through your closets for "appropriate attire" ...
Raid your wine cellar ...
Details are the devil's work ... so stay tuned ...
It's gonna be another wild weekend at the
Mac-Bay Get-Away!

The membership directory is at the printer. It will be distributed at the Margarita Party. If you make changes to your address, phone number, email etc.
please send to the membership chair and the Fleet Sheet editor. We’ll publish the changes here.

Get well wishes to Jack Bretall who suffered a broken wrist and ribs when he fell off a ladder—he was not working on his boat.