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April 2008


Grab your rain coat and head to
Montrose Harbor on Friday, April 18 for our General Meeting/Movie Night. The feature film has not been finalized, but it’s bound to have a sailing theme. Rumor has it that Captain Ron may be the movie of the night, but that’s not certain. Come and be prepared to be entertained! We’ll have popcorn and the bar will be open.

The meeting is at the Corinthian Yacht Club located at Montrose Harbor. Parking is along the street in front of the Yacht Club and is free.
We’ll start the General Meeting at 7:00 p.m. followed by the movie.

There will be time for some boat talk too! Come and compare notes on getting your boat ready for launch. Questions about what you should do or how to do it? This meeting will be full of Catalina experts who will he happy to offer advice.

Our 35th boating season gets underway Memorial Day Weekend with our traditional Margarita Party at Burnham Party. And since it’s our 35th Anniversary, it will have some special surprises…you won’t want to miss the Fleet 21 wine sale…or the super raffle.

Mark your calendar now and plan to attend this as well as our other 35th Anniversary events. On August 2 we’re planning a spectacular pig roast complete with a Blue Grass band. Don’t miss it! The location is special too as we’ve been invited to the Great Lakes Naval Base (and yes, you can sail there). On November 22 we’ll wrap up the year with a knock-your-boat-shoes-off Awards Banquet at Burnham Harbor. Plan your vacations, holiday travel, and work around these events so you don’t miss them. As most of you know, you’re only 35 once!

Upcoming Events

May 1 Chicago Harbors open

May 24 First Fleet 21 Outing
Margarita Party Burnham Harbor

May 25 Bike the Drive

June 17 General Meeting/ Lyle Dean
Travelogue The Great Loop by Boat

June 27-July 6 Taste of Chicago

July 12 LMCA Catalina Rendezvous

July 19 100th Mac Race

July 26 Chicago Venetian Night

August 2 35th Anniversary Pig Roast at Great Lakes

August 16-17 Air & Water Show

August 23 Leukemia Cup

November 22 Awards Banquet


Another April in Chicago. I think. We had our April board meeting last Friday night (the 4th) at Hazel and John Luther’s home. It just seemed amazing to me that just about everybody there was planning on going to their boats the following day for the first time this year (emphasis added by me). I was in the same boat. No pun intended. Went to the boat that weekend and everything just felt right. You know the feeling. Like a very old friend. Even though you haven’t seen each other in a while when you do get together it seems like no time has passed at all. All you Hammond members can tell me this year if that’s the way it feels. Probably doubly so. Welcome back.

We had another successful Yachtapalooza. I saw something there I had never seen before. Leon Anderson was actually looking in at a seminar. I thought to myself “hmm, this could be the year. . . or, maybe he’s just looking for Gwen.” We’ll have to wait until next year to see if he actually goes in one.

Speaking of Yachtapalooza, bear with me here for the connection. Ray Kalinsky “volunteered” for Rigging and Equipment just before the event. This is the first year in several that I can recall that we have a full complement of board members. Here is the connection. Ray was busy researching for his new position. He provided the members at the general meeting with mast tuning materials and he was also looking into a new paint that is an alternative to VC-17. I won’t say anything else except look for his report. Hopefully, the first of many. Good job Ray.

This month’s program is another first- at least in my recollection. This month’s meeting, April 18th, is going to be a movie/date night. Deborah Ruxton has put together the event which will be held at Corinthian Yacht Club (Montrose). She has been busy previewing sailing movies. We might have several with us and take a vote that evening, but for now it looks like we will be seeing a true classic. Captain Ron. The event will have popcorn and the ever popular Corinthian cash bar ably tended by Marshall and Lynn Fernholz. By the way, if you have been to the website recently you will note that a clip from Captain Ron appears on the main page. Check it out if you haven’t visited the site recently. I could make another Leon Anderson quip here but I won’t. Kudos to Bob Kuba.

Just a couple of additional items. Don’t forget – This is our 35th anniversary year. The board is doing a wonderful job to make sure this is another great year. You might want to make a note on your calendar. The 35th anniversary bash will be on August 2nd this year at Great Lakes. Because Great Lakes is a military installation we are going to have to RSVP well in advance of the date so we all can get clearance. Details will be forthcoming but you might want to set the date aside now.

The best way to keep up on things is to keep up on your newsletters and the website ( If you need to know something even quicker I will tell you what I always tell you at the end of my messages. If anyone has any questions, comments or anything else you want to bring up, please call me. My phone numbers are in the Directory and I absolutely will return your calls.

See you on the water. April 25th for us this year. Wow.

Report from Lori Lauraitis
Meeting held March 27:
*Harbors open May 1st. Boaters can come in as early as 4/15, but should call office to make certain there’s no problem with the dock. No water, electricity, security or other services until May 1.

*Pump outs (now called Comfort Stations!) are to be installed at all 45’ and over docks at Montrose, Belmont, DuSable, Diversey & Burnham

* Venetian Night is scheduled for July 26th.
The theme this year is “Venetian Night in Summer’s Favorite City.”

*Date for CYA Banquet is November 8.


FOR SALE: 1997 Catalina 34 MKII, Sloop, Tall Rig, Fin Keel. Excellent condition cruiser.
This boat has been protected from the elements by of a full CUSTOM winter cover and framing and a
full screened custom enclosure in summer.
Very well-maintained
Lightly Used
Low Engine Hours
All Owner/Instruction Manuals
Boat may be viewed at Northpoint Marina, Winthrop Harbor, IL
Pictures and equipment list available on request.
Contact Michael Rafa with questions.
Phone: 630-964-7881 Email: Mike

FOR SALE: 1984 Catalina 27. Tall rig, in-board diesel, cruising main and 150 genoa, bimini, and many extras. Fun and easy to sail, handles extremely well. For more info and photos email: Don  or call: Don Giuliano (630)805-2316.

Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade or buy in this column without any charge. Send listings to Fleet Sheet Editor, 306 Linden Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 or fax to 630-668-8950 or email to Newsletter. Listings will run for 2 issues unless you notify me otherwise.

If you like receiving the Fleet Sheet and want your name in the membership directory, you must renew now. If you no longer have your membership renewal form, there’s one on our website at or call Ron & Pat Shereyk.

Welcome aboard to the following new members:

Skipper: Ken Reed
First Mate: Marianna Reed
Address: Frankfort, IL 60423
Boat Name: Duet Size: 309 Sail #: 22
Harbor: New Buffalo Mooring C-196

Skipper: Webb Davidson
First Mate: Christine
Address: Naperville, IL 60540
Boat Name: Tesseract Size: 27
Harbor: Belmont Mooring: D14

Skipper: Beth Urech
First Mate: Mark Gillingham
Address: Chicago, IL 60605
Boat Name: Speakeasy Size: 320
Harbor: Monroe Mooring: J-23

We are saddened to report the deaths of two of our members:

Sherwin Winer passed away this winter. Sherwin acted as our legal counsel for many years.

Carl Kinnel passed away in August.

We also send condolences to
Develt Crockett on the recent death of his sister.


It’s bottom painting time! Ray Kalinsky, our Rigging and Equipment chairman and Shaun Kim, Belmont Harbor Captain contributed the following info on your choice of paint.

From Ray:

A brief word to the users of VC-17 bottom paint. A new product from Pettit SR-21 (FW-21 from West Marine) is the same paint.

VC-17 SR-21

Cost $57.99 $42.99
Size 0.75 qt 1 qt
amount 17% 21%
coverage 50 Sq. ft. 90 Sq. ft.
application both airless spray or short nap roller
colors see web site gray or blue

All things considered the Pettit seems to be a better deal. I bought 4 qts, from Skyway, at $31.95 each. After I apply, will give my opinion as to the difference. There is a lot of information on the following web sites:  or

From Shaun:

I have used Interlux VC17 for many years and still use it for bottom paint without any complaints. So, I was surprised to read an article in the March issue of Practical Sailor that there are many bottom paints that faired much better than VC17 in their 6-months and 18-months tests and at significantly lower costs. Before VC17, I used to use Micron copolymer paint but switched to the VC17 hard paint to avoid the bottom prep work each spring.

Among 23 hard paints they tested for 6 months both in Florida and Connecticut, they found Bottomkote Aqua ($112/gal), Ultra-Kote ($176/gal) and VC Offshore ($190/gal) all by Interlux, Vivid ($150/gal) by Pettit, Tropikote ($195/gal) by Sea Hawk “best performers”. They also recommended Copper Shield 45 Hard ($80/gal) by Blue Water and Unepoxy Standard ($80/gal) by Pettit for “budget buy” while doing a good job. A can (small quart) of VC17 costs around $44.

Among 34 ablative/copolymer paints, they found Micron 66 ($210/gal) by Interlux, Copper Shield 45 ($120/gal), SCX 45 ($165/gal) and Kolor ($170), all by Blue Water, Aquaguard Almi-Kote ($149/gal) by Flexdel, Hydrocoat ($105/gal), Horizons ($130/gal) by Pettit, Monterey ($180/gal) by Sea Hawk “the best performers.”

They also tested the bottom paints for 18 months and found that many of these and several other bottom paints did an excellent job beyond one season.

If you want to read the entire article, request a copy of the March issue from Carolyn DeAre, Fleet Sheet Editor.

Happy Painting!

It’s shaping up to be a fabulous summer on the water and in the harbors with Fleet 21. We’ll publish our complete Outings Schedule in the May Fleet Sheet.
But you can plan on toasting the start of the season at the Margarita Party on Saturday, May 24.

If you’d like to have the Fleet visit your harbor or dock this year, now’s the time to schedule it! Call Lois Bretall at 708-974-4932 with your ideas. Sponsoring an outing is not that hard. There is no cost involved. You figure out what the outing is going to be, how food will be handled, and where boats might tie up. Lois can talk you through it.