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July 2007

July 2007

July and August are filled with opportunities for you to join the fleet for a sail, a dinner, a drink and just plain fun! If youíre unsure how an event works or what you should do to participate, call your harbor captain or the Commodore. There is no general meeting in July. Our next meeting is Tuesday, August 21, at Burnham Park Yacht Club. The featured speaker is Jane Parker, teak expert extraordinaire. Sheíll tell and show you how to
make your teak look like new again! (Iíd just let it go until you hear Jane speak---thatís a good excuse isnít it?)

This month enjoy sailing and take in as many of the following events as you can:


July 13 Ė 15 LMCA Rendezvous in Holland, Michigan (many people drive up)

July 15 Pete Duerr Memorial Pickle Race at LMCA Rendezvous

July 21 DuSable Delights New!ódetails in this newsletter

July 28 Chicago Venetian Night

August 3 Catalina 30 Nationals

August 11 Jackson Park Jazz Fest

August 18 Cruise to Northpoint **details in this newsletter

August 18 & 19 Chicago Air and Water Show

August 24&25 Leukemia Cup

Sept. 1 Labor Day Cruise to Michigan City

Sept. 15 Montrose Septoberfest New!

Need more information on an outing or need to find a buddy boat? Call Lois Bretall 708-974-4932,
Robin Green 219-406-2954, the outing sponsor, your Harbor Master or the Commodore


Happy July. Hope everybody had a safe and fun Fourth. I know we did. Deborah and I spent the afternoon sailing with Gwen and Leon Anderson. A perfect day in the face of predicted scattered showers. I donít know if itís just me, but it seems that we are having to sail in long sleeves and pants even though itís July. We went sailing with the DeAres, Shereyks and Laureitisí this past Sunday the 1st. Deborah was actually in flannel lined pants.

June was another successful month for our club. We started out with the Chili-Fest on June 9th. Chuck and Marybeth Cybul and Barry and Marilyn Garr did a wonderful job putting the event together. We had 40+ members in attendance. Again we had some new members. Welcome to Bob Peters and Kris Watson of Porto Belo. They had some difficulty finding the outing because of the last minute change of location but had a good time once they got there. We can only blame Ron Shereyk for the mix up. Not that it was his fault but we can blame him anyway.

Dave and Carolyn DeAre did a great job putting together the New Buffalo outing the weekend of June 23rd. They had 6 boats sail over in the face of not the best weather forecast. Again the weather cooperated. It was raining cats and dogs in Chicago but they only had a light drizzle at the outing. The dinner at Hannahís had 26 attendees.

Finally, the month of June had Amy Seeley of the National Weather Service as our presenter at the June meeting. Amy gave us an interactive presentation about the pinpoint forecasts you can get on the internet. You can actually get a marine forecast within 5 miles of the point you pick. For those of you who missed the presentation you can go to and work your way to the Chicago Maritime forecast. Itís not that hard. If you have any questions you can call any of the forecasters at the Romeoville office and ask questions. They are glad to hear from you. You can find their number at the bottom of the Chicago page.

Couple of other items. Donít forget that we have beach towels for sale. You can find them on the website or call Mickie Thompson. An order form is also included in this newsletter. July is kind of an off month for the Club. Many people are off on extended adventures. That said, things are always in the works. Pay attention to the website for updates. If anything does develop we will try to get the word out.

Enjoy the warm weather. Stay in touch with each other and invite a friend sailing.


Tell the story behind the name of your boat. Iíd like to feature one boat each month. Whatís your boat name and why? Does it reflect a hobby, a girl friend, a memory? It doesnít have to be long. Send your story to the Fleet Sheet Editor at Include a picture if possible.

Two races coming up!

We are fast approaching August 4-5, the dates of the IC30A Nationals hosted by Fleet 21 and CCYC. Your commitment to attend is needed now so that we can order shirts, hats and arrange for the food Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. It would be best to have Jesse cater these, but we canít get him without a minimum 50 order, and we donít have that.

If you plan on attending this event, PLEASE send me an email or phone call ASAP and then send in your money as soon as you can. If you can get a member-at-large to join you, thatíd be great. Donít forget- we as the Catalina Fleet 21 are hosting this- it would be nice to have a good showing of our members.

We need more C30 boats participating, so if you know of anyone still undecided, letís get them on board now. At the least, come for the Saturday dinner and Sunday BBQ.

Hope to hear from you.
Ed Jakubas

The Leukemia Cup is August 24-25. Itís a fun race for a great cause. Catalina Fleet 21 can have itís own start if 5 or more boats participate. Sign up today at
Let Dave Green know you plan to participate.

Many of you will remember former members Janet and Bill Wittbold. (Janet is a former Commodore).
The Fleet recently learned that their daughter Sherry recently passed away. If youíd like a send a card or note the address is:
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wittbold
1324 Second Avenue
Des Plaines, IL 60018