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August 2007

August 2007

You can’t put it off any longer. That teak on your boat needs help! Where do you start? What products are the best to use? Is it even worth trying to maintain teak? (That grey color kind of looks nautical don’t you think?). Our next general meeting promises to teach you all you need to know about getting the best results when it comes to teak refinishing.

Jane Parker is our guest speaker. Jane has offered many seminars on teak refinishing and maintenance. It should be an informative meeting.
The meeting is Tuesday, August 21, at the Burnham Park Yacht Club. Located at 1500 S. Linn White Drive. Follow the signs to the Museum Campus. The Yacht Club will offer a limited menu of moderately priced items. Come early and have dinner. Call the Yacht Club at 312-427-4664 for reservations. Tell them you are part of the Catalina Fleet. The meeting will begin at 8:00 p.m. Parking may be available in the old airport parking lot. As of today nothing is scheduled for Charter One Pavilion.

Other upcoming General Meetings are as follows:
Sept. 18 Heavy Weather Sailing
October 19 The Adventure Continues: Scott Welty and Sue Budde


August 11 Jackson Park Jazz Fest

August 18 Cruise to Northpoint **details in this newsletter

August 18 & 19 Chicago Air and Water Show

August 24&25 Leukemia Cup

Sept. 1 Labor Day Cruise to Michigan City ** details inside

Sept. 15 Montrose Septoberfest New!

Need more information on an outing or need to find a buddy boat? Call Lois Bretall 708-974-4932,
Robin Green 219-406-2954, the outing sponsor, your Harbor Master or the Commodore


Well now, it’s August already. It seems like a whole lot of planning takes place for the Club and suddenly more than half the season has gone by. Maybe, but there is still a lot more happening. July is kind of a month that everyone has to themselves. We only had one official outing for Fleet21. Alan and Jorie Malelo sponsored a DuSable outing under the shadows of the skyline that wound up with a classical concert in Millennium Park. That outing came together later but was well attended. We were also in the middle of a Hunter owner rendezvous and had to put up with some good natured ribbing. That’s all it could be (ribbing). Hunter had its flagship model at the dock for viewing. I don’t think anyone who attended or saw the boat is moving away from Catalina.

A large contingent of our members attended the LMCA annual outing. LMCA went out of their way to recognize one of our dearest members, Pete Duerr. A heartfelt thanks to LMCA and all our members who attended and honored Pete.

Although not technically in July, since the last newsletter we also co-sponsored the International Catalina 30’s annual regatta. Ed Jakubas did a tremendous job in pulling it all together. He still has most of his hair, but it definitely looks grayer. The event was held at Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club. Marshall Fernholz of our Club coordinated the CCYC’s involvement. Bill and Mickie Thompson as well as David Green were also instrumental in the logistics of the event. I know that a lot of other people were involved and I apologize for leaving anyone out. Thanks to everyone who helped. We as a club really put the best face on the City as could be done.

Not only that we raced well too. The 2007 Champion of the handicap class, Parrot Eyes, was skippered by our own Terry Reis. Kudos also to skippers Bill Thompson, Ed Jakubas, Bob Moretti (a new old member) and Tom Grove. Tom was in the thick of things and was protested into fourth place by none other than Max Munger. Tom is a rookie member. The next time you see him buy him a drink and ask him to tell you about it. The whole, uncensored version. I won’t even start to name all the crew members because I know I will miss a lot of names. Good job by all.

This month Larry and Pat Meekma have put together a wonderful outing at Northpoint. There will be a GPS scavenger hunt and a shrimp boil and bonfire on the beach. There are a lot of Catalinas at Northpoint but not necessarily a lot of Fleet21 members. One of the obvious issues we have had in the past is simply the distance. This is a great opportunity to go north in force and show support for the members who are there and those up there who might become members. If you can’t sail, drive and we will try to hook you up with some sailing

Don’t forget that we have beach towels for sale. You can find them on the website or call Mickie Thompson. I bought one and can personally vouch that they do the job well. Enjoy the rest of the summer. This year we have the “gift” of a late season from the Chicago park district. Even as you read this we should have two months left. Stay in touch with each other and invite a friend sailing.

Brian Ruxton


Craig & Day Olney’s
Toucan in Les Cheneaux Islands.
Catalina 380

We got our first keel boat used (a C&C 27) with a name we didn't like. Like a lot of new boat owners we changed the name without ceremony to KIMOW II. Later that fall, she and her mooring were promptly blown ashore. When we got our second boat (a Nelson Merek 30), we weren't about to change her name (bad luck) and besides we liked the name Rascal. When we lost Rascal and bought a new Catalina 380, we were out of practice naming things and it took awhile to come up with a boat name; it's harder than naming your kids (our son was named after the guy who measured our C&C 27 for a rating).
We were still at a loss for a name when we went to a party where the hosts had just returned from a diving trip in the Caribbean. Looking at their pictures, there was an old rickety dive shop named Toucan. When we saw it, we, independently, knew we had our name. Day and I (just the Two of us) have cruised the length of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and the North Channel, sometimes alone, sometimes with the kids and sometimes with friends and we soon planned on expanding our horizons east.
The Tou of us Can do it. We thought of naming the boat, Two Can -- Do It, but that got a little to cutesy so we settled for Toucan and left "do it" for our dinghy.

We have given up our slip in North Point Marina and are slowly heading east via the North Channel and Georgian Bay. Our log is on . The current trip is at and our current location is at .

Tell the story behind the name of your boat. I’d like to feature one boat each month. What’s your boat name and why? Does it reflect a hobby, a girl friend, a memory? It doesn’t have to be long. Send your story to the Fleet Sheet Editor at Include a picture if possible.


Welcome aboard to the following new member. Add this information to your directory. Bob rejoined at the Catalina 30 Nationals.

Skipper: Robert Moretti
First Mate: Carol Curt
Chicago, IL 60634
Boat Name: Isis
Size: 30
Sail #: 4317
Harbor: DuSable
Mooring: G-48

FOR SALE: Catalina 30, 1978. Well cared for, re-powered, roller furling, 150 genoa, cruising spinnaker, Autohelm 4000 and much more. $19,000.
Joseph Richart (815) 245-7818

FOR SALE: Catalina 30 tall rig 1988, Rhapsody. $36,000. One owner, constantly updated and improved. Contact Walt Ahern at (847) 358-4295, or (847) 922-6766. Moving to power boat for a change.

Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade
or buy in this column without any charge. Send listings to Fleet Sheet Editor, 306 Linden Street, GlenEllyn, IL 60137 or fax to 630-668-8950 or email Phone: 630-469-6117. Ads will run for two issues unless requested otherwise.

By Ed Jakubas

On August 3-5, Fleet21, along with the Corinthian Yacht Club, hosted the Catalina 30 Nationals. We had a good turnout, with 11 boats racing in 2 jib and main classes, handicapped and non-handicapped. Saturday’s racing was in light winds 4-8 knots out of the NNE, with lumpy seas. The third and last race of the day was cut down to two legs. Still, we all got tuned up for what was to come Sunday. A nice dinner catered by Jesse was enjoyed back at the club.

Sunday started out with heavy rains, but they cleared the area by the time we headed out of Montrose. We then had a good 15+ knots out of the WSW. By the 11:00 start, we noted 18 knots, building to 22-24. Quite the fast sailing. A few boats ended up with equipment breakdowns (Bill’s Michael-een suffered a torn jenny, and Terrible Two’s broke a vang and a winch drum).

A BBQ dinner and Awards ceremony ended the great weekend, and people headed home tired but happy. We made new friends from all points- Matt & Eric Bombery crossed over from Muskegon, and Tom Vibbert sailed from Racine. We also had boats from Burnham, Monroe and Montrose. And we had plenty of out of town guests, with the IC30A Board from Maryland to California to Florida, and we also had a large contingent from Houston, last year’s hosts.

Robin and David Green ran the raffle for prizes, including coolers, tote bags and bottle openers from West Marine, and a set of dock lines and a cleaning kit from Crowley’s. The grand prize was a lovely basket of nautical items put together by Robin. Everyone enjoyed the raffle, and we especially thank Crowley’s, West Marine Lombard and West Marine North Avenue for their generous support.

The winners of the non-handicapped class were: Gambit, Gremlin and Isis coming in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively. The handicapped class winners were Parrot Eyes, Dragonslayer and Terrible Two’s coming in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Please look on the Fleet web site for detailed race results.

Thanks to all participants for racing and sharing in the fun! Thanks to the Catalina 30 National Association for selecting this venue for this year. Marshall Fernholz and the Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club did a wonderful job with the Race Committee and facilities. Thanks to Robin and David Green, Bill and Mickie Thompson for the fantastic shirts, tote bags and hats, and a special thanks to Lucy for her hard work and support, putting up with me! We also saw Overdue with the DeAres and Shereyks on the course taking pictures of all the action. And a final thanks to everyone in the Fleet for their part in the success of this event.

Fleet boats that participated in the race were:
Parrot Eyes, Barb and Terry Ries
Bill’s Michael-een, Bill and Mickie Thompson
Valhalla, Ed and Lucy Jakubas
Fins, Tom and Eddy Grove
Isis, Bob Moretti

It was especially fitting that Parrot Eyes won.
This was actually the 2nd Catalina 30 Nationals win for this boat. Parrot Eyes was formerly named the Ultimate 19th Hole. The late Pete Duerr won the 2000 Catalina Nationals when they were in Holland, MI in the same boat. The final day of the nationals was the one year anniversary of Pete’s death.


Catalina 30 Nationals 2007

Final results


Parrot Eyes
Terrible Two's
Codfather III
Bill's Michael-een

Next up is the Leukemia Cup.
August 24th& 25th Sponsored by the Chicago Yachting Association and Hosted by Columbia Yacht Club

You are cordially invited to attend a dinner and silent auction Friday night beginning at 6:00 pm at Columbia Yacht Club . Saturday the racing begins at 1:00 P.M. This year will see action on two courses, a spinnaker course and a jib/main course. Following the action on the water, there will be a celebration and awards ceremony at Columbia Yacht Club. The party will begin at 4:30 with a Mt. Gay pour at 5:30. Montgomery Street will begin performing at 6:00. Presentation of Awards and Recognition of Fundraisers will be about 6:45. The Woodside-Wilhite Cup will be awarded to the Top Fundraisers for this year's event. Winner will have their name and boat name engraved on the trophy stand.

This is a casual race. We’ll have a Fleet 21 start if we have 6 boats. Register today! And let David Green know
you’re registered. This is a fun event for a good cause.

WORTH $100?

What does $100.00 get a sailor these days?

2 cans of VC 17
A handheld depth finder
A refillable fire extinguisher
20’ of galvanized anchor chain
3 quarts of Cetol
20 gallons of marine antifreeze
10’ of odorSafe head hose
2000gph bilge pump
1½” plastic thru-hull
20’ X 40’ blue storage tarp
Orion flare kit
Dinner for two at a downtown club with a water and skyline view. Nautical décor. Steak and sea bass combo along with appetizer, salad, vegetable and dessert. Wine and an open bar followed by dancing to a live band.

The first 11 items are in the West Marine Catalog. The last item is a description of our Catalina Fleet 21 Awards Banquet scheduled for November 17, 2007 at the Burnham Park Yacht Club. We have a great price of $50.00 per ticket! Plan now to attend. Invite your crew, your kids, your neighbors. We want to have a great attendance! If you are new to the club and have not attended anything else, this is great place to meet your fellow Fleet members. We’re all on our best behavior and all cleaned up! It’s always a wonderful event. We’ll have table favors and some raffle prizes too. Don’t miss it! More details and invitations still to come.

Fleet 21 is a member of the Chicago Yachting Association and Lori Lauraitis is our representative to this group. Lori reports the following news from the July meeting:

Rich Cosby, past commodore of Columbia, indicated that WesTrec is going to be providing pump-out service. It was suggested that perhaps we should think about protesting that project and ask that money be spent on something all boaters can use. Contact Mr. Mitchell, the General Superintendent of the Chicago Park District, 541 N. Fairbanks Ct., Chicago, IL 60611 if you’re so inclined.

CYA is sponsoring the Leukemia Cup this year slated for August 24-25 at Columbia Yacht Club.

9/11 Memorial will be held on 9/9 at 4:30 p.m.
This memorial parade is a way of paying respects to those who lost their lives that day.

The Salmon Classic is 9/29
CYA Yachting Ball is 11/10/2007 at Navy Pier

Tom Neill of Nitemare has been named CYA Yachtsman of the Year.


Congratulations to Ray Kalinsky for finishing
The Mac Race. Ray sails a Catalina 36, Little Miss Magic.

Long time Fleet 21 member Nancy Bartlett has moved back to the Chicago area. Nancy no longer has a boat and would love to crew with a Fleet member. Connect with Nancy by calling 815-730-9334 or email her at

Meet Burnham, the newest addition to the Ruxton family: