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October 2006


Anyone who visits our website certainly has seen the link to Scott and Sue Sail Away. Scott Welty and Sue Budde are former members of our club. Both were in the education field. As Scott wound up his teaching career at Maine East High School in Park Ridge a plan began to evolve in his physics teacher mind. He and Sue would sell everything they owned and sail away on their Catalina 30, Enee Marie to wherever they wanted. Since they had summers off they began their journey by living on their boat in Burnham Harbor the entire summer. They did this in 2003 and 2004. You may recall that Scott was our rigging and equipment editor during the time he got his boat ready. Eventually they did sell everything they owned. Scott had to buy a sport coat at a second hand store because he sold his and then realized he still had one more banquet to attend.

In June of 2005 Scott and Sue left Burnham Harbor for the rest of the world. For those of you who have followed their journey you know that theirs is not your typical sailing journal. Their website details the places they have been, the people they have met and the repairs they have made on their boats (they now own an Endeavor) in a refreshing and humorous way. They invite comments and have had plenty. A secret society was actually formed in support of their cat who was along for the voyage.

Scott and Sue can probably do a much better job than I can relating their story and on October 20th they will. Our October 20th meeting will be at Corinthian Yacht Club at Montrose Harbor. Scott Welty and Sue Budde will be our guests and presenters. Using the internet and their uncanny computer skills Scott and Sue will treat us to a virtual tour of the highlights of their trip so far. You don’t want to miss this one.

Plan on arriving at 6:30 p.m. There is plenty of free street parking in front of the Club. In addition to the presentation this will be a pizza party. The cost will be $5.00 per person and we should have plenty. Either the yacht club or our club will have a cash bar (beer, wine and sodas for $1 - $2). Please call Brian Ruxton at (630) 932-1200 to let us know if you are attending and how many people will be in your party. The sooner the better. This will help us immensely in ordering the right amount of pizza. The club will be providing cake and coffee for dessert The presentation will begin around 8:00 p.m. We’ll also have a brief business meeting and vote on our 2007 slate of officers. The slate is as follows:

Commodore: Brian Ruxton
Vice Commodore: Ed Jakubas
Treasurer: Dave DeAre
Secretary: Bill Thompson

As an added bonus Cheryl Kuba will be autographing her recently published book, Navigating the Journey of Aging Parents: What Care Receivers Want. It’s the first book about caregiving to consider the topic from the parents’ perspective. A donation of $5.00 for every book sold will be made to the Fleet's Mariners' Fund. Book price: $19.95.


The invitations are (or soon will be) in the mail! It’s time to put away those boat shows and dig out the dancing slippers. The banquet is less than a month away. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if everyone in the Fleet came to this event! The banquet is really a celebration of our sailing enjoyment and the friends we’ve made along the way. We honor those who have made a special effort with awards and reflect back on the year. This year we lost two special Fleet members—Kathy Ahern and Pete Duerr. They both loved this event. Come and find out why.

More Banquet FAQs:

• Where do you park? Belmont has a large convenient parking lot. Parking is controlled by a separate company. We think the parking gate will be removed, but if not, parking is $5.00

• What other expenses will there be? None. We’ll have an open bar during the cocktail hour. Wine will be poured at the tables during dinner. After dinner we’ll again have an open bar.

• Can I bring friends? Yes! We encourage you to bring your sailing crew, family members, friends. The larger the crowd, the more fun it will be.

• Why was the date changed? In the past we have had the banquet on the 3rd Saturday of November. Many people felt it was too close to Thanksgiving. We’re hoping this date will be better.

• What’s the next Fleet event after the banquet? This is our last event of the year. There is no meeting nor newsletter in December.

• Should we plan to come even if we don’t know anyone? Yes! This is the perfect event to get to know Fleet members. Not only do we look good everyone will be on their best behavior. We’re making a special effort this year to make new members feel welcome. You’ll be greeted at the door and introduced to others. Each table will have seats reserved for new members.

• Should I attend? Yes! Please join us!


Welcome aboard to our newest Fleet member:

Skipper: Leonard Boral, MD
First Mate: Judy Boral
Address: Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Boat Info: Name: Chateau
Catalina 30 Burnham Harbor E G8


Condolences to Pat and Ron Shereyk on the death of Pat’s mother Angie Parrillo. She was a dear lady known by many in the Fleet. We’ll miss her.