Catalina Fleet 21 - Chicago Region
FleetSheet Newsletter

November 2006


Okay, so maybe we don’t dance quite as good as the stars, but you won’t want to miss the fun everyone has when Music Plus starts playing at our annual Awards Banquet on November 11.

We need the support of everyone in the Fleet to make the evening a success. If you’re in town, you should be at this party! We promise great company, nautical conversation (the next best thing to sailing is talking about it!), excellent food,
an open bar, live music you really can dance to, and a beautiful on-the-water location. It’s not too late to join us. If you sent your regrets and have now changed your mind, call Terry Ries today. If you just can’t decide if you want to attend, we urge you to come. come. You’ll enjoy it, we guarantee it!

A highlight of the evening is the presentation of Awards. Are You One of our 2006 Catalina Fleet Awards Winners? This year, our nominees are as follows:

Boat of the Year for extra effort in seamanship, participation, and service
Linda & Del Kleitz, Lone Wolf; Deborah & Brian Ruxton, Mabhuhay; Branson & Danita Stone, Finesse, and Ken and Carol Heyman, Whole Sailor.

Racer of the Year for racing a minimum of 5 races plus participation in other club activities
David & Robin Green, Baysic Necessity; and Ray Kalinsky, Little Miss Magic

Rookie of the Year awarded to a member who is in the directory for the first time and who has been active in the organization by attending meetings, outings, and /or racing regardless of past sailing experience
Myer Blank, Trish Brown, Ritchie Geoghan, Craig Horton, Ray Kalinsky, Christian Cantwell, Wayne Eisel, Gary Raphael, Ed Stein, and Pat Tagney.

In addition the Commodore’s Award goes to whomever the Commodore selects as being instrumental to his success and the success of the Fleet.

We hope you will attend and maybe, take home one of our distinguished awards. Our board for 2007 will also be installed.

After the banquet, the Fleet takes a break. There is no program, meeting, nor newsletter in December.
We usually begin the New Year with a potluck dinner in January. Watch for details on that event after the 1st of the year. In February everyone gets itchy for sailing and we have great attendance at the Strictly Sail show and our Fleet pizza party. Details on that event are in this newsletter.




The year as Commodore has been interesting, rewarding and enhanced by all of the help I received in carrying out my duties. I have come to recognize that we have a great core of loyal members who by attending our many business meetings as well as outings and programs and offering their ideas, help makes this club what it is. Without them we would not have as much fun nor as interesting of a sailing season. I know you will join me in thanking them for all of their help throughout the year and if you get a chance to thank them in person, I am sure they would appreciate it. The two people I am especially indebted to for their above and beyond time and time again are Lori Lauraitis with her work on programs and CYA along with Brian Ruxton who brought us the type of programs that were so popular that every program was well attended. One I remember had standing room only. Thank you Lori and Brian!

Sunday, as I was putting the final touches of preparing XanZaMar for her winter rest, I saw several boats in the yard that I recognized as members of our club. I realized that if I hadn’t joined Fleet 21, I may have never met them. My thoughts then went to the Awards Banquet on November 11th and the fact that this will be the last club sponsored event this year and the last chance to get together with these and other sailing mates. Then, unless you are fortunate enough to go to a warmer clime to sail, we have the long wait for Strictly Sail 2007 and the Winter Rendezvous to start feeling like and being with sailors again. That thought will make the winter short for me and I hope for you too.

The Awards Banquet is November 11th and has a few new touches. Terry and Barbara Ries did their research of options available for us and then did a compare and contrast between our last banquet at William Tell and this year’s at Chicago Yacht Club’s, Belmont Station. After making their presentation at a business meeting, those in attendance voted unanimously for the change in location and date. At later meetings it was agreed to make this banquet a “Black Tie Optional” affair with no fundraising. We also agreed that we really want to make a special effort to reach out and warmly welcome new members and make sure they are seated with long term members that can “introduce” them to the club as well as some of our members.

I was just checking with Terry and Barb and it looks like a few of you have forgotten to send in your RSVP’s so if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, please call Terry and Barb Ries at 630-879-2619, or Terry's cell 312-399-1926.

Hoping to see you all on the 11th.......

Richard “Rick” Roberts

Fleet 21 Awards Banquet
November 11
Chicago Yacht Club Belmont Station