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January 2005

The sailing year officially begins Saturday,  January 15,  when Fleet 21 gathers for its annual kickoff potluck.  After an evening of good food, good friends, good sailing stories, and good fun, you’ll feel like you’re back at the dock.

The evening begins at the Corinthian Yacht Club at Montrose Harbor at 6:30 p.m. with appetizers and cocktails.  Dinner follows at 7:30 p.m.  We’ll follow the same format as last year  with the main entrees catered by Jessie.  You’re asked to bring an appetizer, salad, or dessert to share.  This year the event is being coordinated by Richard Roberts.  Please call him to RSVP by January 12.  The cost is $15 per person and includes wine, beer, soda, coffee, paper goods, and silverware.

After you’re stuffed full of good food, we’ll turn the evening into a high stakes Brown Bag auction.  You’re asked to put some nifty gadget you can’t use, a nautical item that you’d love to pass on, or a gift you’d like to regift into a bag.  Staple it shut and mark the bag with a clue to its contents and value.  Our fast talking auctioneers will sell it to the highest bidder—all proceeds go to the Fleet.  Bring cash too—you ‘ll want to bid on these treasures!  Also bring along a log for the fire and your completed membership renewal form.

In February our regular monthly meetings begin.  This year the meeting place is going to rotate between Burnham Park Yacht Club and Columbia Yacht Club at Monroe.  Dates and places are still being confirmed.  The February newsletter will fill in the details.

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“Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part”. 
Hermann Broch 1886-1951 Austrian Writer
Welcome to the New Year!  This is the season where the words above ring too true.  Our family and friends, especially my children, all think we are a bit obsessed, maybe even addicted to this sailing.  From the sailing related holiday gifts, to the obligatory sailing scenes on our calendars and computer screen savers. From the constant reading of sailing books and magazines to the frequent trips to see Parrot Eyes one more time before the real winter sets in; we are hooked!  The warm weather before the holidays was a teaser which felt like the first of spring…time to start re-commissioning again? 

But then I am called back to reality; winter has just begun, and we have a few months before our sailing season begins.  But the good news is we have just begun the new Fleet 21 year and have many opportunities to get together socially to have fun without our boats.  We will reconnect with old friends, meet new members, maybe talk a little sailing, and of course have our annual sailing auction.  And of course the biggest fix of all time: the Strictly Sail show and the Fleet 21 after-party will help us get through the winter. 

To start things off, join us Saturday 1/15 at Corinthian Yacht Club at Montrose Harbor for our first General Meeting, Potluck Dinner, and a chance to bid on some great (some even useful) prizes in our auction.  We are thrilled to have arranged a return engagement of famous Colonel Jack, our auctioneer, so we should all have a great time.  Dinner will be $15 per person, and bring some snacks, fire wood, and a gift to auction, and be ready to have a great time! 

We’re already busy planning a great year for Fleet 21.  We are combing for new ideas for outings, meeting presentations and other good times so if you have an idea, ship it on over.  Speaking of event planning, we are still short a Programs Director to help us finalize and arrange our presentations at the General Meetings.  So, if you have a few hours to spare this year. We would love have you join our Board!

“Fun Raising Barbie” has asked me to make a plug for our new Fleet 21 merchandise:  fine glassware and wearable items; all with our new Catalina Fleet 21 Logo are available.  Check our website for ordering details, or call Barb Ries or Marilyn Garr our two fundraising chairwomen.

Anyway, time to get back to daily reading of my tattered Sailing and Latts and Atts magazines.  Hope to see you all on the 15th at Montrose!.

   Commodore Terry

Your 2005 membership renewal form is included in this newsletter.  Please fill it out completely
(even if your information has not changed)
And bring it to the Potluck on January 15 or mail it to the Membership Committee.

Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade, or buy in this column without any charge.
Send listings to Fleet Sheet Editor, 306 Linden Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Fax 630-668-8950 email: deare30@sbcglobal. net.    Phone: 630-469-6117

The boat show for sailors returns to Chicago’s Navy Pier February 3 – 6, 2005.  With new boats, informative seminars, booths full of the latest gear, and special boat show prices, this is where you’ll want to be!  Again this year we will be staffing the Catalina Owner’s Booth.  To volunteer for a 3 hour shift, please call Dave DeAre at 630-469-6117 or email him at  You’ll get into the show free and have the opportunity to meet and greet fellow Catalina owners and sign-up new members.  Hours of the show are Thursday and Friday 11 – 8; Saturday 10 – 8; Sunday 10 – 6.

We’ll have a Fleet Get Together after the show on Saturday (8:00 p.m.) at the Hampton Inn, 33 W. Illinois.  Bring your favorite beverage and a snack to share.  Then we’ll enjoy pizza and party on into the night.

Many Fleet members are staying over at the Hampton Inn.  The deadline for making hotel reservations was January 5, but contact Madalyn Duerr if you are interested.  She may still have rooms available—at a great rate!

For more information on Strictly Sail, go to