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February 2005


Could spring be just around the corner?   I know its only Feb. and the Ground Hog report wasn’t too optimistic, but I have been really enjoying the warmer weather over the past week after the big snow.  I know it only in the 30’s but somehow it feels almost like spring…Well, almost. Well if not really spring, we can pretend with all our Fleet 21 events coming up.

We had a great time at the Potluck dinner last month: good food, great company, and profitable auction.  Our thanks go to Richard Roberts and Cheryl Kuba for organizing the event, and to everyone who came to enjoy the evening. 

We are looking forward to the Strictly Sail show and our Winter Rendezvous party this weekend as another diversion from the grips of winter.  Hope to see all of you there along with our LMCA friends from across the pond.  Should be a great weekend!

Please take special note of our General Meeting schedule for this year.  In response to your feedback last year, we are alternating between Burnham Park and Columbia Yacht Clubs for our 2005 meetings.  Unfortunately that requires Catalina Fleet meetings to also alternate days of the week so mark your calendars carefully.  The good news is both yacht clubs are excited to have us and are working hard to make our meetings and dinners an enjoyable experience.  Again, we have to make a plea that all us make plans to have dinner before the meeting, AND call ahead for reservations so our host club can make adequate plans for food and wait staff. 

Join us at our next General Meeting Friday night, February 18th at Burnham Park Yacht Club.  This meeting will be dedicated to our ongoing sailing education.  The General Meeting will be followed by a program combining our used book raffle (we have some great books to sell) and our own version of the game show “Whadya Know?”  Our crack panel of some of Catalina Fleet 21’s most experienced sailors will be on-hand to answer all of your sailing, rigging, maintenance, weather, cruising, and other boating questions.  Email me or come with 2-3 questions you have been dieing to learn about, but have been afraid to ask.  I hope to pick-up up a few more “salty sailing” tips myself.  See you there! 

Also as we dream of summer and sailing again, think about what kind of sailing events and outings you would like to have this year.  We would love to hear your ideas so drop one of us an email, call us or drop a suggestion at our meetings.  We want to make this a great, memorable sailing year for Fleet 21!

    Terry Ries

Whadya know?  Or Whadya Want to Know? Is the theme of our February General Meeting scheduled for Friday, February 18 at the Burnham Park Yacht Club.  A panel of experts (actually just some of our more experienced Fleet members!) will attempt to answer any boating related question you have.  No question is too dumb to ask!  If you just can’t figure out how something works, where an engine part is located, what to buy, or where to buy it, now is your chance to get an answer.  This program will only work if you come with some questions…so write them down.  You can email them to the Commodore at ahead of time if you’d like.  There must be something that’s been puzzling you! 

The evening begins with dinner at the Burnham Park Yacht Club at 6:30 p.m.  Call 312-427-4664 and make your reservations for dinner.   The yacht club is located at 1500 S. Linn White Drive (follow the signs to the Museum Campus) and take the road that used to go to Meigs Field.  The club is on the right just before the old Meigs parking lot.  The yacht club has promised us an abbreviated menu to choose from.  The meeting itself will start about 8 p.m.

This year our meetings will rotate between Burnham Park and the Columbia Yacht Club.  A schedule of meeting dates and places is included in this newsletter. However, in March we won’t be at either club!  We are combining our traditional  “Shopping Night” with Crowley’s Sail-a-Palooza  on Saturday, March 26.
More details on that event in next month’s newsletter.

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Your 2005 membership renewal form is included in this newsletter.  Please fill it out completely (even if your information has not changed) and mail it to the Membership Committee.  Do it today!

We have two new members in Fleet 21.  They are:

Associate Member:
Skipper: Richard (Dick) Travis
First Mate:  Charlene (Char) Travis
Address:     Kohler, WI  53044
Boat Info:    Size 36 MKII    Name:  Char    
Sail Number: 1811 
Harbor:       Sheboygan       
 ,Mooring:  Sheboygan Yacht Club
Crew on Quiet Island:
Gary Koenig
Chicago, IL  60613

And welcome back to:
Skipper:  Joseph P. Vilimek
First Mate:  Nancy
Downers Grove, IL  60516
Boat Name:  Grand Cru    Size:  36'    Harbor:  North Point   Mooring:  O-70

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November 20 turned out to be everything we hoped it would be.  The 31st annual Awards Banquet was well attended by 78 members and friends.

Again the William Tell staff outdid themselves.  We were fortunate to have the very elegant Cornell room as an upgrade this year.  Everybody must have  enjoyed the band Music Plus (thanks to Dave DeAre’s recommendation) because they danced the night away.

Commodore Deborah Ruxton moved the awards portion of the program along in good fashion.  Rookie of the year went to Richard Roberts; Racer of the Year to Branson Stone; Boat of the Year to Barry and Marilyn Garr.  Commodore Ruxton became very emotional as she presented the Commodore’s award to her two daughters, Ashley and Whitley, and her husband Brian, and rightly so.  Thank you, Deborah, for two years of hard work and dedication.  You did a great job.

Mike and Carolyn Rafa will be enjoying the overnite at the Lincolnshire Resort.  The William Tell donated a Sunday brunch for two, which was won by our new Commodore.   Thanks to Barb and John Stewart for their help on the raffle.  Also a big thank you to Kayla and Julian Anderson for their help.  This one will be a hard act to follow, but we’ll try next year.  We were very pleased to know that you all had a good time.
 Jack & Lois Bretall

You may have missed it…but take a good look at the new Main Sheet.
The cover is from a photo submitted by Fleet 21 and taken by Dave DeAre.
Weak Moment (Bretall’s) and Team Effort (Lauraitis & Shereyk) are the boats pictured.  Actually the photo was better than the cover!


 By Scott Welty

Running Water!

OK, it was pretty fun working the hand pumps in our galley and in our head but the time had finally come for running water. Also, in preparation for our upcoming cruise, we wanted to increase our fresh water capacity. We purchased a 31.7 gallon, triangular, flexible tank made by Plastimo. We got it from and it was $10 cheaper than the same tank via West Marine. We also purchased a VSD pump (variable speed diaphragm), enough ½” water hose line, about 12 feet of 1-1/2 inch hose for the fill, a new deck fitting, two new faucets, and about 20 feet of #12 wire. Whew!

We’re taking out the old 17 gallon tank entirely to use that space for more useable storage. The new tank fits nicely under the v-berth. ½ inch water lines were run to a T under the head sink and then one to the head faucet and one running along the port side of the boat to the galley faucet. The new faucet in the galley fit easily in the existing hole. In the head we ground out a semi-circular hunk of the flange in the sink to bring the little short stem of the spigot closer to the center of the sink. The flange of the sink was  then resealed with butyl tape – our favorite stuff. The fill line comes through the existing hole in the bottom of the little aft compartment above the locker. From there, though, it had to go forward instead of aft. This required drilling two 2 inch holes with the hole saw. One through the panel that divides the drawers from the hanging locker and then another in the fiberglass under the locker that then leads into the space under the v-berth.

Electrical hookup was straight forward as the two ply wire was fed through a hole we drilled in the fiberglass under the hanging locker and then into the area under the starboard settee and from them up into the back of the navigation switches. We had a breaker that didn’t seem to run anything (I hope) so we used that to be able to turn the pump on and off. Probably better to keep it off when no one is on the boat.

The pump senses the drop in back pressure when a faucet is opened and operates at a speed according to how far the valve is opened. It’s fairly loud but it is under the v-berth so as long as no one is trying to sleep we’re ok.

Left to do is to remove the old tank (I’m SURE it fits through the space in the settee seat!) and more of the old hoses and to build a shelf above the tank so that we can use some of that storage without piling things on top of the tank itself.

 By Lori Lauraitis
The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is presenting an 8 week boating class beginning 4/18 at Diversey Yacht Club.  This basic course covers equipment, lines and knots, boat handling, rules of the road, navigation, GPS and more.  To register or for more info call Elaine Hofer at 847-518-9910.


We are all saddened by the death of Arthur, the devoted dog of Cheryl & Bob Kuba.  Arthur probably attended more fleet outings and events than many of you members! This past summer he sailed on Quiet Island all the way to the North Channel.  And he was always ready for another adventure, as wherever Cheryl and Bob were, that’s where he wanted to be. We will all miss his quiet companionship. Our condolences, Cheryl and Bob