Catalina Fleet 21 - Chicago Region
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September 2003

Bill Rossberger, a member of the  Board of Directors of the  Chicago Maritime Society,  is the speaker for our General Meeting on September 16.  Bill, a life-long resident of Chicago, has turned his love for the lake into a passion for its history and development.  His talk includes the history of Chicago’s waterways, the evolution of the shoreline, the development of the harbors, and recent changes and problems.  As plans are being discussed for even more harbor development, how the lakefront got to where it is today is a matter of interest to all.  Don’t miss this fascinating look at our Chicago lakefront.

The meeting is Tuesday, September 16  at the Burnham Park Yacht Club located at 1500 S. Linn White Drive.  Follow the signs to Meigs Field (if  they are still there or watch for new signs that say Northerly Island Park!). Everyone was happy with our new dining arrangements last month.  We will use the same format this month with a banquet style dinner starting promply at 7:00 p.m.  There will be three $20 entrees to choose from (ribs, a fish entrée, a chicken entrée).Dinner includes soup, salad, dessert and coffee. If you plan to have dinner, please call the Yacht Club at 312-427-4664 for reservations.  Tell them you are part of the Catalina group.  It is crucial that you make reservations if you plan to have dinner. 

Remember –dinner at 7:00 p.m. The program and business meeting begin promptly at 8:00 p.m..   Parking should be available in the Yacht Club parking lot.  Identify yourself as part of the Catalina Fleet.


Well, this will probably be the last message before we start bringing our boats out.  I don’t know about you but it seems to me as if this summer went in fits and starts and never really got going.  If there is a positive to this we didn’t put much wear and tear on our boats.  I hope everybody gets in as much sailing as they can this September. 

August was another great month for the club.  We packed the Windy for our 30th anniversary cruise.  The night was perfect and we actually sailed.  Labor Day saw 36 of our members gathering in New Buffalo for a Saturday night  gathering at Hannah’s.

Last month’s general meeting was a rousing success.  Every single person who ate at the yacht club had called in their reservation. Thank You!  That’s a must every month. The meal was wonderful and the service was great.  We’ll try to keep everyone happy with a variety of meals but we certainly will have a fixed menu again.  We were also able to arrange for parking for our members.  We’ll probably have to continually remind  Westrec and Standard Parking, but again, we hope we can keep a good thing going.  Try and make it to this month’s meeting.  We will have Bill Rossberger from the Chicago Maritime Society speaking to us about the history of the Chicago River and lakefront. The Nominating Committee will present their nominations for next years Officers and the floor will be open for other nominations.

Just because Summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean our activities will stop.  We plan on an informal gathering sometime in November after the premiere of Master and Commander to see the movie and have drinks and dinner. Keep your eye on the newsletter or call me or Brian if you want us to call you when the details are final.  It’s not too early to think about Christmas either.  We have plenty of T-Shirts left.  They make great gifts. If you only got a short sleeve shirt, now might be the time to go with long sleeves.    Also, keep November 15th  open for the 30th anniversary banquet.  It should be a great time.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.  Stay safe.

Deborah Ruxton

Don’t miss our last outing of the year.
Septoberfest is September 13 at Montrose Harbor sponsored by Warde Pierson and Cheryl and Bob Kuba.  This is always a great event.  For details see the flyer in this newsletter.


(unoffical)Labor Day Outing
By Cheryl Kuba
Three boats sailed into New Buffalo, MI for the holiday:  Mission Accomplished, Quiet Island (with Weak Moment on board) & Ultimate Therapy.  The Saturday night dinner at Hannah’s proved to be an all-fleet event with 36 members attending.  Joining in at Hannah’s were:  Allegro, Luna Sea, Northern Crown, Team Effort, R-Joy, Serenity, Silent Dream, Sweet Talk, Ventura, Windchill and Wind Dancer.  The sail over was beautiful, blue skies, steady wind.  Sail back, a typical Labor Day of soggy sailing, high seas, gusty wind.

Welcome to the following new members.
Please add their info to your Fleet directory.


August 9, 2003
Hazel Luther: Creator, designer & coordinator
Kathy & Kim Wold: boat owners
Applause! Applause! To all who participated in this beautiful lakefront evening:  Aherns, Bretalls, Cybuls, DeAres, Garrs, Kubas, Lauraitis, Ruxtons, Shereyks, and Wolds and to all of those who stopped by with sodas and cameras.  Thanks also to those waving to us from the shore and cheering us on.  We were all jittery, like a downtown theatre opening as we pulled out of the No. 6 slip.  But our Captain Wold did an excellent job, keeping the distance and watching the shallows.  39 boats participated and we were number 16 in the lineup.  Check the website under Venetian Night Photoes to see how we looked.  Channels 2, 5, 7, 9 & CLTV did some coverage from the dock as well that night.  Talk is there may be an entry in 2004 from the Fleet depending on the theme.  This year’s theme was Tales from the Sea—hence Leif Ericsson discovers America via a 40’ Catalina named Mission Accomplished.


The deadline is October 1 to submit photos of Fleet Activities for a 2004 calendar we hope to put together this fall.  Capture this year in photos and send the best ones to Mary Beth Cybul who will be working on this project.  We’re also looking for some vintage photos to reflect our 30 year history.  Photos will be returned to you.   Photos (35mm) are also needed to submit to the the greatest moments of our Outings!   You can also send  digital photos to Bob Kuba for our website. 



 By Pat Reynolds

2003 was an unusual year for both the racing and cruising communities. Rain seemed to make a regular appearance on Wednesday night at 6 p.m. and just about any time on weekends. Just for emphasis it gave us the Labor Day deluge. During the Mac and Hook race week there was great wind on all but two days, unfortunately those were the two days of the races. We have little to complain about however, as all in all it was another great summer of sailing and racing.

The Burnham Yacht Club Wednesday Night Race Fleet is a combined fleet from BPYC, CYC and Columbia YC. In addition to racing on Railin, Dave and Carolyn DeAre have chaired this program for several years, a monumental task. They and their crew, Roger Suhar, John and Lori Lauraitis, Pat and Ron Shereyk had another enjoyable racing season. Fleet 21 members Mike Walsh and his crew on Morning Star finished in 3rd place overall in the Jib and Main section. Walt Hartmann and the crew of Seahorse finished 5th in the JAM section. Congratulations also to Walt and Dorothy for their 1st place finish in the CYC Leukemia Cup Regatta. They have long supported this regatta and this is quite an accomplishment. One of the boats they beat in this race was Kuttys Ark, one of the most successful racing boats ever on Lake Michigan. Burnham's race fleet also includes Jim and Marie Marzano, last years Catalina 320 Nationals winners, who race Chaos in the Sunday MORF series.

Hammond's Fleet 21 Wednesday Night Race Fleet members included Branson Stone on Finesse with Jack Bretal, Barry Garr and Dave Green; Pete and Madelyn Duerr on Ultimate 19th Hole with Ted Kuenzli; Pat Reynolds on Karizmaddie; John Forsyth, Chuck Reed, John Lucy, Larry Meekma, and Ken Sloan also helped crew on various Hammond race boats. (yes they have some non-Catalina friends.)

In addition to Seahorse, the CYC Leukemia Cup Regatta included Jim and Marie Marzano on Chaos and Pat Reynolds and Linda Sadlowski on Karizmaddie who finished 3rd. Karizmaddie also
finished with two 3rds and a 1st in the three regattas held by the Hammond, Jackson Park and East Chicago Yacht clubs to win the South End Series Traveling Trophy for Hammond.

Finesse, with Branson Stone, Jack Bretal and Dave Green raced in the Tri-State Regatta as did Karizmaddie, which also sailed in this year's Hook Race to Door County with Sean Lucy and Dave Green as part of the crew.

Fleet 21 members who took part in the Lake Macatawa Fulbright Cup included Chuck and Linda Reed on Silent Dream , John Bontekoe, John Lucy and Chuck Synowiec.

Pat Reynolds also crewed on Ontos, the third place finisher in this year's Catalina 320 Nationals on Chesapeake Bay.

Sailboat racing provides the opportunity to extend the racing season. There are race days when normally one would not sail (thus the term normal people). It provides the opportunity to satisfy our competitive nature in an atmosphere of friendly competition. No experience is needed to start but the sailing experience gained is immeasurable. For those of you who might like to get involved in 2004 you can obtain information from any of the above mentioned members.


Get well wished to Marilyn Garr who took a tumble and broke her wrist.
Heal, Marilyn!