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February 2003

Our first program and general meeting of 2003 on Friday, February 21, is one you can’t afford to miss.  The lives of your crew and sailing companions may depend on it!  Would you know what action to take if someone on your boat suffered a heart attack?  What if you were half way across the lake and someone got a head gash from the boom?  What medical assistance could you give until the Coast Guard could arrive? Our speaker, Dr. Gabe Alperovich, is an expert trauma surgeon who currently serves as the Director of the Level I trauma center at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove. His program on Trauma At Sea contains information critical to us all.   He will inform us of what steps we can take, depending on the situation, to administer aid to the victim while we wait for help. Dr. Alperovich will present responses to common sailing emergencies and answer all your questions on this important topic. This program is a must for everyone. Please plan to attend.

The meeting is Friday, February 21, at the Burnham Park Yacht Club located at 1500 S. Linn White Drive.  Follow the signs to Meigs Field.  All are welcome to arrive early and enjoy dinner at the club beginning at 6:30 p.m.  A pasta bar for $16.00 per person is planned. You will not be able to order off the regular menu.   If you plan to have dinner, please call the Yacht Club at 312-427-4664 for reservations.  Tell them you are part of the Catalina group. The program and business meeting  begin promptly at 8:00 p.m.  Parking in the gated lot next to the Yacht Club should be available.  Alternatives to the gated lot are Meigs Field and the pay lot.

It is imperative that you make reservations if you intend to have the pasta bar buffet. To guarantee that you will have a good dining experience, please, please, please make a reservation.



January may have blown in on an Arctic wind, but the Corinthian Yacht Club took the chill away with the warmth and laughter of the annual Potluck/Brown Bag.  Jack Bretall entertained us while he auctioned off the many delightful brown bag gifts including books, a jacket, wine stoppers, a specially designed knit fish, candles, lighthouses and more. Everyone had their own unique bidding style and it was great when Ted and Francine counter bid each other.  A few of us were envious when Chuck Cybul won the bidding war for a 50lb box of antiquated lines.  Envious or not I have a strong feeling I know what Chuck’s brown bag is going to be next year.  The Potluck was a terrific success as will.  The only thing left by the end of the night was empty dishes.  It was a great welcome back party after our short recess over the holidays.

With January behind us we all looked forward to Strictly Sail.  Madalyn did a fantastic job in giving us a wonderfully fun-filled weekend.  Be sure to see Lori’s article about the activities and Frank Butler’s generous surprise.  Unfortunately many of us headed out to Navy Pier on Saturday with the breaking news of the Columbia on our minds.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many families for the loss of their loved ones and to our nation for the loss of seven adventurous heroes. While wandering around the sailboat show I was reminded why I’m so proud to be an owner or a Catalina yacht.  I noticed that Catalina Yachts was the only manufacturer that advertised with a sign that read “Where Family Fun Begins.”  At the Fleet reception I asked Frank Butler about his thoughts on family.  He told me that he has a strong belief and commitment to family.  He has raised 12 children and is more than willing to talk about the joys of each and every one of them.  With family and friends being everyone’s number one concern, it is a great comfort to know that the boats we sail are built with the idea of support, protection and entertainment of family.

This month is a great time to run down a list to help ensure the safety of your family.  Check that your fire extinguisher is up to date and fully charged.  Do you know how to use it?  What is the condition of your life jackets?  What about a first aid kit?  Every boat should have one.  Do flares need to be replaced? When was the last time you actually took out your life sling and looked at it?  Does your marine radio work? As we learned from the space shuttle anything can happen.  Be prepared.  Talk to your family about MOB.  Teach everyone how to hail the Coast Guard.  And don’t miss our first program Trauma at Sea.  Come and learn what you can do while waiting for help

                                                      Deborah Ruxton
 By Whitley Klingler
Do you want to be the first to own the new Catalina Fleet 21 30th Anniversary Wine?  Just $2.00 a ticket gives you the chance to win this premier wine.  Just $2.00 and you could win 2 bottles of wine.  We’re raffling them off in a set, one Merlot and one Chardonnay.  That’s right, $2.00 for 2 bottles.  To increase your chances, you’re more than welcome to buy as many tickets as you think it will take to win.  Don’t forget your money; you do want to win.  Also keep in mind that the outings are coming soon and you don’t want to be the only one without a battle flag.  So get on board.  $45.00 gets you a flag.  How beautiful your boat will look proudly flying the Catalina flag.  Don’t miss out!

Fleet 21 General Meeting. Burnham Park Yacht Club. February 21. Dinner at 6:30 p.m..  Meeting at 8:00 p.m.

Chicago Maritime Festival: February 28 – March 2.  Music, seminars, workshops and more.

Fleet 21 General Meeting &Shopping Night at Boat/U.S. in Lombard  March 21

CPR Class April 9 7-10 p.m.

Catalina LMCA Rendezvous.  Lake Macatawa July 11 – 13, 2003.

Fleet 21 Awards Banquet.  November 15, 2003.William Tell Holiday Inn.



FOR SALE:  1980 Catalina 30 tall rig. Rehab.
Fin keel, atomic four, wheel, new mainsail, Harken furling system, furling 150 and 100 genoas, jib & storm jib, radial head cruising spinnaker, new stern perch seats, new pleated blinds, dodger, bimini, custom cockpit cushions, teak table, drink holder, CNG stove,  and more.
Autohelm 2000, speed & depth instruments, vhf, stereo.  Many extras.  Boat is in very good condition and very clean. $22,000 OBO.  David Green at 219-988-2348 (h) 219-923-9609 (w)

Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade, or buy in this column without any charge.
Send listings to Fleet Sheet Editor, 306 Linden Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Fax 630-668-8950 email: deare @megsinet. net.
Phone: 630-469-6117
Listings must be received by the 1st of the month and will  run for 3 months.


Get your favorite boat recipies to Lydia Giuliano for inclusion in our 30th Anniversary Fleet 21 cookbook.  What appetizer do you bring to outings?  What do you fix for that special boat breakfast?  We know you’ve got recipes…please share them!  Lydia’s address is 516 Beloit, Forest Park, IL 60130.  Or email her at



 By Lori Lauraitis
A good time was had by all! We shopped, we looked, we registered for trips, we seminared, we tried on active gear, we flipped through sailing magazines, we bought new gadgets, we checked-out potential new hardware, we bought Catalina items from the Catalina Yacht shop, (operated by Dave Day), we ordered bigger items and had them shipped to our houses, we got travel ideas, we checked out the pond boats, we looked at the new Catalinas, we compared the Jenneau, the Beneteau, the Hunter, and then we all came back to the reception area behind our booth to toast Frank Butler and Sharon Day.  What a great night for Catalina Fleet 21!  Back at the Hampton Inn, we uncorked wine and partied.  Frank Butler surprised us by donating trips to Mexico won by Pat McDermott and Dan Harrington. The morning after breakfast was tasty too. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and now we’re ready for the warm weather!


By Jack Bretall & Lori Lauratis
We represented our Fleet at the Chicago Yacht
Association meeting on January 23. Items of interest include:
* Scott Stevenson & Jerry Metzger began with a harbor report:  ice damage will be repaired, new and additional pumpouts are planned for most harbors, and there will be strict enforcement of macerator shut-off rules. Inspections are planned. 
*Work continues on the CYA project to light the Chicago Harbor breakwall.
*The Christmas Tree Ship distributed 750 Christmas trees to needy families (Fleet 21 contributed to this program).
*Venetian Night will be August 2nd with the theme Tales from the Sea.



It’s time to renew your Fleet 21 membership.  Membership forms were included in last month’s newsletter. If you need a form, call Pat Shereyk at 708-598-1457 or go to the fleet website at All renewals are due before April 1 or you will not be in the 2003 directory.


It’s planning time for the Outings Committee.
The committee (Fred Collins,  Nick Thies, and Lydia and Don Giuliano) is hard at work trying to finalize our summer schedule.  Do you have an idea for an outing?  Would you be willing to sponsor an outing?  Sponsoring an outing is an easy way to become involved in the Fleet. A sponsor plans an event, making certain dock space is available. They make arrangements for the group to eat together at a nearby restaurant or plan a cookout, potluck, lobster boil, whatever.  Special activities or themes can be included if desired.  Publicity is planned with the newsletter editor or Outings Committee. The sponsor does not pay for an event—the fleet or the participants do. We’re always looking for new ideas.  Please let the Outings Committee know if you have an event in mind or will help with an outing.

There is also an online outings survey on the Fleet website:  We want your opinions and help!


We've planned a party and you're invited. Join us April 9th and learn the life saving skills of CPR. Save-A-Life-Inc will be instructing the class.
You'll learn Adult, Child and Infant CPR under the guidelines of the American Heart Association. The fee is 25.00 per person and includes all material and a certification card after the test. If taking a test scares you then don't
take the test. You only need the test to receive your certification. The skills you'll learn is what's really important to save a life. It's a 3 hour
course and there will be one manikin per student. So mark your calendars for April 9th, 7:00 to 10:00 pm. Those that want can come an hour early and we can order pizza and make it a real festive affair. The deadline to sign up is
March 21st. Call me at home 630-279-4533 or contact Brian at 630-858-6500. Let's set a goal to get 75% of our club members CPR skilled. Be Prepared.Give us a call!


              Submitted by Dave DeAre

Interlux has introduced a revised version of VC-17: VC-17 Extra. This new version of the popular slippery bottom paint contains Biolux, an additive that reduces slime buildup in Lake Michigan waters. I talked to an Inerlux rep at the Strictly Sail Show who advised that all 2003 VC-17 would be “Extra.”  So if you buy VC-!7, be sure to get this year’s version-VC-17- Extra.

If you bought a new product for your boat, or know of a new product of interest to all, send it to the newsletter editor Carolyn DeAre and we’ll feature it in this column.