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August 2003

Our August 19th  general meeting features  Dr. Michael Smutko, an astronomer at the Adler Planetarium. The focus of Michael’s visual and oral presentation will be the Milky Way as it appears in the summer sky pointing out highlights visible from Chicago. He will discuss early attempts to investigate and understand the significance and structure of the Milky Way. This will lead into a non-technical description of the modern picture of the Milky Way and the place of the Sun and Earth in this picture. He will also discuss recent evidence that a huge black hole having a mass millions times greater that the Sun is lurking at the center of our galaxy.

Michael Smutko received a PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the University of Chicago where he specialized in designing instruments for large telescopes. He teaches at the Adler Planetarium and has also taught at the Museum of Science and Industry, the School of the Art Institute and has given lectures to public groups throughout Chicago.

If you are at all interested in the heavens, this is a program not to be missed. It is rare that we can have such an illustrious speaker address us.

The meeting is Tuesday, August 19  at the Burnham Park Yacht Club located at 1500 S. Linn White Drive.  Follow the signs to Meigs Field (if  they are still there or watch for new signs that say Northerly Island Park!). We are trying something new for dinner.  We will have a banquet style dinner with serving starting promply at 7:00 p.m.  There will be several $20 entrees to choose from.  A flier in this newsletter spells out the entrée choices and more details about the arrangements appear in the Commodore’s message. If you plan to have dinner, please call the Yacht Club at 312-427-4664 for reservations.  Tell them you are part of the Catalina group.  It is crucial that you make reservations if you plan to have dinner. The program and business meeting begin promptly at 8:00 p.m..   The parking issue is also being addressed and we should have free parking available in the Yacht Club parking lot.  Again, see the Commodore’s message for the details on how the parking will (hopefully) work.



Wow, what a whirlwind of activity we have had over the past couple of weeks. DuSable and Hammond both had very successful outings. Hartmann's, Fritschle and Stone & Company all did a wonderful job. Venetian Night has come and gone and left wonderful memories imprinted on our minds. Twenty club members came together to create a Viking Ship with the guidance of our fearless leaders John
and Hazel Luther. We couldn't have done it without the generous donation of Kim and Kathy Wold's boat Mission Accomplished.  Kim did a fabulous job guiding the boat around the harbor and docking in front of thousands. A big Thank You to the Luthers and the Wolds for making it a terrific night. The Tall Ships came and we gave 50 children the opportunity to see them. An opportunity that they never would have gotten otherwise. Our generous donation from the Mariners Fund gave these kids a day they will never forget. Sailing on the Denis Sullivan and viewing the Tall Ships was a dream come true. Every one of our club members can feel good knowing that they made this dream come true. Thank You to everyone!

There's still plenty of summer left and we look forward to our 30th Anniversary Cruise on the Windy. Plenty of planning has taken place to make this a night to remember as well. If you're in town August 16 and 17 don't forget the Air and Water show. Labor Day is on the way and we look forward to getting together. Call Fred Collins if you're willing to help with this weekend. Let's not let the weather keep us down. Get out there and enjoy the rest of your summer. Life's short so get out there and Sail.

Many people expressed their concern to me over the parking situation on the night of the meeting. I talked to Jerry from Westrec and he has given us the go ahead for parking passes. You should be able to park at the Yacht Club with a pass in your window stating that you are here for a meeting and not to tow or ticket. Standard Parking will stop you at the gate and ask why you are here. Tell them you're here for the Catalina Meeting to receive your pass. I'm hoping that this all runs smoothly. Also at this next meeting we will have a new menu. I was recently at the CYA Meeting and saw the beautifully delicious menu that they had to choose from. I'm a vegetarian but the ribs looked like they were to die for. I know you will be very happy with the selections and Mike (manager) is very excited in accommodating us. Dinner will be served promptly at 19:00. Please call in your reservation so the club can have plenty of wait staff to accommodate us in a timely manner. That way we're not being served or taking orders while the program is underway. I look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting.

                                      Deborah Ruxton, Commodore




Welcome to the following new members.
Please add their info to your Fleet directory.

Skipper:  Larry Bauldridge  Lady Emesis        25’
First Mate:  Connie   Michigan City      646

Skipper:  Terry Smith  Riptide  22’
First Mate:  Hilary   Monroe                S G2

Late renewal:
Skipper:  Ed Jakubas  Bugler’s Holiday      30’
First Mate:  Lucy   Burnham Star            C6



The deadline is October 1 to submit photos of Fleet Activities for a 2004 calendar we hope to put together this fall.  Capture this year in photos and send the best ones to Mary Beth Cybul who will be working on this project.  We’re also looking for some vintage photos to reflect our 30 year history.  Photos will be returned to you.   Photos (35mm) are also needed to submit to the CYA’ s Annual Ball in November.  Their committee  proposes to highlight their evening with a fantastic light show illuminating power and sail photos of this year’s events, so all of you camera photographers get clicking to earmark the greatest moments of our Outings!   You can also send  digital photos to Bob Kuba for our website.  This is an excellent way to capture Fleet 21's good times!



August 3, 2003, will be a day to remember for 50 children from the Uhlich Children's Home. To start the day all the kids gathered by the Denis Sullivan Tall Ship for lunch catered by McDonalds. They were seated at round tables with crisp white linens in a special designated area just for them. After enjoying their lunch 32 of the children were treated to a sail aboard while the others had the opportunity to visit all theTall Ships on display. Cheryl Kuba, Brian Ruxton, Gary Koenig (director of home) and myself were as excited as the kids when we were asked to join in on the sail. What Fun! Everyone helped raise the sails and the crowds at Navy Pier gave a huge applause which pleased the kids. Many of the children have never been to Navy Pier and none of the children have ever been aboard a boat let alone a Tall Ship. So you can imagine the grins and giggles and smiles that radiated this day. Even the rain could not douse the joy these kids were experiencing. There was plenty of rain gear to go around as they gathered for questions and a little history of the Denis Sullivan. This was a day that these kids knew that they were special. In their hearts they will always remember that somewhere in the City of Chicago there is a sailing club that cared enough about them to give them the gift of an Adventure.

In our hearts we will know it was the "Catalina Fleet 21."

Deborah Ruxton, Commodore

We received the following thank you letter from
Gary Koenig, Director of the home:

Dear Ms. Ruxton:
This would be an easier letter to write if you donated clothes, toys, furniture or even holiday gifts for the children.  But you have donated a dream.

How does one thank someone for fulfilling a dream—a one-time experience that most likely will never be repeated.  I guess you start out by simply and humbly saying thanks.

The experience of visiting the Tall Ships festival and touring the ships, especially the Amistad, will bring not only a since of hisitory but wonder and excitement to our children, who are so often bereft of both.  Now when you throw into the mix an actual sailing experience, the heightened level of anticipation is truly remarkable for children who for so long had few positive experiences to look forward to.

Your club has achieved a marvelous sailing adventure and you haven’t even left ground.  Words cannot adequately express our gratitude for your generous donation of $806 for children to enjoy the festival and for one of your members, Cheryl Kuba, to make it possible to actually have some of the children sail on one of the ships.

Thank you from a grateful representative of 50 children..

Gary J. Koenig, Director



WANTED: Horizontal windlass for 40 foot sailboat.  Call Jim Wright @ 312-467-1348 or

FOR SALE:  1980 Catalina 25.  Ready to sail!  Ice box, stove, vhf, reconditioned outboard, main, genoa, spinnaker, tiller, dinghy, & trailer.
Moored at Montrose Harbor for 2003 season.  $6500.  Call Neal @ 630-717-1371



Calling all photographers, amateur or professional, we're looking for
pictures to fill our club calendar. So start snapping away and get the PICS to
MaryBeth Cybul or Brian Ruxton. Calendars will be on sale at the Annual Banquet. We
still have plenty of Tee Shirts. I know there's lots of Grandkids out there that could use a nice Catalina shirt for a birthday gift or a "My grandparents \went Sailing this summer and all I got was this Cool Catalina Shirt." How about a nice memory for your quest on our 30th Anniversary Windy outing. Surprise
them with a 30th Anniversary Tee Shirt. There's plenty of special occasions out there to give the gift of a Catalina Shirt.


The Board Members have voted down the donation to the Boater's PAC. We as a
Not-for-profit organization do not fit the definition that Boater's PAC is
looking for. Individual membership is more along the lines that they need. Friday,
September 12 they will be hosting an Open house at Diversey Yacht Club in
connection with their membership drive. Come and enjoy the Bratfest and entertainment of DJ Ken Norton between 3:00pm and 11:00pm. If you are at all interested in making the boating community a better place for all,  get on board with Boaters PAC.


Reported by  Lori Lauraitis

Highlights of interest from the meeting of July 24 are as follows:
* The Chicago Harbor breakwall lighting project has made positive progress.  Westrec will install solar powered lighting.  The Park District is to hire contractor and equipment and maintain it.
* Coast Guard & Marine Police will use wave runners to monitor the busy harbors during the Air & Water Show
* Marine Unit phone number is 312-742-5494.  You can use this number 24 hours a day to report mishaps or negligent boaters.


I am sorry to report to you the death of Warde Pierson’s brother, Dwight.
Dwight was an avid sailor and had sailed with many members of the fleet, especially in Michigan. 
Warde, the Fleet sends heart-felt condolences to you.


Fleet General Meeting, Burnham Park Yacht Club, Tuesday, August 19

Septoberfest at Montrose, September 13

Fleet General Meeting, Burnham Park Yacht Club, Tuesday, September 16

Fleet 1 Awards Banquet.  November 15, 2003.William Tell Holiday Inn.


Hammond Outing/July 19
By Branson & Danita Stone

The Fleet enjoyed good weather for both the Ice Cream Social on Saturday afternoon, and for the symphony on Saturday evening.  However, the weather was a bit iffy for those who sailed home on Sunday.  The turn out was very good:  Allegro, Bearoness, Boogaloo, Quiet Island, Sea Horse, Wind Dancer and Ultimate 19th Hole.  Thanks goes to Pete Duerr for helping with the wine & pop stop on the walk over to Whitting Park.  A special thanks also goes to Francine & Ted Kuenzli for all of their help.  We hope everyone had as much fun as we did, and we look forward to the next outing, where we can relax, sit back, and just have fun.


GREAT 30th
While not an “official” report, I just want to shout out a big thank you to Kathy Ahern for a splendid 30th Anniversary Sail on the Windy.  I know that we have considered the idea of chartering one of the “big boats” for a long time, and Kathy actually made it happen!  It was a great sailing experience which made it all the more magical.  I think we had 140 + on the boat, an almost full moon, Mars rising in the east,  great wind, and great friends.

I advise any of you who are planning outdoor events to consult with Lois Bretall before you set the date.  Lois promised that this date would be rain free back in March or April!!  Good job, Lois.

And what better way to spend the day after our Windy sail, than to have a fabulous Sunday on the Lake.  Dave and I were lucky enough to join the Wolds on Mission Accomplished for a terrific sail.  Also on board were Gwen and Leon Anderson and their two children and Henry Bettenhausen and Pat Schaefer.   We saw many fellow fleet members enjoying a sail with family and friends.  It’s what Fleet 21 is all about.
(Thanks Kim and Kathy for a great day!)
Carolyn DeAre


August 19, 2003
Burnham Park Yacht Club

Creamy Basil & Tomato Soup

Garden Salad with
Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing

Your choice of:
Chicken Marsala
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Fresh Vegetables

Grilled Salmon
With Lemon Caper Sauce
Fresh Vegetables
Saffron Rice

Barbeque Baby Back Ribs
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Fresh Vegetables

Chocolate Cake and Coffee


Served banquet style at 7:00 p.m. sharp

Reservations a must: 312-427-4664