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June 2002

David Young, author of the new book, Chicago Maritime: An Illustrated History, is our featured speaker at the General Meeting on Tuesday, June 18.  Hear the history of Chicago lake, river and canal transport since the days of  birchbark canoes. Chicago’s past includes majestic sailing ships, tragic wrecks, piracy, and the riverboat’s golden age.  Author of the acclaimed Chicago Transit and former transportation editor of the Chicago Tribune, Young will chronicle Chicago’s rise to prominence in the days of sail and steam and explain why the city will remain a vital center for American transportation and commerce.  Don’t miss this historic presentation.

The meeting is Tueday, June 18, at the Burnham Park Yacht Club located at 1500 S. Linn White Drive.  Follow the signs to Meigs Field.  All are welcome to arrive early and enjoy dinner at the club beginning at 6:30 p.m.  If you plan to have dinner, please call the Yacht Club at 312-427-4664 for reservations.  Tell them you are part of the Catalina group.  The program and business meeting will begin promptly at 8:00 p.m.  Parking in the gated lot next to the Yacht Club should be available.  Alternatives to the gated lot are Meigs Field and the pay lot.

The July General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 16 and features Cheryl and Bob Kuba with a travelogue of their recent sailing journey from Cleveland, Ohio, to Chicago.  If you have an interesting cruise to tell about,  you’re invited to participate in the program also.



Although it’s been a long winter, we did have our first outing on Memorial Day hosted by Team Effort (Lauraitis/Shereyk) with much success. Thanks to everyone who was able to join us, even though it was a tad cool.  Nonetheless, we had about 50 people, with 36 for dinner.  Just think what could’ve been with sunny, tropical weather!

Next outing is at Montrose on June 29.  Look for a flyer in the Fleet Sheet.  We can still add outings.  If you have an idea for one, contact Fred Collins or Nick Thies.

The new membership directories have been mailed.  Additional directories are available at $2 each.  If you need extra copies, contact Madalyn Duerr.  Our thanks to Pete and Madalyn for  doin’ the directory again this year!

Bring on the nautical books to raffle at our next General Meeting.  Brian and Deborah Ruxton collect the books at each meeting for selling to the highest bidder.  Other raffles currently underway include a boat bottom wash by Steve Domantay and a set of the shiniest looking cookware your boat drawers and cabinets will ever see.  Bring your dollars to our next General Meeting in June!

Our newest members can set your sights on the Rookie of the Year award.  This award is given to a new member (including members who joined the Fleet after publication of the directory) and who has been involved in and/or contributed to Fleet activities.  It is quite an honor and is also a great way to get immersed with the Fleet members and their boats.

An important part of the June General Meeting will be voting on the proposed changes to our by-laws.  A review of the changes is in this newsletter and also posted on our web site at

"The Sea: mystic and mysterious, romantic and poetic…this is the sea!  The Mystic Sea—the words of the great poets merge with nature’s own rhythmic sound.  The rolling surf provides a dramatic background to the reading, punctuated with gentle music that will fill you with a wondrous sense of tranquility and profound relaxation.”  Let the summer sailing  weather begin!
 Lori Lauraitis

Recommended Fleet By-laws Changes
The Fleet Executive Committee appointed a committee chaired by Dave DeAre to study and recommend updates/changes to amend the Fleet By-Laws to better reflect the current operation of the Fleet. Several changes are recommended some of which are cosmetic and have no effect on Fleet Operations.  Following is a summary of the most important changes recommended:

Article V-Dues  "Any change in the dues schedule is to be recommended by the current Executive Committee and approved by the General Membership at a regularly scheduled meeting."   The dues schedule is currently part of the by-laws and requires amending the by-laws to change. This amendment allows dues to be changed by vote of the General Membership, but does not require a By-Laws revision to do so.

Article VII-Officers 
b. Fleet Vice Commodore: " The Vice Commodore shall act as Commodore in the absence of the Commodore. The Vice Commodore shall be selected by the Nominating Committee."  Currently, the Vice Commodore is appointed by the Commodore from among the Fleet Captains. This amendment also changes Fleet Captains from officers to committees.

Article VIII-Executive Committee The Executive Committee shall consist of the Fleet Commodore, who shall be Chairman, Fleet Vice Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman of each standing committee."  This change includes the Fleet Vice Commodore as a member of the Executive Committee.

Article XI-Nominating Committee "The Nominating Committee shall consist of five (5) regular members of the Fleet. No more than three (3) of the Executive Committee shall be part of the Nominating Committee, one of who shall be the Fleet Vice Commodore. This change makes the Fleet Vice Commodore a member of the Nominating Committee.

The bottom line is that dues can be set by vote of the General Membership without a By-Laws amendment and the office of Fleet Vice Commodore is recognized and will be selected by the Nominating Committee rather than appointed by the Commodore.

A complete copy of the By-Laws and all of the recommended changes is posted on the Fleet 21 website, or contact Dave DeAre for a copy or any questions on the recommended changes. We will be voting on the proposed changes at the June general meeting.


As most boat owners know, using zincs to protect underwater metal parts from corrosion is a necessary part of boat maintenance.  However, many other metal parts are left vulnerable to corrosion by more indirect means.  Consider the lowly engine oil pan that sits down in the bilge, only a few inches off the bottom of the boat.  Over time, the hot, damp environment can peel the paint off the bottom of the oil pan, leaving the unprotected mild steel exposed to dampness and bilge water.  When rust eventually eats small holes through the pan, all the oil drains out of the engine sort of like half of an unscheduled oil change.  By the time the operator realizes the engine temperature gauge is pegged, the engine may be damaged or even seized, leaving many internal parts destroyed.  To avoid this surprise, check the bottom of the oil pan for rust during every oil change.  If rust is discovered, it must be entirely removed before the pan is repainted; otherwise the problem will soon return.  Engines with an external steel dip-stick tube extending under the oil pan should also be checked for corrosion.  Note that corrosion damage is not covered by insurance.
 From Seaworthy Jan 2002
   Captain Ron

Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade, or buy in this column without any charge.
Send listings to Fleet Sheet Editor, 306 Linden Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Fax 630-668-8950 email: deare @megsinet. net.
Phone: 630-469-6117
Listings must be received by the 1st of the month and run for 3 months.

Recommended by Dan Golembiewski

I installed the Igloo Kool Mate 50 AC/DC Thermoelectric Cooler under the nav station in my Catalina 30.  It plugs into the AC outlet and cools to 44-46 degrees below ambient temperature.  It has a 1.8 cu. ft. capacity and an adjustable shelf.  It’s working great at keeping soda, beer and wine cool!  It’s available for $99.99 plus $4.50 for shipping by calling 1-800-229-2901.  Give me a call if you want more info or if you want to see my installation.

If you’ve bought a new product for your boat, or heard of a new product of interest to all, send it to newsletter editor Carolyn DeAre and we’ll feature it here.

Fleet member Pat McDermott has some timely tips on keeping flies away.  (1) DON’T kill them, it only attracts more.  (2) Use screens on all hatches and the companionway.  They seem to get hungrier when they find the galley.  (3) Mix bleach and water 50% - 50% in a spray bottle.  Use it on the cockpit sole.  They like to land there out of the wind (must be powerboater flies!)  They won’t land there after you use the spray.  (4) Put Bounce pads in your belt loops, in your hat, or hanging half out of a pocket.  Don’t ask me why but they stay sway from these too.  One per person is enough.

We do this and have had almost no fly problems.  It is important to start before getting out on the lake.  Once they find you and get a taste or two, or three, or four, or a hundred, they won’t leave.  If you do kill one make certain to get if off the boat ASAP and clean up any fly pieces left before the rest of the hive finds them.

Gerri used to buy nice spray bottles for the fly stuff.  This is really nice, they color coordinate with the boat and her Fleet 21 hat.  That is until I sit on it.  Now we just get the cheapest ones we can find.  Somehow I never sit on the cheap ones!

Outings are underway!  See this newsletter for flyers on the Montrose Outing on June 29 and
The Northpoint Outing on July 6.  The outings schedule is also included with some additions.
A special note on the Michigan Shore Cruise., This year, as in past years,  the Michigan Shore Cruise is not an organized cruise with a leader or host making all arrangements for the participants. Nor is it a fleet of boats all traveling at the same time with the same destination. That said, there is a general destination with several common overnights and a common objective, and some participants may travel together to arrive at Holland, MI for the Lake Michigan Catalina Association's Rendezvous. This year the Rendezvous is being held July 12-14, 2002, at the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club as usual. Reservations for the LMCA activities must still be made directly with them (info is in this newsletter.) They can be contacted at: A registration form is available on line and may be printed out, completed and mailed back. A substantial discount is available for registrations postmarked by June 24. More details can be had from Bill or Barb Krater at 616-247-6748, or by e-mail: Also, each participant needs to make their own reservations for Holland. Eldean Shipyard is the usual location as it is immediately adjacent to MCBYC. 

With respect to Fleet 21, typically each boat decides their own departure date, routing, and arrival at Holland. Typically, people leave a week before and in the past have followed the Michigan shore line, harbor hopping, beginning in Michigan City, Indiana. This year, fleet members will follow a different route, traveling up the Illinois shore to Northpoint, for a hosted outing July 6, and proceeding from there along the Wisconsin shore, across to Holland, and then down to Michigan City for a hosted outing July 19-21, 2002. Of course one doesn't need to participate in the "Shore Cruise" to attend either of the hosted outings. And of course, contact the outing hosts in Northpoint and Mich. City, if you plan to attend those functions.  Details about the Michigan City outing will appear in next month’s newsletter.


Memorial Day, May 25 by Lori Lauraitis

The Margarita party was as successful as ever! Full Moon Park never looked so good & we lucked out with the weather.  No rain, overcast skies, just “salt or no salt, regular or strawberry.”  Life doesn’t get any better than that.  If only we’d brought gloves to hold those frosty glasses! The appetizers were outstanding from shrimp to beef rollups, quiche, sausage in the crockpot (people were found cradling their hands around the crockpot just to keep warm), deviled eggs, avocado dips and more.  About 40 people stayed for dinner at the Yacht Club where the Commodore and her First Mate won the raffle for a 54 qt. Rolling cooler.

Bartenders Don Keane and our own Margarita Mary (alias Carolyn DeAre), Allegro, Bleed’n Green, Boogaloo, Carpe Diem, Cash Flow, Changing Course, Chaos, Dalliance, Duet, En Avancee, Fast Company, Finesse, Happen Stance, Mission Accomplished, More Thereapy, Morning Star V, Perfect Song, Quiet Island (on cellphone, from Harbor Beach, MI wishing us a wonderful party), Railin, Rehab, Serendipity, Shibumi-Maru, Stan By, Team Effort, Ultimate 19th Hole, Ventura, Weak Moment, Wind Chill, Wind Dancer—you made our Outing a success!

Team Effort thanks you for attending our first outing.  And again, please continue to support and participate in our outings because you make the difference.  Our outings are very informal and all of us joining together make the fun.  Our thanks to Diddy Blyth, Millie Fritschle’s friend for capturing the greatest moments of the day with her camera.

Don’t miss the current issue of Mainsheet.  Fleet 21 is well  represented.  Nick Thies, Commodore of the 30 Fleet  has a column as does  Ed Jakubas, Commodore of the 25/250 Fleet.  Hazel Luther continues her fine editorial duties as well.
Mainsheet is available through Fleet 21.  Contact the Membership Chairman if you are not currently a subscriber.

Our heartfelt condolences to Ted and Francine Kuenzli on the death of Francine’s father in Ohio in late May….. to Warde Pierson on the death of his mother in April….. and to Marilyn Garr on the death of her grandmother at age 114 in Florida.

Congratulations to Steve Domantay and his wife on the birth of Emelia Morgan in May. 

Congratulations to Cheryl Kuba on receiving her Master’s Degree.



On May 22, 2002, an article that appeared in the Chicago Suntimes stated the city intended to collect a 25% surtax on Chicago harbor mooring permits.  The surtax was enacted in 1994, but has not been levied.  According to the Chicago Yachting Association, Westrec is to begin collecting the surtax by July 1, 2002.
1. On all transient moorings.
2. On all harbor  permits issued after July 1, 2002
There are currently no provisions for collecting the surtax retroactively.  Therefore, those of us with mooring permits for the 2002 season will become subject to the surtax when the 2003 fees are due.  The city surtax is in addition to the current 25% surtax now levied on suburban permit holders.

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