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August 2001

Mark Your Calendar:      Fleet 21 Annual Award Banquet  -   November 17

Our August General Meeting on Tuesday, August 21, offers a cooling change of pace.  Professor Douglas R. MacAyeal, a noted glaciologist from the University of Chicago, will present a lecture and video on the "B-15" iceberg that broke off of Antarctica.  The B-15,  named from the Antarctic quadrant in which it was originally sighted, is the size of Connecticut above water and 10 times bigger below.  Melted, it would fill about half of Lake Michigan's basin with 250 trillion gallons of water!  MacAyeal and his collaborators had predicted the break-off of the berg and are now working to put weather stations and a GPS system on the berg to track its movement.  Is global warming behind  the fissures that spawn icebergs?  What's the prospect of using icebergs to solve water shortages?  How do icebergs affect shipping?  Get the answers in this fascinating program. To see photos, click on this link:

The meeting will be held at the Burnham Park Yacht Club located at 1500 S. Linn White Drive.  Follow the signs to Meigs Field.  All are welcome to arrive early and enjoy dinner at the club beginning at 6:30 p.m.  If you plan to have dinner, please call the Yacht Club at 312-427-4664 for reservations.  Tell them you are part of the Catalina group.  The program and business meeting will begin promptly at 8:00. Parking in the gated lot next to the Yacht Club may be available. Alternatives to the gated lot are Meigs Field and the pay lot.

My tenure as Fleet Commodore is flying by and it's time to think about officers for the upcoming year.  The Nominating Committee, headed by Madalyn Duerr, is in the process of selecting the slate for Commodore, Secretary and Treasurer to be presented at the September General Meeting and voted for at the October General Meeting.  If you are interested in serving in any of these capacities, please contact Madalyn at 708-429-0005.  Also, if you are interested in volunteering for any of the Fleet committees, please let Madalyn know.  Our Fleet continues to grow and benefit from the participation of its members in all of our activities.  New ideas are always welcome. 

As we sail on this inland sea, we should be mindful of the shipping that occurs here.  On Sunday, July 30th, we were out for a sail in somewhat foggy, hazy conditions and heard a foghorn that sounded rather near.  Looming out of the fog was a southbound freighter that would have never seen us.  Fortunately, Pete and Madalyn Duerr on Ultimate 19th Hole saw it first and alerted us by radio.  We both made a left turn away from the freighter and all three of us continued on our way.  Sometimes we become complacent and don't keep as careful a watch as we should.  Whoever is not on the helm should be on the lookout.

By the time you receive this newsletter, the "Dine Around Boat Tour" outing will have been held at Hammond Marina.  It promises to be a fun evening and the weather forecast sounds favorable.   Mark your calendar for our return to Jackson Park Harbor on August 25th.  The details are included in this newsletter.  Jackson Park outings have always been very popular.  The harbor reconfiguration and lake levels have kept us from enjoying one of the prettiest harbors on our side of the lake until now.  Plan on attending, either by boat or by car.  There will be room to raft off in front of the yacht club and parking will be available on the street.  If you've never partaken of Jackson Park's famous (or is that infamous?) popcorn parties, here's your chance.  Hope to see you there!
Jan Byrd

The new directories have been distributed.  Please check your entry to make certain the information is correct.  If changes are needed, please contact Pat Shereyk or Karen Walsh.

Dr. Nautical is on vacation, but this information was contributed by Ted Kuenzli

Are you looking for a place to store your sailboat?

Riverside Marina, on the Little Calumet River, is looking for sailboats for storage.  They will have two yards: one for mast down and the other for mast up storage.  The mast down yard is at their marina, which is at 136 Calhoun (off Torrence Avenue).  By water, they are the first marina after the O'Brien lock.  Their second storage yard will be at 92nd Avenue, which is jusst over the drawbridge on Route 41 (on the southwest corner at 92nd).  By river, it will be right after the 92nd Street drawbridge.  They will be using the travel lift at the marina and allow jack stands or cradles.  They will use a crane along with jack stands or cradles at the 92nd Street yard.

The cost is $18 per foot plus cost of jack stands at the marina and $25 per foot plus the cost of jack stands at the 92nd Street yard.  Currently, they are considering around $50 for jack stands.

Call Riverside Marina at 773-646-5300 and ask for Rick.  He is considering a promotion for new customers (not a lower price) who come in this year and may consider holding the price for three years for first timers.


Look for flyers in this newsletter for the Jackson Park Jazz Fest on August 25 and the Septoberfest at Montrose on September 15.  In an attempt to appease the weather gods, the fleet is not sponsoring a Labor Day outing this year.  For the past several years, the sail home after Labor Day was hair-raising to say the least.  Get together in your harbors, get a group together and sail across the lake,  have a dock picnic.  A flyer is included in this newsletter about activities in Michigan City.  Remember though that the Tri-State Race arrives in Michigan City on Sunday.  Dock space will be at a premium.

Mac Bay Getaway VIII- The Pirates of the Caribbean/July 14-15
 By Lori Lauraitis
Well, some of us drove (Cat Ballou & Wind Lord) and some of us sailed (Destiny, Karizmaddie, Serenity, Summerwind, Sweet Talk, Team Effort, Ultimate Therapy, and Weal Sea), but the Rendezvous once again provided us with a wealth of camaraderie, good friends, good weather and exciting race events.  LMBYC served a succulent pig roast on Saturday night followed by "cheeseburger in paradise" music provided by the "Sons of Beaches."  The pirate theme was carried-out by some of the sailors and their families, even Ed Kita was wearing a patch, beads, scars on his face, bandana and wielding a sword. Ernie & Barb Miller outdid themselves showing up with hooks instead of hands!  Kathy Cusimano, where did you get all of those beaded necklaces and bandanas?

The Eldean pool again was outstanding.  On Sunday evening, the Piper restaurant provided palatable choices of entrees and contributed a "red sky at night, sailor's delight" sunset.

It always a delight to visit our LMCA members in July, and special thanks to Bill Krater and his staff for hosting this year's Rendezvous-successful as always!


2 Lewmar 58 winches.  Brand new in 1999.  Used one season.  $900 each.
2 Lewmar 40 winches.  Also like new.  $400 each.  Call Don Arenberg at 847-564-1304 or cell phone 847-226-7111.

FOR SALE: Great dinghy!  "Undeflateable" is brand name for this solid, stable 10' dinghy.  Has depth finder, compass, lights.  3 years old.  $3600 new.  Asking $1200.  Call Don Arenberg at 847-564-1304 or cell phone 847-226-7111.

FOR SALE:1974 Catalina 22! 3 sails: main, 110 jib, 150 genoa; VHF marine radio; Air Guide model 70 compass; newer cockpit cushions; knotmeter. Adventure dinghy; trailer; 1997 15 hp Mercury easy-electric start motor. Ready to sail. Forget the wait at the crane--launches easily from a boat ramp! Star dock mooring at Montrose harbor and economical winter  storage also available. Asking $6800. Call Dave Nordin at (630) 871-4195 (home) or (630) 420-2900 (work).

Fleet members may list items they want to sell, trade, or buy in this column without any charge.
Items listed run for three months, unless you
notify me that you want the ad to continue.
Send listings to Fleet Sheet Editor, 306 Linden Street, Glen Ellyn, Il 60137
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Listings must be received by the 1st of the month.



Fleet 21's presence was very evident in the LMCA Mac Getaway racing venue this year as always.  Chuck Synowiec (Serenity) of Michigan City crewed on Rebecca, the overall winner of the Regional Offshore Catalina Series.  LMCA boats Essence and Yankee Girl finished 2nd and 3rd.  Also, Fleet 21 now holds the new traveling Fulbright Cup trophy for the coming year as a result of Karizmaddie's first place finish with the all Hammond crew of Pat Reynolds, John Lucy (Ultimate Therapy), Ken Sloan (Summer Wind, and Dan Harrington (Weal Sea).

In Sunday's Pickle Race, Ernie and Barb Miller on Sweet Talk  took their second mermaid trophy as the first Fleet 21 boat to finish.  Ken and Ang Sloan raced Summer Wind and Ron Shereyk and John Lauraitis (Team Effort) joined Karizmaddie and had an excellent view atop a sandbar watching as Pat Shereyk and Lori Lauraitis and the almost all female crew of Rag Time finished first overall.  At the last minute Warde Pierson (Cat Ballou), the lone male of the five member crew, (How does he do it?) joined Rag Time and contributed his skills and local sand bar knowledge.

On August 18 there is a plan in the works for a race in Hammond for any Catalina that wants to enter.  This will be the first annual Paul Zilz Memorial Triangle Race of approximately 12 miles.  Paul Zilz was a former Hammond Yacht Club Commodore who was always a great help to the Club's sail racing program.

Nominees for Fleet 21's Bill Karesh Memorial Racer of the Year Award will be accepted until September 21st.  Please mail your entry listing your race related achievements for the year 2001 to Phil Byrd, 6510 Pine Trail #4, Tinley Park, IL 60477.  The award is presented at the Annual Banquet in November.



How deep is Lake Michigan?  What is the fastest point of sail?  When was the first Catalina sailboat sold?

The September General Meeting will be an opportunity for us to share those bits of usually unrelated information that all of us have acquired from years of reading sailing magazines, books, articles, watching videos, attending seminars, sailing our boats and studying the charts.

Now you will have an opportunity to put that information to use as you help crew a boat to victory in a sailing trivia race.  The race may also help us put that information into its proper category of fact, fiction, legend, myth or confusion.

The trivia race will be held inside the Burnham Park Yacht Club, so weather is not expected to be a factor.  Consumption of rum and other nautical spirits will be allowed on the race course.

You have about one month to get in shape for this race.  Good Luck.

      Roger & Bev Suhar
 Trivia Race Committee